Friday, November 28, 2008

Attended Josiah's 5th Birthday Party

Last Sunday, we attended a “unique” birthday party at Art Craze located @ One Utama Shopping Mall. It is my boy’s kindy friend, Josiah, celebrating his 5th birthday. All my sons’s cousin also invited to the birthday since all in the same kindy except the two older girls cousin.

This is the first time my sons attend this type of party, at first I a bit worried, since my boys so young and I don’t think they know how to do any art. After knowing that there are teachers guiding them. When we reached there, said “hi hi” to Josiah’s mummy, ya, first time meeting her. Fearles can’t wait, also joining other kids to wear the “apron” and sit on the chairs wait for the class to start. On the other hand, Cruz hang on to me, refuse to join the group, he keep saying he don’t want. *slap forehead* After few coaxing and “threatening” , finally he agree to join other kids to do the art. I manage to sneak out together with my SIL to have Japanese late lunch just opposite the centre, and we can oversee what they are doing.

see Fearles happy face, can't wait to start his art work

after few coaxing, Cruz finally willing to join his kor kor and cousins

cruz with his masterpiece - Rocket

some of the "masterpieces" in the centre

The art class is about 1 hour plus, when we finish lunch, we go back to the centre, and see all kids already finish their masterpiece. Boys are doing “Rockets” and Girls are doing the “Princess Drawers”. Teacher get everyone take their own masterpiece and take a group pictures outside the centre, and she ask the kids all shout “Craze” *if I’m not wrong?* hahaha, because me too concentrate on taking the picture and Fearles is pouting his lips while taking group picture, because he want my camera again!!!!!! Before can finish the picture taking, he already cried, so I have to bring him out from the group. End of the day, the centre do give all the kids a group picture for remembrance, but Fearles was not in there.

Group picture

see Fearles start pouting his lips

Cruz and the cousins with their masterpieces.

After the photo session, then all kids go into the centre again for birthday cake cutting. Simple strawberry cake and with two “Power Rangers” stand on the side of the cake. I find the strawberry a bit sour, but, Cruz just love it so much, he eat so many strawberries, till he said “I want some more!!”. Party finish at about 4pm+, bid good bye and said thanks to Josiah and his mummy. What an interesting birthday party.

birthday cake

Birthday boy - Josiah (the one with long grey tee)

Cruz busy eating his Strawberries.....

my boys masterpieces.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Last friday...........

I feel guilty for not bringing the boys going anywhere during school holiday; they just stay at home, to cover my guilt I decide to bring them for a movie. Last minute decide, I called hub in the evening tell him, “we bring kids to see Madagascar”, he bit shock and ask “when? Sunday?” I said “No, tonight, later when I back from work”.

Once I reach home, get the boy changed, off we went to MV for early movie, which is around 7pm and 7.15pm, we didn’t make any ticket booking, we just walk in. Lucky not many people at that hour, no long queue. We decide to go for Gold Class instead of the normal one, since our kids will sit on our lap, at least Gold Class got bigger chair, like sofa type. Since we are still early, I had Mcd for dinner, as for hub and boys they already had it at home. I did not bring my maid, “ban” her go kai kai as punishment.

About time, we went in, wait at the lounge and get some drink order. We had the back row seat, I think is a good idea to watch movie at such hour, not many people, whole theater, only our family + another couple with a boy and one more couple, that’s all. Cruz enjoy himself, eating pop-corn, sitting on the arm of the chair, and shake his body when the music is on. That is his favourite song, “u gonna move it move it” he really move his body. Fearles did enjoy a bit, but he is kicking a fuss, because he saw me taking picture, he want the camera, keep telling me he want to take pictures. This is after his first try, now he so addicted on this “new toy” and now it also not easy for me to take picture, once he saw camera, he will cry and “fight” with me for it. Haih!!

At the lounge ...i get this head gear from Mcd, forgot to bring
the giraffe one, so bought another set for them - lion

Fearles happily posing for me. The ballon given
by an uncle when we are having dinner at Mcd.

this is what Cruz usually do, he will tell me "don't take
my picture!!" :(

Overall, Madagascar II show is great and funny, but my boys do not sit still like previous time, maybe this time got bigger place and less people, it’s like watching TV at home, they feel more comfort that’s why start their “monkeying”. They still cannot control their volume; they talk so loud, keep asking, “Where is the lion?” “Where is the giraffe”, “Why the lion….bla bla bla” .Another experience on watching the “BIG TV”.

Monday, November 24, 2008

3 years and 6 month old

My boys turned 3 years and 6 months today, another six more months they will turn 4 years old, how time flies.

Weight and height, not too sure, have not measure them lately. Big boy now, “a bit” easier to take care compare to when they are much younger. When they are not naughty, not drive me up the wall, they can be such a darling. I still scold and scream when they misbehave, sometime I just give them a “killer stare” they will know I am angry, they can read the sign and “smell” when their mummy about to go haywire and explode on them.

Food – two of them still the meat lover, don’t like vegetables, but Fearles love “old cucumber” which I boil the soup, he will finish all the “old cucumber”. As for Cruz, he is typical Malaysian, love spicy food, nasi lemak, ikan bilis, roti canai, curry maggi mee, and all the junks!!!!! Fearles is more to proper meal, rice, mee, cake or bread, and he is not so into junk, he will take little, but Cruz will eat like no tomorrow. Fearles still love his milk a lot! How full he had lunch or dinner, he still drink one bottle of milk before sleep. Two of them still take 8 oz milk three times a day.

Speech - Cruz as usual, the chatter box, sometime I get surprise on the word he said, which I don’t know when he pick that up, some are good, some are bad. When Cruz get angry sometime he will scold Fearles “stupid Fearles!” Yikes, I sure know where he pick this from. >..< style="color: rgb(0, 0, 153);">mummy, see Cruz beat me”, “mummy see kor kor kick me”, “mummy, kor kor don’t want share toy”, “mummy, cruz naughty” “mummy, cruz take my toy” it can go never ending. One day while my two boys was watching tv, they are watching Tom and Jerry, out of sudden, Fearles said “dumb dog” I got a shock, where he pick this word, shortly, I heard Tom and Jerry show “Tom” said to the dog “dumb dog”!!! :(

When two of them not fighting, they can be so good buddy, hand in hand and bully me. Fearles always is the quiet and mature boy, but lately he also can give me some cheeky look and cheeky smile when I scold him. He will wink at me, and give me a big smile. On the other hand, Cruz as usual is the sweet talker and also a “good kisser”. Always give me a surprise kiss on the cheek or lips, mind you, it’s a “wet kiss” because sometime he still drool. Ahhahahahhahahhahahha. He always win/stole his daddy heart, by give him good night kiss without his daddy ask for it. He can be so sweet, when daddy haven’t go to bed and sleep, Cruz will tell me, “I want to kiss daddy good night”. Fearles when he is good mood, he will give u one when u “ask him”, if no, he will be so stingy on his kiss. o_0

This is just some note on my boy’s development. Of course there is more to jot down, but I cannot remember all.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Long School Holidays....

2nd day of the school holidays, my two boys are doing nothing at home, beside than watching tv, then will be running and jumping around. They are so happy no need to go to school, after the three days "MC" due to they are unwell, they get lazy and don't like to go school. Everyday, Cruz will tell me "mummy, today sunday, today no school." They are recover on the last two days school, maybe stay at home too long till they got lazy and don't want to go school, morning i have to "bribe" them to make them go to school. :(

Last day of school, my boys still refuse to go, then i told them, today is party day, got play game and cake cutting. They don't really understand, when they reach school, they saw the teacher was filling up the ballons with water, they got so excited! Telling me today play balls? Then waive bye bye to me. I can't imagine after nearly two months long holidays, they will get lazier and refuse to go to kindy again. I had enroll them to the holiday programe which will only start 1st Dec for two weeks. What i keep them occupied at home, beside than watching tv and jumping and running around?? PS2 & Nintendo! At least this can let their brain do some "exercise". I'm a bit surprise Fearles can pick up quite fast on the games (those quite simple games for kids)on PS2, on the other hand, Cruz will play the game, but just simply "hantam" really got no patient.

I can see my two boys are so differnt character, one more patient, and one no patient at all. One speak more and the other one use his brain more, or should i said one is work on his right brain, the other one work on the left?? Fearles get addicted on the Nintendo game during the recent trip to Cameron, since all the cousins are having one. The older two girls cousin sometime will teach my boys on the games, so now two of them are fighting with the Nintendo, since daddy only got one. Finally, last weekend, daddy bought one more extra, so no more fighting. See how addicted they are into the game.

Fearles with his PS2

After daddy get them the new one, two of them can't wait to play with it.

Monday, November 17, 2008

My Creation - Part 9

Last week my sons missed three days school,they are not feeling well, having some cough and flu. I only prepare two days bento snack for them. Now is school holidays so I will have one month bento break. For next two weeks there will be no bentos, i don't want my two boys just rot at home doing nothing, so i have entrol them to the school holiday fun programe for two weeks at their kindy. Teacher will teach them how to write script, doing puppet, puppet show, team building and etc. I heard there will be an outing too, but so far still not sure is it on or not. I think it will be interesting.

just got my new gadget - seaweed puncher for face and mouth
of course need to try out, this is for one of my simple lunch. cute?

snack for my sons, pooh shape bread, oreo, cereal and grape

my simple lunch - rice, meat ball and vege

last schooling day, coco ball, biscuit, aeroplane shape pear and
some cake with the cute food picks, which i get from here......

Happy bento-ing everyone.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Theme Birthday Party

We are attending a theme birthday party last Sunday. It was my 2nd Bil’s son and daughter birthday, actually is the daughter birthday, and the son birthday will be in Dec, since this is the last year he will be in the kindy, so her mum thought just do it together with the sister and invite the kindy’s friend to come and celebrate. It’s a “theme birthday party” it can be any theme, just get all the kids dressed up.

It’s was fun, and this is the first time my boys get dressed up too. My younger Sil and me went to Mikaliya’s Costumes to rent the costumes for our kids. After trying so many, I decide to give Fearles as a Bee, for Cruz, once he set his eyes on the power ranger he will not change his mind. At first I get Fearles to dress as “ghost” like the one in movie “Scream”, he look so cute, but Halloween just over, after think twice I decide to give him wear the Bee costumes, and u know what, Fearles won the best Costumes for the boys! Hahahahhahahhahaha Maybe the judges seeing my boys is the younger among all the kids so they give my boy the winning prize.

i took this pictures, before we go for the party.

The party is at Pizza Hut nearby my house, we went a bit later than the birthday boy and girl and we didn’t leak out the info what my kids will wearing, we keep it as “secret” hahaha. Reached there, I saw got so many kids, everyone dress up in different character, some are Harry Potter, Evil lady, Dragon, Peter Pan, the birthday boy dress in “Allisan” costume and the birthday girl dress in Korean and the elder sister dress in Indian costume. When they see my Bee and Power Ranger they had a good laugh!!

Party was great, everyone had so much fun, so do the kids, one thing not good, is the place too cramp, too many tables and chair, hardly got space to move around. They got the “cheese” mascot walking around, something like sponge bob, but this cheese is triangle one instead the square one.

birthday girl in her korea costume

the centre one, evil win the girl best costume.

even younger bil also wan to dress up!! Pirate?

some of the kids...

see the bee so tired, hv to rest his leg on the chair...hahahhah

power ranger said "the mask so hot! i'm sweating!!!!"

joining in the musical chair game

power ranger get hungry, eating meat ball with fork and knife!

haiwaiin little girl
sil's son - dinasour and peter pan
red indian
birthday boy in his "Allisan" costume
Harry Potter!!
birthday cake cutting

Despite two of my sons are not feeling well, Cruz still as active as before, running around, as for Fearles he is a bit quiet, he stick to his favourite “jie jie” join them for the musical chair game, and after that he found something more interesting!!! He is taking picture using the real camera, out of sudden, he just request from me he want to take picture, and mind u most pictures he took, can see the face and also not bad lei. He try to take a lot his “kakak” picture, so do daddy and also my sils. We scare he drop the camera, we tie the camera string on his hand, he walk around and take pictures *roll eyes*. He is so addicted till he refuse to go home and give us back the camera! When announce he win the best costume, sil give him the present, he don’t even want it, he was kicking a big fuss and crying till we reached home! Now I dare not to take picture in front of him, I scare of another big round of fussing.

Fearles caught him in action!
so concentrate!
try to take my picture!
Here is Fearles master piece - all picture taken by him, he even
caught his daddy try to take his picture by using hp!