Monday, December 08, 2008

My Creation - Part 10

My boys start their school holidays programe last week, then i am back to my morning bento snack for my sons again. This is what i did for them for the week, friday is just too simple, i didn't take any picture. :)

mickey bread with peanut butter, coco balls and yakult

some cake, cereal and small orange.

biscuits, raising and grapes.

love shape apples, some love shape cheese on top of some cakes,
cereal and some candy.


2ma said...

our bento kit is collecting dust *hehe* so, keep up your good stuffs! and i hope that i can start bento-ing soon more excuses!

huisia said...

good work annie..:)

Annie Q said...

2ma: Can't wait to see your bento creation soon!!

huisia: thanks!!

jacss said...

eh woman, yr bento portion for yr boys looked quite big leh...can finish kah?? or d leftover 'kakak' usually walloped...haha???