Monday, November 24, 2008

3 years and 6 month old

My boys turned 3 years and 6 months today, another six more months they will turn 4 years old, how time flies.

Weight and height, not too sure, have not measure them lately. Big boy now, “a bit” easier to take care compare to when they are much younger. When they are not naughty, not drive me up the wall, they can be such a darling. I still scold and scream when they misbehave, sometime I just give them a “killer stare” they will know I am angry, they can read the sign and “smell” when their mummy about to go haywire and explode on them.

Food – two of them still the meat lover, don’t like vegetables, but Fearles love “old cucumber” which I boil the soup, he will finish all the “old cucumber”. As for Cruz, he is typical Malaysian, love spicy food, nasi lemak, ikan bilis, roti canai, curry maggi mee, and all the junks!!!!! Fearles is more to proper meal, rice, mee, cake or bread, and he is not so into junk, he will take little, but Cruz will eat like no tomorrow. Fearles still love his milk a lot! How full he had lunch or dinner, he still drink one bottle of milk before sleep. Two of them still take 8 oz milk three times a day.

Speech - Cruz as usual, the chatter box, sometime I get surprise on the word he said, which I don’t know when he pick that up, some are good, some are bad. When Cruz get angry sometime he will scold Fearles “stupid Fearles!” Yikes, I sure know where he pick this from. >..< style="color: rgb(0, 0, 153);">mummy, see Cruz beat me”, “mummy see kor kor kick me”, “mummy, kor kor don’t want share toy”, “mummy, cruz naughty” “mummy, cruz take my toy” it can go never ending. One day while my two boys was watching tv, they are watching Tom and Jerry, out of sudden, Fearles said “dumb dog” I got a shock, where he pick this word, shortly, I heard Tom and Jerry show “Tom” said to the dog “dumb dog”!!! :(

When two of them not fighting, they can be so good buddy, hand in hand and bully me. Fearles always is the quiet and mature boy, but lately he also can give me some cheeky look and cheeky smile when I scold him. He will wink at me, and give me a big smile. On the other hand, Cruz as usual is the sweet talker and also a “good kisser”. Always give me a surprise kiss on the cheek or lips, mind you, it’s a “wet kiss” because sometime he still drool. Ahhahahahhahahhahahha. He always win/stole his daddy heart, by give him good night kiss without his daddy ask for it. He can be so sweet, when daddy haven’t go to bed and sleep, Cruz will tell me, “I want to kiss daddy good night”. Fearles when he is good mood, he will give u one when u “ask him”, if no, he will be so stingy on his kiss. o_0

This is just some note on my boy’s development. Of course there is more to jot down, but I cannot remember all.


2ma said...

good to know that your boys still drinking their milk. shan leo doesn't enjoy his milk, except fresh milk coz its cold.

shan leo loves junk food (just like me!) and each time any of us eat something, he will say "I want to try"

slavemom said...

Happy 3.5 yo, boys! Ahh... u've got a kisser boy too. ;)

mybabybay said...

Another pair of twin gals...just kidding. :P

Mommy to Chumsy said...

aaaahhh....i forgot that ashley turns 3.5 too today ;)

muahahahaa..i like the killer stare thing. i do that too and ashley can sense it already that her crazy mama is going berserk :D

jazzmint said...

wahh..good kisser somemore LOL

janicepa said...

hahaha.. good kisser.. "wet one" hehehe.. i so like !!

huisia said...

wow, good kisser, haha...女孩有福了!

Annie Q said...

2ma: kids ma, once they try/taste the junk food, they will like it. If no, how to call "junk food" lei? hahaha

slavemom: yea, a kisser boy. U got one too?

mybabybay: oh no! That's enough already. :)

mommy to chumsy: yea, happy 3.5 months old to Ashley too. :) hahhaha "killer stare" quite effective huh?

jazzmint: yea, good kisser. :)

janicepa: yes, "wet one" with his full of saliva lips. hahahhahahha

huisia: hahahha, just hope he don't simply go and kiss other girls.

LittleLamb said...

ur 2 boys doing very well.....
and learn very very fast too..the good n the bad... "jump dog" ahahahah

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Wah your boys can sure kiss!!! Mine only do the smacking sound but his lips is no where near my face!

Mummy to QiQi said...

can't wait for my twins to grow up and play by their own so they will leave me alone. u can enjoy now :p