Monday, September 29, 2008

Twins meet twins

Last Saturday i met up with this twins mum and her two lovely and handsome twin boys, because i want to pass her the bento stuff that she order through min, it had been with me for sometime already, we still got no chance to meet. We arrange last week for the meet up and so happen i was chatting with Laundryamah, and she is free and she can join us too. There we go, three mummies meeting up at 100 yen shop at SS2.

While waiting for Laundryamah, me and Jacss do some mini shopping at 100 yen shop, this round they got more stuffs. They even had bento belt, which last round i went there i didn't see. What else, of course i get something from there again, i got myself one set pink color cutlery and two cute Lilo and stich bento box for my boys! I want to take a slow look at all the things, but i can't, because my two monkeys are running around, i so scare they break the things later i have to buy all!!!

We meet up at 100 yen shop then Laundryamah bring us to nearby one place to have dim sum, nice food, and lucky that day not many patrons around too, otherwise with 5 boys and 1 girl, tsk tsk tsk, but hor, my boys is the naughtiest!!! They nearly tear down the whole place. We mommies had a good time yakking, eating, although me and amah is the first time meet up with jacss, but hor, i tell you, we woman ar, either know or not know each other, also can yak yak yak non stop, don't you agree with me? Or is it only me is this type of person. LOL

We are there from 1pm+ till 4pm!!! When we about to leave, want to take picture, but my Fearles decide want to have his nap, he sleep, and while we take pictures he wake up and give me a moody look, he don't want to join other to take picture. :( so here only can see Cruz and other kids picture.

I had a good time yakking and eating!! Really nice to meet up with Scot and Sean and their mummy and of course not to forget Amah and her Kieran and Kylie!!!

all the four boys! Except Fearles
Cruz, Sean, Kieran and Scot (hope i did not get it wrong)

another pictures of the boys (notice cruz do his mouth like fish)

Fearles sleepy face and with his jut jut and bolster!!


Scot? (alamak, they look so alike in the picture, in real i still can differential them)

another pictures of the boys

Amah and Kylie!

the three mummies!!


slavemom said...

Not jes the mommies can click instantly, the boys r oso vy buddy buddy leh, even tho they're meeting for the 1st time.

Blur Angel said...

all i can see is just a nice picture of THREE LENG LUIs ( referring to the last photo) :)

khongfamily said...

woww..two pairs of!!! I got to go and check out 100 yen shop too...hehehe.

Irene said...

ya loh, boys can click so well! love to see tat! haha... next time i wanna go too :)

jazzmint said...

wahh so syiok eh twins meet twins kekeke..oo i think ss2 got more stuff, i don't recall seeing lilo stitch in the uptown branch

janicepa said...

too bad fearles is not in the pic if not.. it's perfect !!

jacss said...

eh my dear, u got all mixed up oredi la....bwahahaha, yes...they GOT U!!
1st boys pic: scot with peace sign!!
it was scot holding that hotwheel pack!!
the one without a teeth in front was sean!!
yeah, we'd been long talking abt meeting up one day....i'm glad that we finally made it thru!
u two ladies really 'rock' to be frens la, despite me being 1st time meeting, u 2 never show any hindrance into whatever topics that were in the talk...glad i was!! frankly, i enjoyed sharing yr gossips & stories, hahaha!!
i agreed wif u absolutely & like that we can 'yak non-stop' without any barrier.....

LittleLamb said...

the 100 yen shop really that tempting ar????

must go look one day..

cant believe u gals stayed there for 4 hours...!!! the food, the company must be great!

Sasha said...

looks like the kid are having so much fun altho meet first time :)

L'abeille said...

3 pretty mommies sitting in a row... :)

Lemonjude said...

Great is that although tagging along but still can enjoy...well woman talk is never ending one..

little prince's mummy said...

The boys really enjoyed a lot~~~

Alicia said...

ah.. 3 pretty mummies

HN said...

Hahaha, I totally agree with you on:

"we woman ar, either know or not know each other, also can yak yak yak non stop"

You know, we can chat from head to toe, which the guys can never understand why :D

Mommy to Chumsy said...

aaahhhh...nice outing wor. didn't know there is a 100 yen shop in ss2. must go check it out too :D

laundryamah said...

it was a fun time eating & yakking!