Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Long Weekend

What we do over the long weekend last week? We didn’t go anywhere, we got a garden wedding to attend on Saturday night, which is an awesome garden wedding, beautiful and romantic place.

The Garden wedding held at Gita Bayu, this is my very first time attend garden wedding, and I never heard this place before, it is somewhere in Seri Kembangan, in a quite hidden place. I love Gita Bayu concept, you just feel like you are somewhere in Bali.

Groom is my hub best friend cum childhood friend’s brother. I bring my two boys to the wedding too, think it should be quite fun and casual and I bring their Nintendo to keep them occupied. Dinner is buffet style; our table is near a fishpond, that also keep my boys entertain while I enjoy my dinner and yakking with my friend. I bumped into my good friend there, it so happen that her hub is the groom childhood friend, such a small world ya. That night I “cuci my mata kaw kaw”, there is a lot pretty and sexy ladies around, suddenly I feel like I’m so old and so aunty. :(

The place where we had the dinner

Bump into my friend Irene and her hub

My camera cannot capture the nice view

Fearles with his Nintendo while Hub's good friend's daughter
Suet Yoke looking on.

We left around 10.30pm, because the boys start making noise and feel tired want to sleep.

Sunday, we attend this handsome boy 8 years old birthday party. It’s a Ben 10 Theme birthday party, my boys so happy, when I dress them on their Ben 10 tee and pants and with the Ben 10 ‘watch”. Meet Jazzmint at the highway, she is not sure the way, so we go together. Reach Peggy place; saw Barb and her little princess already there. As usual, mummies gather together start yakking. Kids entertain by Laundry Apah with the bubbles and the pool, so I can enjoy the food and “talking” session. Met Hijackqueen for the first time and her three lovely kids, she is really a funny mummy. Angeline with her little darling and Mei Leng with her two princess came a bit later, didn’t really have chance to talk to them. After my boys out from the pool, give them some food and it’s time for cake cutting session. We left around 2.30pm, my boys definitely enjoy themselves very much with the “swimming session” and also the party. Not to forget to wish Kieran again “Happy 8th birthday!!” Thanks for having us to the great party.

Amah's Ben 10 cake!!!!!!!!!!

my sons on their Ben 10 tee and pants




Birthday Boy - Kieran!

Kids having a fun time at the "pool"

It’s also my hub birthday on the 7/12, same day as Kieran and also my brother’s wife. We don’t have a big celebration this year, lousy wife, I didn’t buy any present nor birthday cake for my hub. ;) We went to Chili's for dinner at BSC , a “quiet” & small celebration, since I get nothing for hub, so I buy him dinner on that night. Hahhahaha

Monday a public holiday, we plan to go to PD for a day trip with hub’s good friend and since it start rain early in the morning, so we cancel the plan but hub’s friend still proceed with his plan go to PD with his family. I was still tired from the two previous day’s event, I slept till 11am in the morning, the weather was just so good, hard to resist not to sleep a little bit longer.

After wake up, take shower, thought want to go One Utama for shopping. When we see the long queue to the parking, we gave up, we go to Damansara Perdana to have late lunch then went back home. Rot at home and watch tv. This is how I spent my long weekend.


hijackqueen said...

even though this is the first time we met in person, I felt like I've known you for century! Agree with you on the Monday's weather. This is my first time seeing so much rained. From morning till night, non stop man! The tap water also felt so cold. Syok!

janicepa said...

busy bee mami.. lucky u had some rest on monday huh.. hehehe..

huisia said...

your weekend so fruitful..shiok la

marilyn said...

Nope...Who said you looks like ah soh? are very pretty and elegant mummy to your boys ok...very nice complexion you have...

Krystal said...

You did so many things during the long weekend....I just stayed at home and study *sob sob*

lemonjude said...

Gita Bayu is so nice..we always pass by there as my relative and a friend restaurant is in between there..

Your weekend is still fun that Monday rainy weather too.

laundryamah said...

glad the twins enjoyed themselves..always happy to have you over..thanks for coming!

mybabybay said...

Hey my son Tim also have the same Ben10 tee

Mommy to Chumsy said...

ooo..gita bayu is beautiful. i also want a wedding there..muhahahaahhahahha.

great to see you and everyone at peggy's place :D

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Sounds like a great weekend indeed! That Gita Bayu that a restaurant?

Binky! said...

The place really looks like a little Bali. It's beautiful. And so are you in your make-up!

Mummy to QiQi said...

i know where is this but have not been into it. nice one ah!!

Irene said...

oh, hubs' uncle stays in Gita Bayu, we used to go there a lot :)

jacss said...

wuah..d GitaBayu place looks like a resort nice, can't imagine staying there..good experience!!
eh aunty...u still very pretty lar!
i thot of askg amah during our lunch ystd where she bought d ben10 cake after seeing it fr yr surprise that she MADE it herself...another talented woman there hor!!
too bad my boys can't joined else it will sure be loads of fun..bad mumy go vacation!!
so many in that ben10 shirt, i tell u if we can go, my boys also will be in that shirt...LOL