Wednesday, September 24, 2008

40 months old lo!!

My boys turn to 40 months old today!!! This is how fast the time flies.


Fearles - 15.5kg (picky on food and slow eater, but still heavier than Cruz)

Cruz - 15kg (eat a lot, but still lighter than Fearles)

Two still always drive me up the wall, always make me scream. Sometime they can make me so angry, sometime they can be so sweet and always make me laugh. Cruz vocab had improve a lot, become very talktative, he speak malay, he understand, he speak english, and speak very little mandarin but with funny slang ( i was wondering, i talk to them in mandarin & english, but they only pick up my English not the mandarin. :( )

They have been in the new kindy for three months now, last few days teacher just told me, they will have their first concert on 1/Nov, i'm so excited!! hahahhahah, this is common for the mummy whose kids first time will be perfoming on stage?? I had been hearing Cruz singing a lot lately, but i don't know what he sing. hahahhahahhaha, sometime two of them will sing together, and know where to stop, and where to sing "ah!" with the same tempo and same tune. Lately, their daddy just bought one Ultraman dancing version CD for the boys, they love it so much ( i don't understand, what so nice about ultraman) Now Cruz everyday will sing and dance!!!! With his one finger pointing up and down and shake his bum bum and sing "ma na an na, move it move it" oh no!!! I should take his video one day! Fearles not so crazy like his brother, he act cool. This is their different character.

On the other hand, i still prepare their morning light snack to school, mostly are the same thing so i didnt take any picture to show. One day the teacher ask me, how i do the bread so cute till the school kids "love" my boys bread very much, they want to eat my sons bread! hahahahhahaha, i told the teacher i will do for the kids if they having any party. Teacher told me, i just need to help her to get the mould, she will do it for the kids. *Ooooppss*

Two of them are toilet train, no more diapers in the day time, but still on diapers when they sleep. Their bad habit, sucking on jut jut still not wean off (a tough job for me!!!)

Still drink milk three times a day. Cruz not so picky on food, Fearles is more picky and also a slow eater. Fearles love cheese, but not Cruz, Cruz love anchovies but not Fearles, Fearles love meat ball but not Cruz. Cruz love spicy food, but not Fearles.

Love "kai kai" - shopping a lot, their shopping not shopping, but they just want to go out and walk and running around at the mall. Sometime during night sleeping time, Cruz always will try his luck by asking me "mummy, go kai kai??", he know the answer he will get is "no, it's sleeping time."

My two boys still fight a lot, always fight for the same pillow, or same toys, or sometime fight for their favourite sleeping spot. Haih!! When they are no fighting, they can be so loving, mostly is Cruz sayang (love) his kor kor more. Always when Fearles was crying for his jut jut or bolster, Cruz is the one will take and bring for his kor kor. When Fearles sick and vomit, he will bring Fearles the towel and small pail for him to vomit. When Cruz had something, he make sure his kor kor also had some too.

This is some little update on their 40 months old! Happy 40 months old boys!

My two little mischievous!!
This picture taken when i was in front of computer, and suddenly Cruz come to me and tell me, "see mummy, i'm the lion!" He means lion dance! By putting the big pillow over his head! Fearles see his didi is doing this, he also want to do lion dance!




Blur Angel said...

Happy 40-months! how come fearles still got that mickey mouse nose ? is this an old photo?

LittleLamb said...

mickey mouse nose still there???
wow..i'm glad they are progressing well...

Vien said... are luckier than me..have 2 home entertainers at home! LOL!

Wonderful Life said...

Happy 40months old! Double happiness yeah? :P

slavemom said...

Happy 40th mths! They really do hv vy different preference on food hor.

jacss said...

yes, 1st concert usually very excited, make sure yr camera & video are ready....
u see...spread d bento virus even to d boys' teacher heh, sei mou!!
really different kids u have... in a lot of aspects, u got to handle d 2 lion dance differently!!

Krystal said...

time really flies...maybe time for another one? haha

HN said...

Congrats mommy Annie! You have done a great job and you survive from taking care of 2 boys at a time! Imust say your boys are so handsome .. potential heart breaker :)

Mommy to Chumsy said...

haaaaahhaaha...they both look cute with the pillow :D Yeah, you should try take a video of your boy dancing. must be real funny :D