Saturday, December 06, 2008

Lunch Box Corner - Part 3

Hello All, i bring in some cute lunch box again, something different. Hope u all like it. :)

1. Blue hello kitty - RM16.00 (re-stock)

2. Pink Melody - RM16.00 (sold)

3. Kerokero Keroppi with spoon -RM18.00

4. Pink Melody with spoon - RM18.00

5. winnie the pooh - RM18.00

6. Airtight pink melody - RM18.00

7. Two tier Blue mickey with fork and spoon - RM18.00 (sold)

8. Two tier winnie pooh & friends with fork and spoon - RM18 (sold)

9. Heart shape mickey and princess, single tier with fork and
spoon. - RM13.00 each (re-stock)

10. kerokero keroppi cutlery. fork, spoon and chopstick - RM10.00


mybabybay said...

Hey I like the Hello Kitty box, where to buy? I may want to get one for Emily.

LittleLamb said...

Oooo Philip not ready to use lunch bozes yet....when he bigger 1st..hehee

Anggie's Journal said...

Again ???? hahhaha... very cute lei .. but i m looking for some bento which is more suitable for adult !!!!:)

chooi peng said...

i love the heart shape princess... anymore???

chooi peng said...

btw, i want the heart shape mickey too.. my gal want both heart shape's!! :)

Wonderful Life said...

Err... it's that a hole which could be open up on the winnie the pooh's container?

Lovely Mummy said...

wow, you really collect lots of lunch boxes...

Health Freak Mommy said...

Wow, your lunch boxes are really lovely. I want the heart shape MM and Princess. Anymore? BTW, where do you get your stock, mind sharing?

Annie Q said...

mybabybay: I got it from one of the wholesale place in KL.

LittleLamb: Don't worry. :)

Anggie: hahahahha...ok ok

chooi peng: i have re-stock the two heart shape lunch box. Will let u know once i got stock in hand. :)

Wonderful Life: yea, the small hole can be open up, i think that is to "release" the heat,if the food too hot.

side note: wonderful life, how come i cannot access to your blog lately? Had been a while already.

Lovely Mummy: hehehhe, i'm selling it. :P

Health Freak Mommy: I will re-stock the heart shape lunch box, let me see if i got extra. :P I got my stock from one of the wholesale place in KL.

jacss said...

i still haven't find (even in tokyo) any nice & reasonably priced pink pink boxes for myself am so tempted to get either d kitty/melody ones from u...but that will be d next time we meet lar...