Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My 5 days long holidays

This will be my last post for the year of 2008, another 8 hours we will welcoming year 2009.

During the recent five days long holidays what did i do? I didn't go anywhere as i mention earlier, just stay at home, spent quantity time with my two boys, prepare them bento and play with them. I suppose to meet up with this mummy, but i was too too lazy to go out, very sorry Michelle, hope we can meet next time??

We had a belated christmas dinner on sunday night, we had BBQ again. Just invite a few good friends over, mostly are hub and BIL's cycling kakis. Simple dinner, kids are having tons of fun running around. Adults had a good time catching up with friends, yakking, drinking and eating.

a small turkey


two types of chicken wings

pork ribs....

fried mee hoon

coleslaw and salad - creation by your truly

chef of the night...

Monday, we all wake up late, and we decide to bring the kids out to shopping mall. We went to mid valley, i leave the maid at home doing housework, now try not to bring her out often, lately already make me pissed everyday and start "climb over my head"!! :(

Went for late lunch at one of the japenese rest, expensive and the food not nice, this is my first and also the last will visit that place. :( Since it is a pulic holiday, shopping mall always pack with people, with two boys with me, so hard to do shopping, just had some window shopping. At the mall i bump into this beautiful mummy, such a small world huh? I only meet her once, from far i saw she is smilling at me, i was thinking she look familiar, only later i know it's her.

Pass by Kenko fish spa, i always want to try out, although i had went to Garra Ruffa in Bangsar before, but i want to try this Kenko. Asking hub, he said he don't want, but i told him "come la, it's very fun, let me buy u the treat" hahahhaha, me so good lei. There we go, Kenko fish spa, can allow kids to try, Garra Ruffa one not allow kids. Me and hub choosing the big fish and for my boys, they only can try on the small fish, but hor, my two chicken boys so scare, dare not to put the leg in!!! Fearles did try, but just put one leg, less than 5 second he already pull up the leg. While two of us enjoy the fish nibbling on our leg, what is the two boys doing? I give them their game boy to keep them occupied. Not that i bring the Nintendo DS out all the while, it happen one of the DS card got spoilt, i need to buy a new one for them. :( Daddy quite enjoy it, and he laugh so so loud when the fish nibbling on his leg!

see daddy's leg so "laku" so many fishes!!!

see mine only a few! wan to see closer on my nail art??

tada!!!! this is my toe nail art for christmas!

while we enjoy, the boys are playing with their DS

This is how i spent on my 5 long holidays, boring huh? hahahhahah

Last but not least, wishing everyone, Happy New Year and may the new year bring health, happiness, wealth to all of you!! May year 2009 will be a better year for all of us!!!

HaPpY nEw YeAr 2009!!!!!!


Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Happy New Year Annie! Love your nail art. Getting another one for CNY??

laundryamah said...

Happy New Year!!! Aiya..too bad I didn't get to sink my teeth in those ribs!!! Love your nail art!! Very sexy toes!

LittleLamb said...

This mummy so trendy le....different color toe nails too.. NICE ...

Sure a good holiday/rest for you..

Happy New Year to you n family..

Lovely Mummy said...

wow, u r so in...ur toe nails. Happy new year to u n ur family

I am Princess Misha's Mum said...

happy new year!

jazzmint said...

happy new year annie..vy nice nails :P

Irene said...

u called tat boring 5 days? at least u wen midv kai kai & go fish spa lagi :)

happy new year!!!!

Malaika's mummy said...

I went to a cheap fish spa. Very geli feeling leh.

Happy New year.

mybabybay said...

No problem, will meet you some day. Have a great new year ahead!

Hijackqueen said...

Eeyer, not fair! How come your family always got buffet makan wan!

Health Freak Mommy said...

Wah, I love your toe nail art work!

Wonderful Life said...

Happy New Year!

The food looks delicious... drooling already!

Also, the toe nail art work very nice... you did it on your own?

slavemom said...

Happy New Year, Annie!
U not worried d fish nibble away ur pretty nail art? hehehe
Ur bbq vy mouth watering leh. So much food!

Krystal said...

wah...i like your toes lah...v nice :) some more got christmas-y snowman :)

etceteramommy said...

You won't believe this.. I never tried fish spa before. Quite geli seeing so many fishes. Anyway.. any difference between Garra Ruffa and Kenko?

Jacss said...

aiyo wat u called me...paiseh edi... so nice of you!!
thks 4 d invite again & looks like i missed a lot of good food wor...esp all the porky, next time ya!!
u lucky having a good chef at home leh!!
i also can't believe until now i still haven't try d fish spa...haha
the fishes looked big...think i can't stand too!!
btw, u hv very "leng geok" wor... cool & nice art!! sandals nice too!
am sure we can see the CNY ones soon, i'm gonna do too!!

Binky! said...

Happy New Year, Annie. That's a cute nail art. Wah... you folks sure like BBQ a lot, hor? This is the 3rd post I read about your BBQ gathering! ;-P

IMMomsDaughter said... much delicious food!!! Boring is better than being sick like me and the hubs during the holidays. Cannot even eat BBQ like you guys. LOL.

mommy of 3 angels said...

wah nice happy 2009 feet!

huisia said...

i really don't think i was dare to try the fish spa..:)

btw, like your toenails, i hope to get my done too...sigh..due to pregnant, can just forget it!

angeleyes said...

Those ribs look sooooooooooo yum!

When are you going to invite me for a ribbing session huh?? :P