Friday, June 27, 2008

New Kindy...*updated*

We have decide to sent my boys to the kindy nearby my house. They will start going to the new kindy on Monday morning, for a half day school, afternoon they will back home and my maid will take care them, give them nap.

This morning, bring my boys to see their new school, they love the school, they are happy, maybe they saw their cousins also there. hahahahhahaha, they refuse to leave! Nice environment, the teachers are good, all are chinese, and i can see the teacher's face quite "fierce" and serious. hahahhahahaha, can give my sons a good lecture in school.

Today will mark the last day that my sons will at the nursery. Later i will pick up the boys from the nursery, and hope can get them to take a picture with their teacher. I am sad, because till today the principle also never call me or "wait" for the parent at the nursery and explain to us, she just let us "go" like that. This morning i get my boys to pass the teacher a small gift to thanks her for taking care them for the past 1 year, wish her all the best and find the new job soon.

Exciting to see my boys to go to the kindy on monday, new environment, new place, new teachers, new friends. Hope they like the new place!!

This picture taken on the last day of my boys at the nursery with their teacher Merry. They give her a hug and kiss on the cheek.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Shocked!! Son's nursery closed down!

Shocked?? Yesterday after work I went to gym, before I enter gym, I received two missed call from the teacher at my son’s nursery. I got worried, thought what happen to my boys, but I had already informed hub to go and pick the boys up.

Call back the teacher, and I got a shock news from her, she told me the school will closed by this Friday, at first I thought she is telling me the school will close on Friday, then she told me no, the nursery will closed down, no more open! I really shock to hear that, I said “today is Wednesday and u tell me day after is last day? Why so last minute?” Teacher also told me she don’t know anything, she just got a call from the principle in the morning said the school will closed and please inform all the parent. She said if got anything please clarify with the principle, (the teacher also sound a bit worried, because she herself also will jobless!!!!) Try to contact the principle, but cannot get her, she told me she is lecture at that time. I ask her I heard that the school will closed down is it ? She said “yes” I ask her “how come such a short notice to inform the parent? Those parent without any helper won’t that be a trouble for them to hunt for new school/nursery for the kids?” I consider I’m lucky because I still got a sotong maid at home, can ask her to help for temporally. I’m pissed , because she didn’t call me back after that, she only said “sorry” and just told me the landlord want to have the house back, and she had been trying very hard to find a new place, but cannot find and also the rental very expensive. But why only tell us at the last minute, I assume she knew it much earlier, at least just tell us be prepare they might want to close, and we can find a alternative place.

Sigh! Actually I do have plan to sent my boys to a kindy nearby my house, since the cousins also at that kindy, just when is the correct time to sent them there. Now, since the nursery going to close, I think it’s time for me to sent them to that kindy, it will be only half day class, no more full day, noon time they will be back at home, and maid will take care them and give them afternoon nap. School holiday they will stay at home already, no more go to school, which currently, even school holiday I still sent my boys to nursery. Overall, they will spend more time at home now. Hope my sotong maid don’t give me surprise always.

I am sure my boys going to miss the teacher and their Indian small friends very much. Such a short notice, I didn’t manage to get anything for the small kids , but I will prepare a small gift for the teacher, to thanks her for her effort. I think mummy get more emo than the two boys! :(

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mischievous Cruz

One of my friend, a twin mom told me, twin’s character will change/switch, three months this will be good, another three months the other one will be good, now I totally agree with her. Actually I did observe, it is quite true. Previously was Fearles, always show tempers, anything that he don’t like, he will get cranky, crying, rolling on the floor, and kicking. Now it’s Cruz turn, he is not showing bad tantrum like Fearles, but he always got “new idea” on his mind.

There is one night, I decide to shower early (normally I take shower late, I will wait for the boys sleep then only I can go for a peaceful shower) and at the same time ask her to prepare my boys to go to sleep, wash their hands and legs and change them. After shower I go to my room, I saw a needle with string is on the floor, I got a shock, I wonder who is playing with my sewing kit. I zoom into my walk in wardrobe, I saw my drawer open, and the sewing kit cover are open, I so mad, and my two DARLING boys are sitting in the room watching TV. I asked “who play with mummy’s thing?” Fearles turn and look at me, and said “Cruz” and he back to his TV show again. Cruz on the other hand, look at me with an “innocent” face, I so fuming, I scolded him, telling him not to play with needles!!! I told him “needles” are dangerous, I use the “needle” and “poke” his little hand and ask him “is it pain?” “Pain?” I want to make sure he knows he cannot play with needle! I teach my boys this way, yea, call me a bad mummy, but hor, only use this way they remember cannot play with dangerous thing and it will hurt. I continue my scolding, that is not enough, I look for my maid, and give three of them (my boys and the maid) a good lecture. While scolding, I stare at Cruz, he smart, he avoid my staring he hide in front of Fearles, so that I cant’t see him. Vomit blood ?? Haih!

When I ask my maid, where did she go when Cruz play with the needle, she said she is changing Fearles, and after that she go and mop the floor at my SIL kid’s room. Why, because my dear Cruz, shi shi at the cousin’s cloth!!! This is the second time, we cannot let him naked, there is one time he just go to the room and shi shi on the floor, you said I want to faint or not??? Now the solution is to change Cruz first, before he go anywhere and “shi shi”. When I’m around, so far I have not catch him doing this.

Last weekend, I give them some writing, after a while they got bored, so watch TV then riding their bicycle. Don’t know what happen, Cruz suddenly just throw tantrum, he want something, but I did not give in, he show his temper by kicking his bicycle and throw the bicycle. I’m so mad, I told him Ok, u don’t want your bicycle, I will ask kakak to THROW AWAY the bicycle” I ask the maid to “throw”, my maid carry the bicycle and put it outside the house hiding it somewhere, just to scare him. Cruz saw we “throw” his bicycle he cried even louder. I told since you don’t want your bicycle so I throw, what ever you throw, mummy also throw, including your color pencils, toys, books. I’m going to do that in future, when ever he throw his things again. After a while, I ask him does he want to throw things again, he said “no, sorry mummy” After 10 mins drama, I bring back the bicycle.

While they are not naughty, they can be such a sweetie, pictures below is one of the evening, while I’m in the room and they are playing and watching TV, they come out with this idea. Sitting on a small pail, use towel to cover it so can sit on top, and use the balance towel to wrap over the back, and the other one stand behind to do the hair cut!!!! They get turn to sit and get the hair cut! Aiyo, mummy heart melt again.....

wait, Fearles, my towel drop...

start with hair cut first....

now wash the hair...... shiok!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

writting 1, 2, 3.......

Last weekend while at home, gave Fearles some writting on the dotted line numbering. Remember i blog before on previous post on how he can write patiently and not Cruz? Cruz write only few numbers and he start his naughtiness and he only want to play. Lately he is so so mischievous, drive me not only up to the wall and is to everywhere, which i will write in another post.

Fearles hand writting

Fearles full concentration on writting

Cruz hand writting, all out the dotted line. :)

After a while, he decide to do this :(

Sunday, June 15, 2008

1st visit to public pool

Last friday evening after work, pick my boys up from nursery and bring them for a swim at the public pool in Bangsar, since my SIL's was sending her boys for swimming class, so we join them. I have been thinking want to sent them for swimming class or not, is it too early? Maybe bring them to the pool and let them try out.

Fearles & Cruz got excited when they see the pool, normally they only get to swim at the hotel pool not the public pool. Bring them to the kids pool, quite deep, they stand the water is at their chest level. Fearles & Cruz dare not to play in the pool, only sit at the "staircase" and play with the water, after some warm up, my SIL bring them walk walk and jump jump in the water, Fearles become more daring. He start use his leg flipping the water, and try to float (he got two floats on the arms). All the while he is more scary cat, even watch cartoon sometime he get scare also, but talk about swim, he not scare at all. He saw his cousin at the adult pool learn swimming, he walk there too, my SIL put him down into the water, at first he scare, after a while, he like it. On the other hands, Cruz is scream his lung out when we try to put him into the water, he don't want, he refuse. He only want to play himself.

It's quite fun, i should do this more often, bring them to the pool once a week. Maybe evening water is a bit cold, Cruz after the swim, he got little running nose and cough.

Fearles with the happy face

Cruz only want to play water like this

at the adult pool, stress face!

Fearles with the cousin

after a while, he like the adults pool, he just hold on like this...

just sitting there.....

start some swimming...

Friday, June 13, 2008

Little update on my boys

After my boys celebrate their 3rd birthday, I notice that, Fearles had out-grown so much. He like to draw a lot lately, he like to carry his mini doodle board, and start his drawing, he still not know how to draw, but he will draw something and told me, “mummy, I color the fish, or I color the shoe, I color the dog & etc. He can color it nicely, all inside the box; and Cruz don’t have that patience like Fearles, he will color all over.

One of the weekend when we out for dinner, Fearles ask for some paper, he said he want to draw, so get him some paper let them play with it. Daddy come with an idea, to draw those dotted line with 1, 2, 3, till 10, and pass to Fearles, to my amaze he can follow the dotted line and write from 1-10. Which all the while, I still think he can’t write. I start buying some books for them to practice.

My two boys, two character; Fearles quiet and think a lot, more mature thinking, Cruz, more cheeky and always got many tricks on his mind. Fearles more patience to do things, like coloring and writing, lately he also improve his vocab, he speak a lot, which some words I still not understand what he said, sometime he can be very stubborn too, when I correct him with the correct pronunciation he don’t want to accept. *roll eyes* Now he like to talk in a way, in between he will add “eeerrrrr…….” like we adults will think how to put in a nice way to talk, I find it real funny. He get a bit more active (naughty) now, smile and laugh a lot, can do more cheeky face expression to me when I stare at him, want to scold him.

At night, Fearles till want his kakak to put him to sleep and I will put Cruz to sleep. Before bed time, Fearles always will tell me, “mummy, I want kakak oi oi ya” sometime I will put up some “act” I will pretend cry pitifully saying “Fearles no more saying mummy, don’t want mummy” continue crying, he will quickly wake up and come to my bed and “sayang” me by stroking his hand on my face and said “sayang sayang ( he sleep on the floor mattress, Cruz sleep on the bed with me, Fearles got “ugly” sleeping style, he will turn 360, always midnight either Fearles or Cruz will cry when the other one overlap him) and he back to his own bed again. Midnight he will climb to my side sleep with me again, where me will be in the centre, and one side will be Fearles, one side will be Cruz. This is how we sleep till morning.

This is a little update on my two boys.

Friday, June 06, 2008

my online shopping loots!

Last two months while someone show me this website Etsy, i just can't control myself looking at the beautiful wall decal and finally i bought two from this website. I want to decorate my son's room, but, till now it still lying there.

I receive it beginning of last month, since my camera still in "hospital" that make me lazy and ding dong ding dong till today i snap the picture and post it here. I have yet to "stick" it on the wall, my boys still sleep with me at the moment, i think i will do it when we decide to move them to their own room. This stickers come no cheap, since i still got some $$ in my paypal so i utilize it by buying things online.


Last week there is some problem with internet line, some website we can't access, like my co website, yahoo and those who had own domain's blog i also can't access, but funny things is blogspot, and some "not so" important website i can access. Since can't do my work, so stress, i surf internet, doing some retail therapy online. After seeing my biz partner vivian bought something from Victoria Secret which make me "sam si si" also want to look see look see. Now they are having sale, a very good deal, i decide to get something, ask vivian and her friend to join , so we combine can buy a lot to save the shipping charge. Tell you, shipping charge is expensive, not the products. I really like their service, after they receive your order, they sent you an invoice through e-mail, when they sent out the goods, they will inform you they have already sent out and by which courier co and together with the tracking number. I really like the service! Just a week, i receive my things yesterday!!!!! Yuhooooooo!!!

body wash, lotion, scrub, bubbles.....

this is "L" size, but it is BIG on me!

*This is not a paid post but did sound like a paid post huh?* hahahhahahaha

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Tenkiu Tenkiu

"Tenkiu Tenkiu" to all aunties and jie jies and kor kors, tenkiu for the kind wishes and all the lovely pressies. We love it very very much. We open most of the present and play with it, some pressies mummy hide it and said next time only can open wor.

Even though it nearly two weeks already our birthday passed, but we still receive pressie from this two pretty aunties, aunty Yvonne & aunty Vien! Tenkiu Tenkiu.

Thanks for those who come to our birthday party. Sorry our mummy very busy with her work lately and also don't know what mummy said "in-te-net" was "down" for a week wor, and her table got many many papers, we don't know what is down and up, never mind la, now already got "in-te-net" so we said a "belated tenkiu" to everyone, since mummy still busy and no time to said on behalf.

TEN-KIU!!! Muaks Muaks Muaks!

Present from daddy!

our pressies

we with our pressies



Pressie from aunty Yvonne

Pressie from far far away aunty Vien!