Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fruitful Weekend Part I - mummies gathering

Fruitful and busy weekend it start actually on Thurs night. I went out with my girl friends, to have a nice dinner, yakking and eating (not going to post picture here).After so long did not see them, it’s really good to catch up with them again. Friday night I went for my pedicure.

Saturday noon time, I met up with some mummies, we are having lunch at Shogun at 1 Utama. This is my first time there, ya, u can call me “jaggun”. I never been to shogun before, so this is my first experience. When I reach there I saw Barb is there, follow by Elly & her handsome boy Mika. Three of us cannot resist seeing all the yummy foods lining at the buffet counter and keep waving at us (or is it only me???) we zoom there and start taking our food.

this is part of my foods!!!! Soup is for sharing :)

When I back from the buffet line, I saw Angeline and Alice, everyone not bringing kids, some are asking hubby to take care the kids while the mummies enjoying the lunch. Laundryamah come a bit later, she is with her two lovely kids Kieran and Kylie. This round I left my kids at home, not bringing them out, because I want to enjoy my “makan” and keepo-ing session. Hahhahahhahahhaha

Haven’t see some mummies for a while, we got so much things to talk, I think our table is the most noisy one. Talk loud, laugh loud and camwhore a lot too!!

1. Peggy and Alice
2. Barb and Elly
3. Barb and me ( me look so huge) hahahhaha
4. Alice, Elly, Peggy, Barb and me (Angie is the camera woman)

Hope we will have more this kind of gathering.


Sasha said...

yummy food and yummy mummies!

Mommy to Chumsy said... many photos eh? great to see you again :D

IMMomsDaughter said...

Looks like fun!

Krystal said...

so fun and food looks yummy :)

jacss said...

that must be another tired of talking & eating session...can imagine d noise!!
btw, it's spelt as 'jakun'.....hehe

Binky! said...

SHOGUN! Love that place coz the food is almost the same style like Singapore's Genghis Khan. We went to Shogun last year when we were visiting my sister and her husband in Mt Kiara. So nice to have gathering like that.