Monday, May 26, 2008

3rd Birthday Party Bash

This year we had a small steamboat birthday party for the twins at home. Not invite many guests, since we are doing steamboat, I really can’t cope to prepare so much food.

Day before the birthday, we bought all the foods for the steamboat. On the day itself, early morning, ask maid to boil two big pots of soup. Then I start to clean the vegetables, prawns, meat, defrost the meat, meat balls and fish balls and marinate the mince meat for the water dumpling (sui gao) and also for the spaghetti. At the same time I also have to look after the two boys, and decorate the house. With so many kids at home, it’s hard to do the decoration. After ask the maid to put the boys to sleep I sneak out to have a quick lunch with my biz partner, Vivian nearby my house. I ask help from her, since I can’t do all the things myself and some more with two kids running around, even with a maid. I do all the work myself and ask the maid to take care my kids, rather than asking her to do, and I have to do the “touch up”.

Afternoon, the cup cakes lady sent over the cup cakes, then I start wrap the water dumplings and get the drinks and foods ready and with some more balloons decorations (since most already bursted!) Around 5pm, I quickly cook the spaghetti sauce and start fried some nuggets and chicken drummets for the kids. I tell you, it’s really not easy to prepare the foods for about 40 pax which including our family members. Lucky with the help from my younger SIL’s and hub sister, I can go for a quick shower before the guests come. Angie & her little prince Oscar was the first to come, too bad I still busy at the kitchen, hahahhahahahha, followed by Jazzmint and Sue, then my aunty Esther & family, Laundry Amah & family and last is sexy and preggy mummy Sasha and her two Cs. We had a good time chatting, yakking, eating and catching up.

This year I order cup cakes for the boys’s birthday instead of the cake, at least something different. All the kids are thrill when they see the cartoon character cup cakes. When all the kids sang “happy birthday” song, I feel so touch and got tears in my eyes. (hahahhaha this mummy so sentimental and easy to "shed" crocodile tears).

Thanks for those who come to my two little boy birthday party, and thanks everyone for the lovely pressies!! Hope u all did enjoy yourself that night. Thanks to Jazzmint and Sue for the pictures, two of them are the photogs for the night, as i didn't take any pictures on my own camera!!!

to view more picture from here ( jazz's album)

pictures from sue's camera

waiting for daddy to light up the candles

Happy birthday !!

Blowing off the candles!

Blow blow blow....

posing for the camera

thinking which cup cakes to take

cup cakes

see how Cruz eat his cup cake

Fearles more gentle way eating the cup cake

Cruz the birthday boy

Sue's elder son Ivan, finger licking good..yummy the cup cake

my two darlings!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

2 + 1 = 3

Happy Birthday my dear Fearles & Cruz darling. Today mark that u two have turn 3 , how time flies, blink blink u two already a big boy, but in mummy's heart u two always her little babies.

Since this year the birthday fall on weekend, so we celebrate it on the actual day which is today. I arrange a small steamboat party at home, which means today i will be busy with the preparation and also the decoration. Hope everything goes well.

Yesterday i bought a cake for the boys and bring it to the nursery and let the kids have some fun. Actually day before there is another little girl also celebrating her birthday at the nursery, her parent get the Mcd Mascot and Mcd team to go to the nursery, sing and dance with the kids, my boys enjoy themselves so much, when i pick them up in the evening, they keep telling me there is a big bird. Yesterday is their turn, i prepare some party packs for the kids and also bring a cake to nursery, and i pass the camera to the teachers ask her to take the pictures for me.

Even before my boys birthday, they already receive birthday presents from few mummies, my future "chan kar" Barbara and her little munchkin, north up in Penang-Darrius and his good in baking and cooking mummy, far in Australia Aunty Karen Farrar, and this pretty mummy and her lovely daughter (Misha & Sie Choo). Thank you very much everyone!!!!!!! Thanks for the lovely presents!!

Happy 3rd Birthday to dear Fearles & Cruz!!!

not forget to wish

Happy 3rd Birthday to Ashley!!

Car birthday cake. (i just realise they wrote cruz's name wrongly)

My boys with their friends at the nursery (the little girl wearing red top is Sasha, her birthday two days before my boys)

Present from my future "chan kar"

Present from Darrius and his mummy

Present from Aunty Karen Farrar

p/s I have not pass them Misha jie jie's presents yet, will pass to them tonight.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Who is stupid??

Sorry to said, my boys had pick up this word "stupid" from me. As the maid always do some silly mistake, which i nag nag nag over her for many times. I just can't control and come out this word - "why u're so stupid!!!!" From there, my boys will tell me "kakak stupid?", me being bad and said "ya, kakak stupid".

Sometime hub make fun of the boys since they know "stupid", *i assume they still don't know what it means.*

daddy: who is stupid?

Fearles : kakak is stupid

daddy: kakak stupid ar?

Fearles: ah (yes) kakak stupid

daddy: mommy stupid?

Fearles: *think twice* daddy stupid!

hahahahhahahahhahaha mommy win 1:0

sometime daddy will "cheekily" said,

Hub: Cruz stupid

Fearles: Cruz stupid

Hub: mommy stupid

Fearles: daddy stupid

Hub: Fearles stupid

Fearles: daddy stupid

hahhahahahahhaha, Fearles not stupid, he is smart. U can't trick him. I had a good laugh and clap my hand and said "Fearles smart boy!!!!"

*this is crazy about my family ar...we like to joke, i know this is not a good joke, i just want to jotted down how we can't trick this little boy*

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tired and fruitful wesak day *updated*

At Laundry Amah's house

testing out the water....(pic from sasha)

see my two princes are sooooooo njoy.......(pic from sasha)

Cruz and Kylie (picture from sasha)

We had a tired and fruitful wesak day. We (kids & me) wake up at 10am, while hub still in his dreamland. Even weekend, my kids the most late they wake up is 9am, 10am is the first time, so mummy also happy, because she can sleep a bit longer. Hahahahhaha

Give them milk, and let them watch TV, and I get myself ready, then prepare them as we need to attend a little girl birthday party, which is laundry amah little princess Kylie’s birthday. After getting the boys ready, then wake the big boy up and we leave the house around 11.45am.

Reach Laundry Amah house, we saw Sasha and her Big C and small C, we are the second guests, then follow by Barb, her hub and her princess Ashley. Laundry Apah is busy making sculptured balloons and entertaining the kids. Laundry amah also set up a blow up baby pool to let the kids play. My two boys is most happy one, they can’t wait, keep looking at the pool, I have to tell them to eat something before they play with the water. Reluctantly, take some fries and fish fillet, off they go to the pool. At least mummy got sometime to “keepo” and eating. Angie and her little prince Oscar, Dinah and her princess Ashley and little taukeh and Dinah’s hub who came later, we had a good chatand nice catch up. The birthday party ended with birthday cup cakes cutting and candles blowing. U know what, the most “shy” thing is after sing birthday song, as usual my boys real fast , Cruz blow off the candles before the birthday girl did!!!! Oh No!! I’m so shy! Very paiseh!! We have a fun time and so do the boys. They so tired, once in the car they doze off immediately. Amah, thanks for having us to the party.

On the way home, hub said want to get something from Tesco, there off we went to Tesco to get something for this week birthday party. After finish “shopping” at Tesco, we went home. Since I always “persuade” my hub to bring the kids to lake garden playground, I heard the playground at the lake garden is very HUGE! After we left Tesco, he said, ok, back home we change and bring the kids to lake garden playground. Tsk tsk tsk, full of activities, the boys are tired, but when they heard the word “playground”, their energy back again.

Unload the things that we bought, change the kids, then off we go to the playground. I tell u it is so HUGE!! There are so so many kids, maybe it is holiday, and me and my maid have to run after the boys scare they get lost. They are so so happy and so much to choose which one they want to play. It’s so coincident, when we reach there, I bump into my aunty – Esther with her son and her husband at the car park, she look at me and i look at her, we had a good laugh. This is my first time there, and she been there few times already, so she lead the way to the playground. In fact, two of us don’t have any chance to talk, because our kids are too busy running around.

We spent about 1.5 hours at the playground; my boys all wet and so do me. We went for dinner at Sentul, Cruz eat so much rice, he told me he wan to eat “mun mun” can see that he is real hungry after a good work out at the playground hahahhahah, on the other hand, Fearles are cranky again, due to he is tired and refuse to eat anything, after a few scold from me and ignore him, and some sweet talk finally he take some food.

On the way home, yes, they doze off again, and I didn’t manage to bath them because they are sound asleep! I wipe their hand and legs and body with body shampoo and water and change them. This morning they can’t wake up, me and my maid have to carry two of them to the car. They surely had a good and fun day!!!

*didn't take much picture at the birthday party*

Below is the huge playground that i mention, anyone wan to join me for another outing???

we don't know this guy, he just posing for taking picture. :)

they love this "unique" way of sliding down

they are into more "challenging game" now...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mommy's Day!

Happy Mommy Day to all the mommies out there. How you celebrate this day with your loved one? Usually this day, we will go out for family dinner,and will buy something for MIL and i will get a small present for my mum too.

This year, mommy's day i celebrate it a bit different way. We still go out for family dinner (but 1 day later, which we will celebrate it tonight, as last night all places are full) and i still get my own mommy a small present. As for me, carry a "mommy" title for three years, this is the first year i participate the celebration! On friday evening, when i pick up my boys i greet with this .............

I'm a happy mommy! hahahahhahahah The teacher teach the boys to said "Happy Mommy Day" and they give a kiss on my cheek, although not on the actual day, but but but i still happy. This is the first time and first year i receive the cards from my boys, i know they do the cards with the help from the teachers, of course they can't do any colouring and drawing yet.

Fearles njoy eating his cake!

Cruz eating his cake, but he is not in the mood, as he is having a bad cough during the weekend

On Sunday morning, my SIL's ask me to go Mcd together with her, saying Mcd is doing Mother's day celebration. All mommies get free set of Mcd breakfast. Actually Mcd at Bangsar is doing a re-opening ceremony and conjunction of mother's day, they do something special for the mommies. There got games for the kids, face painting, balloons sculpture. Kids are having the most fun time, this is my first too and greeted by all the staffs in Mcd "Happy mother's Day"! hahahahhahahhahahahahhahaha

1. Mr. Ronald greet all the kids good morning and welcome them.
2. Kids get Mr. Ronald autograph.
3. Fearles playing the game
4. Cruz playing the game
5. Fearles get his face painted
6. WE and Mr. Ronald!
7 & 8. Fearles and Cruz showing their face painting.
9. Fearles & Cruz & their cousins
10. A big Cake
11. Cake cutting
12 & 13. My boys are njoy their cake.