Monday, September 01, 2008

I got the "VIRUS" too!!!

Hopping to most mommies's blog i can see "this thing" almost everywhere. I enjoy seeing that "nice thing" created by the other mommies and amaze how creative they are. The more i see, soon i also get attacted by the "virus" ,but lucky mine is a "mild virus".

The VIRUS that i mention is "Bentoing"!! Since my sons is a small eater, and now they still don't need to bring much food to kindy, (kindy provide tea break and lunch), i just prepare some very "light" and "small portion" breakfast for them to bring to school.

After read some mommies's bentoing, make me so tempt to get some cute little things too. Firstly i thought i just want to hunt for some different lunch boxes will do, other "accessories" will get it later, or i get it slowly, so by the time my sons need the bento, that time i will have more "accessories" already. (sikit sikit jadi bukit)

I got lucky to get to know this pretty and young lady, who work in Singapore, she manage to get some bento-ing things. She ask me, do i need anything since she is getting and sell it. I'm so happy to hear that, how i can miss the chance, i wrote her a list, and i collected from "her last week, when she is in town, i thought i got a chance to meet her personally but.....NO, she still want to be "Anonymous", even though i chat with her always on msn, but, i manage to see her big and beautiful house at the "expensive area"! Thanks a lot min (blur angel) for getting the items for me!!!!! My boys love it so much!! I notice when i go out for dinner, i will bring their lunch box, they eat more compare to using the restaurant plate and spoon! Like the other day when i bring the new huggies lunch box out, they eat one big bowl of rice. Sometime have to "trick" them with the new lunch box, so they will eat more.

here u go, this is my collection.........

this is the things that Min get for me, left hand side the two food
picks i get it from Hijackqueen

this is the lunch box i bought for my sons during their birthday.

this one is from last week parenthood exhibition, bought the huggies
got this free!


Blur Angel said...

that's quite a lot of stuffs! :) enjoy Bento-ing! let me know whatelse do u need ok ?


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angeleyes said...

Wow!! Way to go Annie! Happy Bento-ing!

I am Princess Misha's Mum said...

waaaaaaaaa ... so many !!!

i also want!!!

etceteramommy said...

Wah.. you also into Bento! Jia Yiu. Pls show us your creations :D

huisia said...

can't wait to see your creations :)

Y-ling said...

I would love to make bento too but Angel is already eating so much.. I don't want to turn her into a fat girl. Not too fat, at least. :-P

sue said...

Hehehe... I also got Min to help me get the sandwich cutters and egg mould :P

Krystal said...

cool bento tools! I've caught the 'virus' too...waiting for my bento things to arrive this week...hehe...

L'abeille said...

So, do you do "Bento delivery service" to offices? :p

khongfamily said... us your creation larr...Happy Bento-ing!!

Anggie's Journal said...

wow, u bought alot lei.... yayaya, bentoing was so famous now ... :)
so cute right .... !!!????, enjoy bento-ing ya... post up some photo too.

Sasha said...

WAHHHH alot of goodies there. So when u wanna show us yr creations?

Irene said...

wahhhhhhhh so manyak! i also want :) bento craze everywhere!!!!

jacss said...

wahhh....nice boxes u had there!!
aiseh, thought u can see d pretty girl!! one day we must 'korek' her out, hehehe
btw, isn't it good that these lil stuffs can increase yr boys' appetite??

Annie Q said...

Blur angel: thanks for helping me to get those stuff!! Thanks!

angeleyes: u too!! I will "hijack" ur blog more often to "curi" the idea. :)

i am princess misha mum: eh! i think u got a lot more than me lei.

etceteramommy & hui sia: creations ar? hehehe, not so soon kua, since my boys still not appreciate those "lovely looking" food.

y-ling: can do it for fun, sometime can make a change ma.

sue: wow..another one join the craze! hahahhaha

krystal: ya, can't wait to see yours!

l'abeille: wei! mine also haven't start, how to do delivery lei?? hahahhha

khongfamily: hehehe, i just do it for fun, not really got any bento creation like other mummy :P

anggie's journal: a lot ar? hmmm..not really la, this is all the basic thing that i want.

sasha: hahahha, me not creative enough, still learning. No really a creation la, mine will be super simple.

irene: banyak? not really la, compare to some other mommy. :)

jacss: thanks!! i think u got a lot more nice boxes than me!
hahahaha, me too, i thought this is the chance i meet the pretty and secretive girl, but hor, know her, she will not meet me.*blek* The lunch boxes make the tricks. :P

mybabybay said...

Welcome to the bento club!

Binky, Blogging and Such said...

hahaha... you caught the bento bug too!

slavemom said...

U got urself so many 'kar chang' n u say ur virus oni a mild one? I think quite teruk edi loh. hahaha I'm STILL spared from that virus. :p Happy bento-ing!

IMMomsDaughter said...

I'm getting Min to help me buy too. I must be the last to join the club. Got infected by Alice!

Mommy to Chumsy said... bought so many bento stuff!!!!!!! can't wait to see your creations.