Monday, March 31, 2008

Holiday over

Holiday over lo, how time flies. Five days already, my boys still in their holidays mood, refuse to go to nusery. 1st morning , when I bring them to their nursery, two of them refuse to get down from the car, till I had to “force” them down, that of course with the crying, screaming. *sigh* really sad to see this, but I had “harden” my heart to leave them crying and rolling on the floor and see them holding the gate crying and see me leaving. *double sigh* 2nd day, Fearles is ok, with no crying, and Cruz still the same, hug me so tight and refuse to let me go, haih! 2nd day morning when I bring them to the morning market to buy breakfast, Cruz keep telling me “mummy, I don’t wan to go school” “mummy I don’t wan school”. After 2 days nursery, weekend again, stay at home with me, so today, back to nursery, start the “big drama” again. Aiyo!!

Fearles with cool & serious face expression

Cruz the cheeky

Ok, now back to my holiday story. My boys are excited when we reached airport, this is their third times taking flight, but I think this round they are more excited, maybe they had grown up and know what “airplane” is. I purchase “Express Boarding” ticket, so four of us board the flight early, and no need to queue, and we got sometime to snap some pictures too. The day when we went back, I saw AA is transporting “Williams” F1 car to KL, I’m too slow didn’t take the car’s picture, but I only manage to take the airplane’s picture, with some media people round there. Throughout the journey, two boys are just too excited, they never sleep, climb up and down touch the button and disturbing the air stewardess, adoi, I tell u…headache. We manage to get the front row seat since we board early, so at least they got some place to “walk around”. In the flight, there is also got one baby boy sitting behind us, and one toddler, they all come to our place and play with my boys, you said I “pengsan” or not? Quite impress with AA, we arrive 10 mins early than the actual time. Yuhoooooo…

1. excited wan to board the flight
2. two of them posing for me
3&4. AA that "transporting" F1 car to KL
5. Poh Poh (grandma) with two naughty grandsons
6. We are on board on this colourful flight.
7. Another pictures of poh poh with grandsons
8. Fearles
9. Cruz
10. Fearles & Cruz & their cousin Anson
11. All the hungry fishes
12. Fearles & grandma
13. Happily feeding the fishes

During our stay in Sibu, my boys definitely enjoy themselves to the max! Everyone pamper them, spoilt them, me is the bad person, who always scold and “beat”! My boys are just too mischief themselves, but sometime they can real sweet, especially Cruz, always “sweet talk” and “friendly” to everyone, even to stranger! I found that my boys had grown up so much, and they talk and sing a lot too!!! That is really “warm” my grandfather and my mum’s heart. We had an early birthday celebration for my grandpa where my boys will address him as “great grandpa”. We had two small birthday celebration for him, it is his 80 birthday this year. First night, me & my brother buying grandpa dinner at one restaurant, second night, is my uncle and my mum, grandpa prefer eating at home, we didn’t cook up a storm, but we order dishes from restaurant and pick up the food and had it at home. My boys of course happy la, because they can “show off” their singing skill! Hahahahahahhahahaahh

1. birthday cake for the second night celebration
2. me & my brother bought the 1st cake for the 1st night birthday celebration
3. Great grandpa with two great grandsons
4&5. Three great grandsons sing "happy birthday" song
6. a small family photos, some cousins are not around, as they are oversea
7-13. birthday celebration at home, with more candles on the cakes, three monkeys
are blowing the candles happily.

This time, manage to bring them to have a quick boat ride, good experience for them, and they are so happy, finally they can sit on a boat and know what boat is. Bring them to one of the park to feed the fish too. It rains almost every evening, so no chance to bring them for a walk in the park. Overall, we eat a lot!! First time I see Cruz so love “curry”, there is one night, one of my mum’s cousin buy us dinner, they order curry fish head, and Cruz eat two bowl of rice with curry gravy!! On the other hand, Fearles love “mee” more, he eat a lot “mee” but not the famous “kampua” mee, which his mummy loves a lot, and everyday must eat one bowl.

1. This is where we had the boat ride
2. on the way up to the boat
3. Cruz exciting looking outside the window
4. Fearles with his usual cool face
5. This is inside the boat, it's all full, i took it when everyone had left
6. Fearles with my brother's wife (SIL), pretty huh? ;)
7. Anson & Cruz
8. this is the view outside the boat

Now we are back, my mum & my grandpa miss the boys most. Hope I can bring them go back more often. Let the pictures tell the story.

1. Cruz proudly show that he can make "V" sign
2. another picture of Cruz
3. Fearles doing some silly faces
4. Fearles yawning, he is tired

This picture taken while we are back in KL.

Waiting for daddy to pick us up, with tired face.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

little two mini conversation

Ok Ok, this is the second post for the day. hahahahha

While sending my two boys to nursery this morning, they request me to go morning market to buy "mun mun" - food for them. Sometime i will bring them to buy some buns then only sent them to school. They know the way, each time when i pass by and i didnt turn in, they will tell me "mummy,buy "mun mun" their intend not to buy food, they want to go walk walk at the market!

This morning while in the car, i turn in to the market area, saw the road side got "Disney on ice" banner, and Cruz saw got Lilo and Stich on the banner, he said

C : "mummy, Lilo!"

M: " yes, Lilo & stich"

C: "kor kor, see Lilo!"

F: "huh? Where?"

C: "neh, see Lilo"

F: "OH! Ok Ok Ok"

hahahahhahahahhaa , i had a good laugh, because seldom hear Fearles answer his brother Cruz and he come out with an answer "ok ok ok" it's so funny, and it's my first time heard Fearles said "OK"!

my two lovely darling!! This picture two weeks ago before their hair cut


I am so slack lately, got no momentum to blog, and my brain is empty, that explain I have not been updating my blog for nearly two weeks!! I am looking forward to my holidays tomorrow. Yes, I am going back to my hometown tomorrow, with my two naughty boys and one “blur sotong” maid. Daddy is not tagging along, as he needs to work. We will spend a week in Sarawak.

Ok, here a little update on us, after MIA (missing in action) for sometime.

Over the weekend, we attended a cute little boy 2nd birthday party. We all enjoy ourself very much, and my boys did behave themselves this round, so I got chance to eat peacefully. Hahaha Thanks for having us at the party! See more pictures, can hop over here, here and here.
All are professional photographer, so i don't want to show my lousy pictures so much. hahah

After the birthday party, the boys slept while on the way home, they had used up all the energy, they need to re-charge the “battery”. Then again, when we reached home, they woke up and they refuse to sleep again. We went out again at night, to meet up with my brother for dinner at One Utama. My boys was happy, they got chance to play with sand at the concourse area, which they have “Wonderful World of Balloons” exhibition/activities, you can see so many different kind of balloons in many kind of shades too. Boys enjoy themselves, I leave them with daddy and the maid, and I go for a quick shopping. How can I not do any shopping? hahahahaha
In addition, we went to hunt for new TV for our living room and you can see how my two boys act; they are lying on the floor and watch TV!

Ok, that’s all for now, hope I can find sometime to blog. Wish me luck, hope the two boys behave well tomorrow while on the flight, don’t give me a hard time and this is my first flying with AA too, hope they don’t delay the flight.

Friday, March 07, 2008

little parrot said this

This little parrot getting more talkative lately. (Notice he still very like his "gun", "bolster" and "jut jut"?)
Last two day, after i came back home from gym, i had dinner at the old house, and i didn't see my two boys around, and i thought they are alerady back to the new house. Half way taken my dinner, my little parrot appear in the kitchen and told me this

"mummy, sum sum (my BIL's wife) bring playground"

I'm quite surprise he told me this. Even he can't mention the exact one whole sentence but i get what he means. Back to the new house, while i'm doing something in the room, he came in with a beach hat on his head, which belongs to his cousin one, he play with it and put it on his head. He sit on the chair watch tv and suddently turn to me and said

"mummy, handsome boy huh?"

At first i didnt get what he means, after asking him two times, what is that, he said again, "handsome boy"! hahahahahaahhaa, only then i get what he means, he want me to praise him "Handsome Boy" with his beach hat. I tease him, u're "ugly boy" he got so mad and keep telling me "handsome boy, handsome boy"! hahahahahahahaha

At one occasion, he accidently knock my nose, and i scream "arrrgggg", he ask " Y? Pain ar? want to put yau yau (medicine)? wait ar" then he run and take medicine and rub rub my nose, my funny boy!

Now he know one cantonese word "bin ko (who)?", he like to mimic me and said "bin ko, bin ko, bin ko" but with a funny slang.

Vote for my boys

After reading this pretty meh meh post, i had a good laugh and ask her to do one for my sons also, because they are all "jut jut" fans, as known as " PACI" Party. PACI = Pacifier.

For young voters, vote for Jayden Chan in PJ and Fearles & Cruz in KL. hahahahahhahahaha

When next election, which is 5 years later, my boys will be 8 years old by that time, i shall show this picture to them, let them have a good laugh. :)