Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My 5 days long holidays

This will be my last post for the year of 2008, another 8 hours we will welcoming year 2009.

During the recent five days long holidays what did i do? I didn't go anywhere as i mention earlier, just stay at home, spent quantity time with my two boys, prepare them bento and play with them. I suppose to meet up with this mummy, but i was too too lazy to go out, very sorry Michelle, hope we can meet next time??

We had a belated christmas dinner on sunday night, we had BBQ again. Just invite a few good friends over, mostly are hub and BIL's cycling kakis. Simple dinner, kids are having tons of fun running around. Adults had a good time catching up with friends, yakking, drinking and eating.

a small turkey


two types of chicken wings

pork ribs....

fried mee hoon

coleslaw and salad - creation by your truly

chef of the night...

Monday, we all wake up late, and we decide to bring the kids out to shopping mall. We went to mid valley, i leave the maid at home doing housework, now try not to bring her out often, lately already make me pissed everyday and start "climb over my head"!! :(

Went for late lunch at one of the japenese rest, expensive and the food not nice, this is my first and also the last will visit that place. :( Since it is a pulic holiday, shopping mall always pack with people, with two boys with me, so hard to do shopping, just had some window shopping. At the mall i bump into this beautiful mummy, such a small world huh? I only meet her once, from far i saw she is smilling at me, i was thinking she look familiar, only later i know it's her.

Pass by Kenko fish spa, i always want to try out, although i had went to Garra Ruffa in Bangsar before, but i want to try this Kenko. Asking hub, he said he don't want, but i told him "come la, it's very fun, let me buy u the treat" hahahhaha, me so good lei. There we go, Kenko fish spa, can allow kids to try, Garra Ruffa one not allow kids. Me and hub choosing the big fish and for my boys, they only can try on the small fish, but hor, my two chicken boys so scare, dare not to put the leg in!!! Fearles did try, but just put one leg, less than 5 second he already pull up the leg. While two of us enjoy the fish nibbling on our leg, what is the two boys doing? I give them their game boy to keep them occupied. Not that i bring the Nintendo DS out all the while, it happen one of the DS card got spoilt, i need to buy a new one for them. :( Daddy quite enjoy it, and he laugh so so loud when the fish nibbling on his leg!

see daddy's leg so "laku" so many fishes!!!

see mine only a few! wan to see closer on my nail art??

tada!!!! this is my toe nail art for christmas!

while we enjoy, the boys are playing with their DS

This is how i spent on my 5 long holidays, boring huh? hahahhahah

Last but not least, wishing everyone, Happy New Year and may the new year bring health, happiness, wealth to all of you!! May year 2009 will be a better year for all of us!!!

HaPpY nEw YeAr 2009!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Finally i got mine!!

Remember i blog about this EOE online? Finally i got my pictures last week on boxing day!! I sent them my blog entry, after two days i still didn't see my link appear on their website, i decide to re-sent my blog entry to them again and also sent them a mail. Next day, Samantha from the eoe online team, she is very helpful , she reply my e mail and confirm they received my second blog entry, and for the 1st e mail they did not receive, and inform me that within three working days i will receive the pictures!

Yes, i received it last week, despite in between there is holidays, but i still receive it on time. I'm happy with their service and most important is i don't need to step out from the house, and i can just do it with a few click and they will sent the pictures to my doorstep, and the most attract me is the price, 4R picture @ RM0.30 and 5R picture @ RM0.50, and if you purchase more than RM35 and it is free delivery!! I definetly will choose EOE online for my future pictures priting!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas & Boxing Day......

First of all, wishing everyone who visit this blog, "Merry Christmas",hope everyone do have a fun and great Christmas!!

As for me, we didn't go anywhere, and my company is close on Boxing day too, so i will have a long 5 days holidays. Don't have any plan, so stay at home and spent time with my boys, watch tv, sleep and eat. :)

On Christmas day, i fix a snowman bento lunch for my boys. They are happy to see the "weird" snowman and they finish all the food!

skinny snowman, with star and x'mas tree carrot,
meat ball, kiwi and octopus sausauge! Don't ask me why the
snow m an eye so funny, because i don't have smaller puncher for
the nori.

Night time, as usual we will have family member gift exchange, i know most people will do this on christmas eve, but we do it on Christmas day. No, my in laws are not christian, they are not celebrate this day, but still, they decorate the house with X'mas tree, and this year we got extra snowman and also a big huge Christmas Arch!!! Don't know since when we start gift exchange on Christmas day, from there every year we will do it. After gift exchange, we will open the gift, and start "teasing" each other on whose present is the best and whose one is "worst" and had a good laugh. :( Well, i think this is the fun part that they like and enjoy.

The Arch...nice??

all the presents! most are for the kids.

This is the gift for the adults, which is the best?? Guess which one
i bought ??

this is the thomas bubble blower for my boys. :)

Last but not least, a group picture!

Kids also had a fun time, because each of them got three presents!!!! I bought the Thomas and friends bubber blower for my boys and a set of play dough. No expensive gift, but at least they also enjoy themselves.

Today, boxing day, no plan, and didn't go anywhere. Wake up late, fix another simple bento lunch for my boys. :)

onigiri with seaweed wrap over and with a carrot flower on the head,
yakult, meat ball, ikan bilis and grapes. :)

Happy Holiday everyone!!!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Backdated - Happy Winter Solscite

This year winter solscite, i get my boys involve in making "tong yuen" for the 1st time. We bought the instant dough with the usual colour, white, pink and green. I was busy preparing wrapping the "spring roll" while sil lead her kids and my two boys doing the "tong yuen".

As i was busy with my food preparing, i forgot to snap the pictures! I only manage to get two pictures while they almost finish! This year i do some mould "tong yuen" for the kids, i do butterfly, ship, aeroplane, mickey, heart shape, and i didnt take any picture of it!! :( The kids too fast, before i can finish it, they all bring it to boil.

My boys was happy, they roll the plain "tong yuen" or some of it they put some "brown sugar" in it as paste. I'm not so fancy about tong yuen, i only like the instant one and with black sesame filling, yummy yummy! At my hometown, normally we eat the "dry type" tong yuen, we will coated it with peanut powder (not so fine type), something like "omuchi".

Happy belated "tong yuen" day to everyone, hope you all have a good one. :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

EOE Online

Lately when i blog hop, i read a lot about EOE Online. What is EOE Online? They are a home-grown Malaysian photo retail site, which provide service to get our photos printed online,it is so convenient! Without stepping out from our home, just with a few click and upload the pictures, we can print our pictures online and get it sent to our doorstep! The most attractive things is , 4R picture @ RM0.30 and for 5R picture @ RM0.50!! Don't you think this is a good deal?

Ever since i got kids, i have taken a lot my boys pictures, but i never print them out, i all keep it in the thumb drive or in a disc. Now i got a good reason to start print out my boys pictures with EOE Online!

If you also like me, don't want to miss this out, please log on to this!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

School Fun Holiday Programe

Time flies, two weeks School Fun Holiday Programe already over. This week, my boys will stay at home again, play games, watch tv, jumping and running around, their usual "monkey job".

They bring back their puppet last friday, i had a good laugh at their puppets, finally i see their art work, i think it is done by their teacher instead of my two boys. :)

their puppets!

Below is the snack i prepare for them last week.

Swiss roll, pear in round shape, jellies candy and chocolate balls

mickey mouse shape "bread fairy", cereal, raising and snacks

swiss roll, grapes, kit kat and jelly.

Monday, December 15, 2008

First Excursion

Last week Tue (9/12), my sons went for their 1st excursion to National Zoo. At first, I was a bit worried and thinking whether I want to tag along or not. After some consideration, I decide not to go with them. I want them to learn how to be more independent and mix with other kids. If I go along, I’m sure they will just stick to me. Anyhow, I also know that all the cousins will be going for the trip, so I’m not that worry anymore. :)

On the morning itself, thought want to pack some bento for them, but teacher told me they will prepare food for the kids, so I don’t need to prepare any snack for them, just need to bring the water. 2nd SIL told me, she will follow the kids going since one of the teacher “attack” by snatch theft day before so she can’t go, they ask my SIL to help since she is “super free”. When I sent the kids to school, I saw a big bus already waiting in front of the kindy, my boys got trill when they see the bus, they never take bus before and they find it interesting. Bid them good-bye then I off to work.

I “assume” my boys do have a great time visiting zoo. When I reach home from work, they told me what animals they saw, and non stop telling me got tiger, giraffe, elephant, fish, bird and many more. Then suddenly Cruz told me “mummy, giraffe eat tree” I stunned for a while, then I told him “giraffe eat leaves not tree” but he still argue with me. There is a story behind, it is last week, when we went to Peggy house for Kieran 8th birthday celebration, while waiting Jazzmint at the high way, we saw some cows at the road side. My sons were pointing the cows and said “cows! Mummy see got cows!” Then ask me again, “what cows doing?” My smart maid told them “COWS EAT TREES!!!!” I give her a stare and tell her off, “COWS EAT GRASS NOT TREES!!!!” Everytime I told her not to teach my sons any English if she herself also can’t speak proper English. I’m so so mad!! From there, Cruz learn “Cows eat trees and giraffe eat trees!”

While my sons happily tell me about the zoo during bed time, (yes, they can talk till bed time still on the same topic) mummy got a bit tired and tried to pull their legs by asking them “ did u see Ultraman in the zoo?” ahahhahahhaa, Cruz answer me “mummy, zoo got no ultraman, zoo got POWER RANGERS!!!” *faint*

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Long Weekend

What we do over the long weekend last week? We didn’t go anywhere, we got a garden wedding to attend on Saturday night, which is an awesome garden wedding, beautiful and romantic place.

The Garden wedding held at Gita Bayu, this is my very first time attend garden wedding, and I never heard this place before, it is somewhere in Seri Kembangan, in a quite hidden place. I love Gita Bayu concept, you just feel like you are somewhere in Bali.

Groom is my hub best friend cum childhood friend’s brother. I bring my two boys to the wedding too, think it should be quite fun and casual and I bring their Nintendo to keep them occupied. Dinner is buffet style; our table is near a fishpond, that also keep my boys entertain while I enjoy my dinner and yakking with my friend. I bumped into my good friend there, it so happen that her hub is the groom childhood friend, such a small world ya. That night I “cuci my mata kaw kaw”, there is a lot pretty and sexy ladies around, suddenly I feel like I’m so old and so aunty. :(

The place where we had the dinner

Bump into my friend Irene and her hub

My camera cannot capture the nice view

Fearles with his Nintendo while Hub's good friend's daughter
Suet Yoke looking on.

We left around 10.30pm, because the boys start making noise and feel tired want to sleep.

Sunday, we attend this handsome boy 8 years old birthday party. It’s a Ben 10 Theme birthday party, my boys so happy, when I dress them on their Ben 10 tee and pants and with the Ben 10 ‘watch”. Meet Jazzmint at the highway, she is not sure the way, so we go together. Reach Peggy place; saw Barb and her little princess already there. As usual, mummies gather together start yakking. Kids entertain by Laundry Apah with the bubbles and the pool, so I can enjoy the food and “talking” session. Met Hijackqueen for the first time and her three lovely kids, she is really a funny mummy. Angeline with her little darling and Mei Leng with her two princess came a bit later, didn’t really have chance to talk to them. After my boys out from the pool, give them some food and it’s time for cake cutting session. We left around 2.30pm, my boys definitely enjoy themselves very much with the “swimming session” and also the party. Not to forget to wish Kieran again “Happy 8th birthday!!” Thanks for having us to the great party.

Amah's Ben 10 cake!!!!!!!!!!

my sons on their Ben 10 tee and pants




Birthday Boy - Kieran!

Kids having a fun time at the "pool"

It’s also my hub birthday on the 7/12, same day as Kieran and also my brother’s wife. We don’t have a big celebration this year, lousy wife, I didn’t buy any present nor birthday cake for my hub. ;) We went to Chili's for dinner at BSC , a “quiet” & small celebration, since I get nothing for hub, so I buy him dinner on that night. Hahhahaha

Monday a public holiday, we plan to go to PD for a day trip with hub’s good friend and since it start rain early in the morning, so we cancel the plan but hub’s friend still proceed with his plan go to PD with his family. I was still tired from the two previous day’s event, I slept till 11am in the morning, the weather was just so good, hard to resist not to sleep a little bit longer.

After wake up, take shower, thought want to go One Utama for shopping. When we see the long queue to the parking, we gave up, we go to Damansara Perdana to have late lunch then went back home. Rot at home and watch tv. This is how I spent my long weekend.

Monday, December 08, 2008

My Creation - Part 10

My boys start their school holidays programe last week, then i am back to my morning bento snack for my sons again. This is what i did for them for the week, friday is just too simple, i didn't take any picture. :)

mickey bread with peanut butter, coco balls and yakult

some cake, cereal and small orange.

biscuits, raising and grapes.

love shape apples, some love shape cheese on top of some cakes,
cereal and some candy.