Monday, September 29, 2008

Twins meet twins

Last Saturday i met up with this twins mum and her two lovely and handsome twin boys, because i want to pass her the bento stuff that she order through min, it had been with me for sometime already, we still got no chance to meet. We arrange last week for the meet up and so happen i was chatting with Laundryamah, and she is free and she can join us too. There we go, three mummies meeting up at 100 yen shop at SS2.

While waiting for Laundryamah, me and Jacss do some mini shopping at 100 yen shop, this round they got more stuffs. They even had bento belt, which last round i went there i didn't see. What else, of course i get something from there again, i got myself one set pink color cutlery and two cute Lilo and stich bento box for my boys! I want to take a slow look at all the things, but i can't, because my two monkeys are running around, i so scare they break the things later i have to buy all!!!

We meet up at 100 yen shop then Laundryamah bring us to nearby one place to have dim sum, nice food, and lucky that day not many patrons around too, otherwise with 5 boys and 1 girl, tsk tsk tsk, but hor, my boys is the naughtiest!!! They nearly tear down the whole place. We mommies had a good time yakking, eating, although me and amah is the first time meet up with jacss, but hor, i tell you, we woman ar, either know or not know each other, also can yak yak yak non stop, don't you agree with me? Or is it only me is this type of person. LOL

We are there from 1pm+ till 4pm!!! When we about to leave, want to take picture, but my Fearles decide want to have his nap, he sleep, and while we take pictures he wake up and give me a moody look, he don't want to join other to take picture. :( so here only can see Cruz and other kids picture.

I had a good time yakking and eating!! Really nice to meet up with Scot and Sean and their mummy and of course not to forget Amah and her Kieran and Kylie!!!

all the four boys! Except Fearles
Cruz, Sean, Kieran and Scot (hope i did not get it wrong)

another pictures of the boys (notice cruz do his mouth like fish)

Fearles sleepy face and with his jut jut and bolster!!


Scot? (alamak, they look so alike in the picture, in real i still can differential them)

another pictures of the boys

Amah and Kylie!

the three mummies!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

My another creation for the weekends

Since normal day, prepare bento light snack for my sons to bring to school is quite easy and nothing special, and almost all are the same, all are ready food. That's why i stop taking picture. This weekend, since my SIL was not free in the morning, so i help her to babysit her three kids (older kid), prepare lunch for them. hahahha, since they are older, so i can use my rice mould to make the cute rice for their lunch. This is my very first time doing rice bento. Saturday i got a date with two mummies so Saturday i do a quick and easy lunch then i rush off to meet them (that will in another post).

This round i add "some" green and carrot, but hor, all the kids don't eat, except one elder cousin, she eat the carrot, other all i had to eat, so the carrot on the plate is just for deco. :(

my sons's lunch, some mince meat on the lettuce and some pork chop on the
small container and with tomaotes sauce in the little bottle, my sons just love to
play with the tomatoes sauce and not eating the rice. *slap forehead*

This is i prepare for the cousins.

closer look

This rice mould i get it from hijackqueen, maybe i still not master the skill
how to do the rice, only can see star shape, the other two bear and love are out! hahaha
need more practice.

This is on Sunday lunch, my son's lunch, triangle rice mould with
one meat ball, and some meat, and some grape. They finish their lunch!!!
Cruz even add some more rice. hahahhahaha,
Thanks Jacss for the small sauce containers. :)

Lunch for the cousins.

A bit out from this topic, since everyone is doing the bento things now, i thought since i got the bento kits with me too, why not i also prepare my own bento to work. I eat very simple, so i don't need to prepare a lot food, and last week i cannot find any greens in my fridge. hahahhaa, so i have stock up some for my next week home cook food, it can be more healthy and i can save a lot, rather than everyday i was thinking what to eat for the day. Last Friday i just bring some mee to work and with some fruits. I got myself two simple lunch box from 100 yen shop, so now whenever i go pack food or i bring home cook food, i use my own lunch box, environmental friendly too. :)

My two simple lunch boxes from 100 yen shop, because one box is too small for me. hahahah
me big eater!

This nasi lemak i pack from the morning market, i told the lady to put into my lunch box
she give me a kind of look. hahahhahahahhaha

this simple mee, i prepare on friday morning, Vite's mee with Bovril and some small onion.
Simple and nice, my sons love it too. :)

My little Ricky Martin - Cruz Lee!

Remember i post about how he learn ultraman dance on the 40 months old post? This is a video of how he dance.

p/s: please ignore my hub background "sound effect"! hahhahahahha

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lunch box corner

Something to share with you all again. This time round, i bring in some round type lunch box, not much choice for boys, so i get some for girls. The last two Doraemon collection is for my sons, those who are interested can drop me an e mail. Each design i only have one unit.

Little mermaid - Round lunch box, come with a spoon. RM22/= (sold)

My Melody - RM22/= (sold)

chip and dale cutlery - fork, spoon and chopstick. RM12/=

My sons collection - not for sell. Those who interested, can drop me a note, i can check the availability.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

40 months old lo!!

My boys turn to 40 months old today!!! This is how fast the time flies.


Fearles - 15.5kg (picky on food and slow eater, but still heavier than Cruz)

Cruz - 15kg (eat a lot, but still lighter than Fearles)

Two still always drive me up the wall, always make me scream. Sometime they can make me so angry, sometime they can be so sweet and always make me laugh. Cruz vocab had improve a lot, become very talktative, he speak malay, he understand, he speak english, and speak very little mandarin but with funny slang ( i was wondering, i talk to them in mandarin & english, but they only pick up my English not the mandarin. :( )

They have been in the new kindy for three months now, last few days teacher just told me, they will have their first concert on 1/Nov, i'm so excited!! hahahhahah, this is common for the mummy whose kids first time will be perfoming on stage?? I had been hearing Cruz singing a lot lately, but i don't know what he sing. hahahhahahhaha, sometime two of them will sing together, and know where to stop, and where to sing "ah!" with the same tempo and same tune. Lately, their daddy just bought one Ultraman dancing version CD for the boys, they love it so much ( i don't understand, what so nice about ultraman) Now Cruz everyday will sing and dance!!!! With his one finger pointing up and down and shake his bum bum and sing "ma na an na, move it move it" oh no!!! I should take his video one day! Fearles not so crazy like his brother, he act cool. This is their different character.

On the other hand, i still prepare their morning light snack to school, mostly are the same thing so i didnt take any picture to show. One day the teacher ask me, how i do the bread so cute till the school kids "love" my boys bread very much, they want to eat my sons bread! hahahahhahaha, i told the teacher i will do for the kids if they having any party. Teacher told me, i just need to help her to get the mould, she will do it for the kids. *Ooooppss*

Two of them are toilet train, no more diapers in the day time, but still on diapers when they sleep. Their bad habit, sucking on jut jut still not wean off (a tough job for me!!!)

Still drink milk three times a day. Cruz not so picky on food, Fearles is more picky and also a slow eater. Fearles love cheese, but not Cruz, Cruz love anchovies but not Fearles, Fearles love meat ball but not Cruz. Cruz love spicy food, but not Fearles.

Love "kai kai" - shopping a lot, their shopping not shopping, but they just want to go out and walk and running around at the mall. Sometime during night sleeping time, Cruz always will try his luck by asking me "mummy, go kai kai??", he know the answer he will get is "no, it's sleeping time."

My two boys still fight a lot, always fight for the same pillow, or same toys, or sometime fight for their favourite sleeping spot. Haih!! When they are no fighting, they can be so loving, mostly is Cruz sayang (love) his kor kor more. Always when Fearles was crying for his jut jut or bolster, Cruz is the one will take and bring for his kor kor. When Fearles sick and vomit, he will bring Fearles the towel and small pail for him to vomit. When Cruz had something, he make sure his kor kor also had some too.

This is some little update on their 40 months old! Happy 40 months old boys!

My two little mischievous!!
This picture taken when i was in front of computer, and suddenly Cruz come to me and tell me, "see mummy, i'm the lion!" He means lion dance! By putting the big pillow over his head! Fearles see his didi is doing this, he also want to do lion dance!



Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy belated "tang lung" celebration!!

Finally, we had our "tang lung" celebration last night. No rain, but with a cool weather, it rain so heavy in the late afternoon. This time we don't prepare BBQ food, we prepare some simple food and invite some friends over and their kids. SIL#2 is the main chef for the night, she fried mee hoon, fried rice, stew pork, curry pork, and preparing jelly and salad. Me the chef de partie, helping her for the fried chicken, nuggets, fried and wrap "water dog" - sui gao, and hub being very nice, he prepare some tuna sandwiches for the adults and the kids.

part of the foods....

sinful fried mee hoon..


fried chicken

Good weather, everyone enjoy the food (do they??) hahahah , chatting, yakking. Kids play with the lanterns and small candles. I can see FIL with a very happy face seeing his grandchildren playing with the lanterns. After dinner, we serve the moon cakes and sipping it with chinese tea. hahhaha, see , we still keep the moon cakes for the night!

A side note, in the afternoon, before it rain, i saw this "little friend" munching something really tasty till i go and take the camera and snap on him, he still muching! Around our house compound we always got to see them often. Sometime they give me a fright too when i walk pass.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

what a week!

I'm back after one week silent. Last week my mum was in town, i planned nicely and took two days off on thurs and friday, thought can have some retail theraphy.

On Wed night, I bring my boys to visit Sasha and her new baby at hospital, we didn't stay long, just a while, because i can see my boys are like getting restless. Reached home, change them, i can feel that Cruz's body is a bit warm! I'm getting a bit worried, check his temperature, normal. Throughout the night keep checking his temperature, found he is shivering! His hand and leg are so cold. Oh no! True enough, he is having fever! Cruz is a tough cookies, he hardly fall sick, the most he get is light flu and light cough but not fever. Once he fall sick, means he is really sick!

Next day, two of them are sick, one is having fever, one is having bad cough. Didn't bring them to school, and my plan also have to postpone and change my plan. Seeing Cruz just lying on the bed, so quiet, utterly quiet and i got worried. Normally when he is so mischivious, i got so mad, and now he is so quiet i get worried. Haih! Bring them to see paed, back home feed them medicine and let them rest while i sneak out with my mum to go shopping (me bad hor!) Ya ma, my mum in town, of course i have to enjoy some retail theraphy and have sometime to company her. Reached home in the late afternoon, seeing Cruz still having fever, when he is feeling a bit ok, he talk but when he is feeling uneasy again, he just lay everywhere he go.

Friday, they are still stay at home, Cruz still having fever, on the other hand, this round, Fearles only get bad cough and no fever!! Since Fearles got tonsils, usually he is the one get fever very easily. Cough, running nose, fever, vomit, that make Cruz don't have any appetite to eat and drink, even though i offer him yakult he also shake his head, you said i worried or not? Lucky he still take a few spoon porridge and some milk and eat little bit bread. I still go out on Friday to "complete" my shopping mission with my mum, and also do some bank things. Maybe the weather was too hot lately, i start feel a bit unwell on Friday afternoon, keep sneezing, and like body real weak.

Wake up on Saturday morning, oh no!! I cannot move, my body aching, my head spinning, i also down with bad cold! I feel so cold and i get shiver too! What make it worst is my maid also down with bad cold too! She told me she is very unwell, so i let her go rest and sleep, while i shower the boys and prepare some lunch for the boys. Till i totally cannot stand, went to see doctor, back home, i wake my maid up, ask her to help to feed the boys lunch while i just lay on the couch. While i'm so sick, Cruz getting better, he is running around, ask me to play with him and he want piggy ride and sit on my back and pull my hair ask me to run. U said i should cry or laugh? One whole day i just sleep sleep sleep sleep, and my mum just went shopping herself.

Sunday, moon cake festival, hub invite few close friends and their kids come over for BBQ, yes, u heard me right, BBQ again, but i know i cannot take the food, so i had something light for dinner. Yet, i still cannot resist and eat one piece of the BBQ pork rib, which i let it really cool down only i eat it. What a bummer, to add more disappointment, it rain so heavy and whole night is raining, kids cannot play lanterns, 2nd Bil's family and their three kids went for wedding dinner, younger Bil's one of the son was sick too. So, only my kids playing with lantern, less than 10 mins they got bored, because no one play with them. To ease the disappointment, FIL said, we will do a belated one again, which is this coming Sunday, just let the grandchildren to play lanterns, and adults will have moon cake & chinese tea session. Hope it won't be another raining night!

this is how my house look now, got so many this kind of lanterns, MIL's idea :(
look like some tourist place? hahahhahahhaha

this is how it look like after with the light on

my boys playing with the superman lanterns.

Friday, September 12, 2008

my little corner - bento craze..(updated)

Hi mommies out there, i happen to find some nice lunch boxes, if anyone interested can drop me a note or comment and with the e mail address, i will reply you back. Something to share with you all.....

Thanks for all mommies support, most boxes are sold out, those who still want, can pre-order from me, i will try to get if there is still got some, and it got "Doraemon" Cartoon character too.

Hello Kitty lunch box - 2 tiers and come with a spoon (sold)

mickey mouse (sold)

mickey and minnie lunch box (sold)

Cute kerokero keroppi (sold)

Price at RM 22.00/=

hello kitty lunch box (sold)

Mickey and Minnie lunch box (sold)

Price at RM15.00/=

Trigger and Pooh and friend cutlery (spoon, fork and chopstick)
Price at RM12/= (one piece left)