Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fruitful Weekend Part II - Melissa's Birthday Party

Last Sunday, we attend a birthday party for the little girl, Melissa; she is my sons’s kindy mate. This is the first time my sons attend the kindy’s mate birthday and also my first time to meet my sons little friend and her parent.

Reach there, not knowing how Melissa look like and not knowing how her mummy look like also, I only talk to her on the phone before. So malu! I have to ask the staff there which one is the birthday girl. Finally met up with the pretty little birthday girl Melissa and her mummy.

Birthday Girl - Melissa - she tot this aunty is weird,keep taking her picture but after the party, she pose for me to take the second picture.

Party started, staff at Gymboree come out with lots of activities, but I realise my sons, don’t really mix up with the group and with children, two of them play themselves at the play area while other kids is jumping and singing and dancing with the staff. Joanne, the birthday girl’s mummy told me, most kids who attend the birthday party is all from the same class, but I never see my boys to play with them, hmmmm, this is not good, my boys not “social” enough. They only join the group when they see the staff bring out a lot balls and ending part with singing and dancing.

My boys do have a fun time running and jumping around, till they sweat so much! During birthday cake cutting, singing “Happy Birthday” is their long waited moment, and I have to triple remind them not to blow the candles before the birthday girl, otherwise I will have an embarrassed moment again.

see my two monkeys keep looking at the cake

After party over, finally I get my boys to said “thank you” and “bye” to Melissa. We have to make a quick move, because after the birthday party we are leaving to Cameron Highland for a short holiday.

This is a short video on how my boys enjoy their dancing!

Thanks Melissa and her parent for inviting us to the party.


giddy tigress said...

Sounds like a whole load of fun! Children do LOVE parties. Don't worry about them being not sociable...I think they'll soon be having fun with all the kids!

Sasha said...

Looks like a Fun party . Guess everyone enjoyed themselves very much

slavemom said...

Hey, u've been tagged!

jacss said...

can see d movement differences betw yr boys....
one 'si si man man',
the oth 'jart jart thiu'...

mumsgather said...

Just look at the fun they're having. Kids these days are really lucky.