Monday, October 13, 2008

My Creation - Part 4

This is last week my son's morning snack. Nothing for myself, only thurs i pack my lunch, which i have to wake up extra early to prepare the food. I love below this Lilo and Stich lunch box, i got it from 100 yen shop from SS2 @ RM4.90 only!! Cheap cheap!

simple snack - pooh bread, some biscuit, jelly and two grapes.

Pandan swiss roll, cereal and banana

jelly cake + biscuit + flower shape apples

sponge cake in mickey shape + cashewnut + grapes
i just love this sponge cake mickey!

cat bread (forgot what this character called)+ cereal + sweet plum.

my simple lunch on thurs.


Irene said...

wahseh, nice nice bento! keep it up, keep it going! :)

chooi peng said...

i got myself that stitch lunch box too. KW just love it.

2ma said...

i think i wanna start preparing bento for shan leo when he stays with me during wkends. it look so fun!

btw, i got an award for you. check it out here

I am Princess Misha's Mum said...

waaaaaaaah .. so nice bento ar ... that character is called "marie" .. :)

keep up the good job ..... BENTO BOLEH!! hahahahhahaha

mybabybay said...

Now children are so bless, got mummies to do bento set for them.

Sasha said...

i see lotsa nice and beautiful food. And u call yr lunch box simple?that's like my complete meal

jacss said...

you see...., getting better with each creation!!
wooo....itu maggi mee with goreng telur looks yummy!!
keep up d good work!

Wonderful Life said...

The snacks look good la!!

Hmm... I should start looking for the bento supplies at 100yen shop liao!

Krystal said...

wei....vely good lah u...i'm so lazy...haven't prepared bento for my boys for a long long time :p

LittleLamb said...

its getting better n better each time i visit your blog...

hey i like the bento very much. i dont mind become child again to enjoy..hehehe

etceteramommy said...

I'm not into bento-ing but I absolutely love the mickey sponge cakes. So cuteeeee!

little prince's mummy said...

The mickey mouse shape is nice :)

Binky! said...

The pooh bread and Mickey Mouse cake are cute!

Annie Q said...

Irene: thanks!

chooi peng: i like that lunch box too!!

2ma: yea, try to do some simple one, i also doing some cooking on weekend, weekday i just prepare some snacks. :)
Thanks for the award.

i am princess misha's mum: Thanks! Ok.."marie" :)
hahhahahhaha yea yea everyone also BENTO BOLEH!!

mybabybay: yea wor, now kids are more lucky than us.

sasha: hehehe, ok la, we both like simple lunch. :)

jacss: thanks jacss!!! U also my "guru"!!!

wonderful life: yea, sometime can get a lot things from 100 yen shop, sometime they don't have much stock. :)

krystal: i also lazy, u didn't see all my food are all ready one meh? i just put it in. :)

little lamb: 10Q 10Q!!
hahhahaha, how i wish i also can become child again, and got someone prepare bento food for me :)

etceteramoomy: heheheheeh. :)

little prince's mummy: yea, nice!

binky: thanks :)