Friday, October 31, 2008

Fruitful Weekend Part III - Cameron Trip

After the birthday party, reached home, quickly do the last minute packing, shower the boys and get everything ready, we leave the house around 4.30pm. Oh ya, I forgot to said, I survived for the three days two nights trip to Cameron, because I didn’t bring my sotong maid, we left her at home to “look after” the house, just bring the other two indon maids along as we scare they will do something hanky panky in the house. :)

Ok, back to the story, we use the new road which is via Simpang Pulai to go to Cameron. The journey took longer time but the road not as winding as the old road that is from Tapah. (I will tell you why later)

Reach Cameron top hill around 7.45pm, but on the way down to Brinchang, I tell you it is so so jam!! The car is not moving at all, we thought there is an accident, but it is not. When we reached our Apartment, it is nearly 9.30pm!!!! The jam was cause by the night market, we stay at Parkland Hotel Apartment, and the night market just nearby. Lucky I did bring some sausage and some biscuit to give to the boys.

Un-load our things, SILs and MIL already start preparing dinner, we had late steamboat dinner in the apartment. PIL and 2nd BIL they are using the old road, that’s why they reach early than us. The food that we bring for the steamboat and the second night BBQ can really last us for a week!!! Can you imagine how much food we bring. Everytime when we go Cameron, we hardly eat out, normally we will cook in the apartment, bring the portable stove, and pot and pan. LOL! I forgot to snap a picture on the things we brought, I’m sure everyone will faint after seeing it.

1. this is where we stay
2. from outside view
3. from our valcony view
4. one of the "grasshopper" we catch in my bathroom!

After the steamboat dinner, quickly wipe my boys, change them and put them to sleep. Only then I had my shower, make myself a coffee and read some magazines while watching Sil, Mil and hub playing mahjong. I just love the cold weather, my boys love it too!!!

Next day, we had mee for breakfast, since night before we still have the left over soup base from the steamboat, we just add some more meat ball, vegetables, egg. Tadaa!!! Another yummylicious breakfast! After breakfast I help to clean up the table and take a quick shower, and FIL help me to entertain my two monkeys and all his grandchildren, bring them to the mini garden outside our apartment.

see all the kids! All playing nintendo!! Now my sons also crazy
over it.

FIL entertain all his grand-children, and he is taking a lot pictures
of them, i think he got more pictures than me!!!

We can see the traffic was quite bad outside, all the cars are lining up to go up hill, so we decide to go down hill to avoid the jam, we go to tea plantation to have a cup of tea and also hub said bring the kids to waterfall. Oh! I didn’t know there is one waterfall in Cameron. When we reach at the tea platation, see lots of people and we got no place to sit and take picture also. We decide to leave and go to waterfall. Waterfall is at Tanah Rata, and the waterfall is call Robinson’s Waterfall. When hub first said want to bring the kids to waterfall, I said “huh? So cold weather go waterfall?” But I still pack some clothes for the boys to change and I thought the waterfall is very near one, but when we reach there, I only know we have to walk a distance only can reach the waterfall. So the walk is like jungle walk, and that time is around noon time, it’s so hot, see I wear long sleeve somemore! All of us start walking, the road are quite small and quite stiff, a lot down hill walking. After 15 mins walk we saw the waterfall, but cannot reach the waterfall, we decide to go further in again, after another 15 mins still cannot see the waterfall, it’s like no where to reach the waterfall, we decide and turn back. What make the thing worst is on the way in, I got stomach pain, yes I want to go toilet and do BIG BIZ!! But no where to see got any toilet in the jungle! SIL jokingly said, just do it anywhere lo, but I still “tahan”. On the way out, I walk so so fast, lucky two of my boys are so good, they never make a fuss or ask me to carry them, otherwise I will die! Another 30 mins walk out from the jungle and I know when we walk in I saw a small house got selling some homemade jam, I quickly rush to the house and “borrow” their toilet. So malu!!! Lucky the owner was very kind, and while I do my biz, hub and two kids are outside waiting for me, and they try out the jam that made by the owner and they sell it too. My boys just love the black berry jam, they dip the small biscuit with the jam, and they almost finish the sample! Hub bought a few cans the blackberry jam and one wild honey as “thanks” for the kindness of the owner to “borrow” his toilet. Actually the jam taste so good, not so sweet and the taste is so original, when we go back on the next day, SIL they all bought another 8 cans back!

1. one type of vege berry (this is the jam i bought)
3. view of the tea plantation
4. during jungle walk we saw a bunch of ants, busy transporting their food..

1. passion fruits
2. another view of tea plantation
3. fresh black berry
4. Budha Gourd? I love this vege, usually i will use it to boil soup.

start our jungle walk! Fearles follow FIL walk in front already

this is the place where i "borrow" the toilet!
hahahahha, this is before my stomach pain!!

see the stiff ..

this is the only place we can see clearly on the waterfall from far..
can see but cannot reach. :(

see the road.....down hill!!
view of the waterfall

After the waterfall, we go up hill and stop at one place to buy some flower then off to market to look see look see. This round we didn’t go to any butterfly farm, cactus farm, bee farm, strawberry farm, non of it. Hahhahahhaha I realize I had very little pictures this time, because with two kids, really hard to think of “CAMERA”, most picture are taken by hub. Not much pictures to share this time.Second day most time are spent at market, then night market, evening back to apartment and start the BBQ. One day gone, time really flies.

when everyone looking at the flower, my two boys enjoy their ice-cream!

this is the market area where we shop.....they have it in many different area.
mostly sell flower, food, clothes and etc.

Third day, had breakfast in the apartment again, then packed, we had early check out then go and get some vegetables and some flower again then we off to the tea plantation to have some tea and scones. This time no one around, we are the only group there, we can take picture and walk around as we like. Going back we use the old road, as FIL said he want to bring us to somewhere in Tanjung Tualang near Tapah or Gopeng to have fresh prawns. All of us using the old road this time, I tell you!!!! Tsk tsk tsk!! Two maids in my car vomit like a mad woman and follow by my two sons!!!! I have to jaga four in the car!!! My pants and my top also get dirty from my sons vomit. Aiyoooooo..then Cruz start crying, because he is a clean freak!! Hub said we have to reach the foothill to refresh the boys, there is one waterfall there. Nevertheless, it still got a long way to go down to the foothill. Two maids vomit for the second times, aiyooooo….and my two boys too tired from vomit and fall asleep. FINALLY!!! We reach at the foothill, I bring some clothes and towel, (yea, too many things till I cannot remember the camera!Lucky hub use his handphone to snap the picture of the boys at the waterfall!!) to change them.

this is my scone!!!!! And my cup of tea! Alamak! Forgot to take
the tea picture. hahahhaha

SIL's strawberry cheese cake

while i enjoy my food, hub camwhoring with the kids.

Cruz said " y keep taking our picture?"

"u mean another one???? enough!!!"

" i don't want anymore!"

"we are tired already"

Cruz :"kor kor, y u eat so slow!!!"
Fearles :" Cruz..this is so yummy!!"

Fearles : " yum"
Cruz : "haih!"

me and the kids
Family picture

At first they reluctant to go into the water, once they step foot in it, walau!!! The water so so cold, two of them start refresh themselves and start their playful and start playing with the water and refuse to come out from the water. SIL help me to watch over them while I go to nearby toilet to get myself change.

this is the waterfall at the foot hill, the water damn cold!!

my boys become "orang asli" shower in the "stream"

After “drag” my sons out from the water, of course with some crying, kicking, we continue our journey. Yea, once in the car, one of the maid vomit for the third times again! *faint*

Going to the Tanjung Tualang is quite far, I also don’t know near where, FIL is leading the road. Reach there it’s already 3pm in the afternoon, we are so hungry by then! Lucky the prawns are yummy, otherwise I will said not worth it to go so far to have prawns. I only took few pictures, other food we order got vege, squids, steam kampung chicken, which I didn’t take the picture. When I took the pictures, everyone were so hungry and give me a “killer stare” like asking me “HAVE U FINISH TAKING PICTURE??” hahahahhaha

Luen Fong

Map to Luen Fong Rest

Fresh prawns
steam prawns...yummmy
this one cook with...butter? not too sure, i just eat it..yum!
Fish...yummy too!!

Reach home it’s already 7pm, I’m so so tired!!! My boys definetly enjoy themselves very much, they like the cold weather, this is their second time to Cameron, first time is when they are only 7 months old. Cruz keep telling me he want to go to the cold cold place and sleep! *roll eye*


L'abeille said...

My eyes are painful to see two handsome twins bathing at the river... kekekekek

chooi peng said...

you also went for the prawn... never heard of it before tim!

etceteramommy said...

They looked fresh and happy even after all the trauma in the car. Not bad not bad...

Irene said...

Cruz looks like you, Fearles looks like daddy hor :)

i never been to cameron man, cialat hor! ur post makes me wanna go now! hahaha!

Anggie's Journal said...

Wow.. nice holiday trips ...
wei... ur boys naked like that, not cold meh ??? hihihih

laundryamah said...

shioknya...i oso wanna go......

Mommy to Chumsy said...

hahahhaahaa....i can't help laughing at all the vomitting. i can imagine the unpleasant scenes.

boy, the scones look so delicious and the waterfall is so inviting. i wanna go too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Health Freak Mommy said...

Looks like a very fun trip and oh boy, the food is making my tummy rumble now. I hate the trip up too, will surely feel nauseous.

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

haha i love your "orang asli"!!

slavemom said...

Amazing... to go jungle trekking with a whole bunch of kids. Too bad u guys din manage to find the way to the waterfall. But at the end, the boys still got to play at a waterfall, org asli style. :)

Sasha said...

OMG orang asli! hahahahah wah yr holiday looks so nice. Makes me wanna go holiday too.

jazzmint said...

wahh..the food look so sedap lah....gimme the location, i want to gps it oso kekeke

jacss said...

oh my many things to comment there!!
love all d boys' shot with GREEN tea plantation behind esp. d one with side face of cruz focusing & staring at somethg....
aiyo..."kap si" also want to cerita this amoi, hahaha
my god...u let d boys naked like that, not cold meh, tsk tsk tsk
strawberry cheese cake....yer...
finally....while it's nice to cook up a steamboat there, but bring all d stuffs up there must be havoc too heh....
sounds like a fruitful trip indeed!

2ma said...

am planning to go cameron highland too. how's parkland apt? am considering the place too

Binky! said...

Wah... you made me drool with those seafood pics! Love, love, love all those pictures of your boys with the tea plantation scenery - beautiful!