Monday, January 12, 2009

after a long silence.....

1st post for the new year!! OMG!! I "abandon" this blog for nearly two weeks! What i have been busy lately?

School start one week ago, two of my boys back to school again. 1st day at school, Fearles cried again, on the other hand, Cruz is in a happy mood. This year, two of the older cousins go to Primary school, so in this kindy, only left my two boys and one more cousin, i have less havoc/headache bringing them to school. This year my boys got their school uniform, they feel excited to wear it, everytime they only got to see their cousins wear the uniform, this year they got it too.

look how skinny is my boys on their school uniform.

Still prepare morning bento snack for my boys, but after a long rest, i'm getting lazy, so all the preparation is super simple. Except during weekend, when i'm in the mood, will prepare something different for them. hahahhahhahaha.

some butter cake, grapes, cereal, candies.

New lunch box - madagascar
super simple snack- cake, sweet, some biscuit and apples.

my bento

coco crunch, cake and grapes.

raisin as nori on the rice, kiwi, baked bean and luncheon meat
and some sausage.

two sons, different taste, so i prepare Cruz rice and Fearles

Since beginning of the year, i was busy with my work and every weekend also busy, either is "makan makan" session or birthday or my online biz, and first week of the month, i already fall sick. *sigh*

Maid also give me a hard time ALMOST everyday, till i really fed up and wanted to sent her back to agent for counselling. When i about to sent her, she like can sense it, and "improve" a little bit. Just hope she really "improve" and don't make me "yell" & scream everyday like a mad woman! This is one of my new year resolution, "Be patient with my maid, don't scream always!" & most important is I want to lose more weight!!! Everyone see me had said i put on weight a lot!!! This look like is my yearly resolution but it always fail.

This just some little update, hope i can have more time to update more. :)


huisia said... better than me, i haven't even started my bento #2 :)

mybabybay said...

Your food makes me hungry!

angeleyes said...

Wah Annie.. really pui fuk you! So busy still can prepare bento!

Don't say you are fat... I'm worst! LOL

Irene said...

ur rice & pasta bento making me hungry :)

NY resolution, lose weight, dont scream so much & sleep early! tatz for me! haha...

mumsgather said...

Where do all you mums find the time to prepare bento? *Scratch head*

mommy to chumsy said... last got post from you :D the boys look really nice in their school uniform. i like the colours - simple and clean looking :D your boys eat all those things you prepared for them? mine always bring back the same thing after school *slaps forehead*

etceteramommy said...

Wow.. your boys can eat a lot!! I have the same resolution as you - lose weight! Let's motivate each other :D

janice said...

wah ... ur bento'ing improved.. so nice... yummy...

be patient.... yes.. be patient !!.. hehehe..

khongfamily said...

Wahh..I like your kids' uniforms. So cute and nice!! My kids don't like the uniforms..haiii.

little prince's mummy said...

Such an attractive and colourful bentos!~

Krystal said...

Your bento skills are getting better and better...must learn from you :)

laundryamah said...

oooo i still hv those uniforms! hahaha..kylie is wearing them now..

jacss said...

hey, yr twins looked big boys in pic, haha
ehh, i can really "feel" for you on yr NY resolution lor ... every year set but totally no results, grrrrr, can be very sad wan...hai... sigh... !!!!
and it's lunch to eat or not???
just try yr best & good luck ya!!

IMMomsDaughter said...

So busy, still got time to prepare so many nice Bento. Very good mommy lah you *pat on the back*