Sunday, September 28, 2008

My another creation for the weekends

Since normal day, prepare bento light snack for my sons to bring to school is quite easy and nothing special, and almost all are the same, all are ready food. That's why i stop taking picture. This weekend, since my SIL was not free in the morning, so i help her to babysit her three kids (older kid), prepare lunch for them. hahahha, since they are older, so i can use my rice mould to make the cute rice for their lunch. This is my very first time doing rice bento. Saturday i got a date with two mummies so Saturday i do a quick and easy lunch then i rush off to meet them (that will in another post).

This round i add "some" green and carrot, but hor, all the kids don't eat, except one elder cousin, she eat the carrot, other all i had to eat, so the carrot on the plate is just for deco. :(

my sons's lunch, some mince meat on the lettuce and some pork chop on the
small container and with tomaotes sauce in the little bottle, my sons just love to
play with the tomatoes sauce and not eating the rice. *slap forehead*

This is i prepare for the cousins.

closer look

This rice mould i get it from hijackqueen, maybe i still not master the skill
how to do the rice, only can see star shape, the other two bear and love are out! hahaha
need more practice.

This is on Sunday lunch, my son's lunch, triangle rice mould with
one meat ball, and some meat, and some grape. They finish their lunch!!!
Cruz even add some more rice. hahahhahaha,
Thanks Jacss for the small sauce containers. :)

Lunch for the cousins.

A bit out from this topic, since everyone is doing the bento things now, i thought since i got the bento kits with me too, why not i also prepare my own bento to work. I eat very simple, so i don't need to prepare a lot food, and last week i cannot find any greens in my fridge. hahahhaa, so i have stock up some for my next week home cook food, it can be more healthy and i can save a lot, rather than everyday i was thinking what to eat for the day. Last Friday i just bring some mee to work and with some fruits. I got myself two simple lunch box from 100 yen shop, so now whenever i go pack food or i bring home cook food, i use my own lunch box, environmental friendly too. :)

My two simple lunch boxes from 100 yen shop, because one box is too small for me. hahahah
me big eater!

This nasi lemak i pack from the morning market, i told the lady to put into my lunch box
she give me a kind of look. hahahhahahahhaha

this simple mee, i prepare on friday morning, Vite's mee with Bovril and some small onion.
Simple and nice, my sons love it too. :)


Mommy to Chumsy said... are very good at "bentoing". I don't think I have the patience lor. You even made for your nieces/nephews. So thoughtful leh.

jazzmint said...

wah u getting good edi. now want to ask u for lunch must call u few days before kekek

janicepa said...

hehehe.. mayb i shud be environmental frenly like u too huh.. everyday nasi lemak .. bungkus

Hijackqueen said...

Why the cousin's meal in tupperware container wan? Don't think I don't know that is tupperware container hor, cos I am also a tupperware fan! LOL! Why never tell people you cook salty rice leh. hahha. opps... suppose to be a secret hor. Dang! Kena piak again from Annie.

Krystal said...

wow wow...more and more bento pics...and you're mastering the art of bento-ing...hehe...

LittleLamb said...

wow....a lot of hard work...
u r best ...
i'm sure ur kids like it.

L'abeille said...

Wah... hardworking betul!
Your bento sets are so cute, I think I wanna go get myself a bento box already :p

jacss said...

my pleasure annie! wuah...i see d nasi lemak, air liur fav, sei mou!!
yeah, very good idea to bring yr own lunch box even tapao...more green & healthy too!!
aikk...fried maggi mee with bovril, 1st time hear...nice ka??
u r also very kind...prepare for so many kids need lots of effort, soon u'll be good at it, no worry!!

allthingspurple said...

hey, glad I am not the only "weird" one. haha.
I bring metal tiffin for soupy noodles and my own lunchbox for ta pau-ing too !! Everyone around me just stare at me funny, probably thinking, "yoh, so auntie !!" haha.

etceteramommy said...

Makes me wanna eat also... *slurps*

Annie Q said...

mommy to chumsy: *paiseh paiseh* still got a long way to go. I don't have patience too la, since i'm preparing for my boys then just do extra lo. :)

jazzmint: yea wor, now i try to bring home cook food. hahahhaha, so let me know in advance, so i don't bring food to work. :)

janicepa: hehehehe, then ask the tauke to minus 50 cents for saving the plastic box! hahahhaha

hijackqueen: BINGO!! Smart!! That is tupperware container. hahahhaha, because their mum didn't get them bento box lo, so i prepare for them on the tupperware container. :) Eh! i think u got the wrong Annie? I don't do salty rice wor. LOL!!

krystal: no, not yet, still a long way to go to be more perfect. :)

little lamb: my kids ar, not really appreaciate la, but they like to play with the cute things.

l'abeille: cute? hahahhahahah

jacss: not fried maggi mee,sort of maggi mee but without the seasoning, just the mee, then i add bovril as flavour. :)

allthingspurple: hehehe, last time i also look at those ppl one kind, now i'm the one that bring the lunchbox and go ta pau-ing. I can see a lot people doing that too, so i think now is quite common.

etceteramommy: oooppss...not really taste good la :)

khongfamily said...

nasi lemak in bento box...i think it's good and environmental friendly. I even bring my own bag to shop at nearby pasar segar...heheheh.

Lemonjude said...

The bento set not are doing right bring own box to pack..what so surprise to the seller worr..many are doing it now..

Health Freak Mommy said...

I am sure you must have spent a lot of time preparing the food. As for me, I have the bento stuff but just no time to do. That's what we do too - bring our own tiffian carrier, healthier and more environment-friendly than plastic bags and styrofoam boxes.

IMMomsDaughter said...

Can't wait to see more creations.