Thursday, December 18, 2008

EOE Online

Lately when i blog hop, i read a lot about EOE Online. What is EOE Online? They are a home-grown Malaysian photo retail site, which provide service to get our photos printed online,it is so convenient! Without stepping out from our home, just with a few click and upload the pictures, we can print our pictures online and get it sent to our doorstep! The most attractive things is , 4R picture @ RM0.30 and for 5R picture @ RM0.50!! Don't you think this is a good deal?

Ever since i got kids, i have taken a lot my boys pictures, but i never print them out, i all keep it in the thumb drive or in a disc. Now i got a good reason to start print out my boys pictures with EOE Online!

If you also like me, don't want to miss this out, please log on to this!

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