Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cousin's birthday..

Last Sunday, my sil organise a birthday party for her two lovely boys at home. Two of her boys birthday fall on January and just a week apart, so she just do one time go party.In fact my bil (hub's younger brother) and herself birthday also on month of January, i call them January family!! She wanted to get party shop to organise for her, but the full package is way too expensive, so end up she just take certain service, which include a clown and the staff to organise some games for the kids and also the party pack.

This is the extra balloons sil bought to decorate the place

party pack, one from the partyshop, one from my sil to the kids

two banners from the partyshop

As for food, we prepare it, so the party food consists "home cook" food. Not said is a big party, but the kids and the parent more or less also about 50 pax. Since it's a kids party, so we all prepare some kids food and some simple adults food, that also a lot of work. Now i know it's not easy to be a caterer.

all home cooked food, not bad huh? Main chef is my sil

some dessert

sausage and fairy bread done by your truly...hahahahhaah

Party start at 6pm before it turn dark, all kids enjoy themselve so so much with the games, i can said, non of the kids do sit down and eat the food, because all the time they are with the party shop organiser and also the clown. My boys too enjoy themselve so so much, but on the game part, they are still young, so not really understand how the games about. I feed them earlier, so while they join other kids to play game, i can have a peaceful time enjoy my food.

all the kids start with the games.

"mummy" wrap

cup cakes and Thomas birthday cake!

cake cutting, see how the birthday boys sweat, can imagine how
they enjoy themselves.

Happy January family!!

After cake cutting, clown time to entertain the kids!

lining up to get the balloons.

Fearles request a sword balloon.

same goes to Cruz.

Last but not least, all the kids enjoy themselves to the max, everyone had fun, tired part is the preparation and the cleaning part, lucky got maids to help up with the cleaning.

Side note: while all the kids enjoy playing games, hub took this picture, did u notice all the kids are wearing Crocs!!!! Free ad for Crocs! C.R.O.C.S better paid me for this ad! hahaha


alicia said...

such a huge party there... n wow all the children wearing crocs n of different colour

coffeesncookies said...

oh my ! so much food, your sil and you must be experts in home catering. Must seek your advise next time...

mumsgather said...

Wow. Your food looks good. Better than caterer. The crocs shoes photo very funny. Hehe.

2ma said...

wow, all kids in crocs! i love crocs too *hehe*

IMMomsDaughter said...

Wah, so grand and so many kiddy stuff to enjoy. I've no doubt all the kids enjoyed themselves tremendously.

jazzmint said...

wow keng lah u all...salute u

mommy to chumsy said... much food!!!! the kids must be thrilled to bits. did they like the fairy bread you made?

Irene said...

that is a lot of food! gr8 party huh!

allthingspurple said...

huahh.. not a grand party you said? sure look grand to me. and wow, look at the spread and all the little touches !

Krystal said...

wow...home cooked food for more than 50 ppl! I'll pengsan oredi :p

And crocs...yeah...heard so many horror stories but yet I myself bought another new pair for Ryan yesterday...they're just so tempting!

Jacss said...

hey...look at the craze of that party, surely not an easy to organise one!! cooking for 50pax is no joke, esp it must be tough to ensure sufficient supply... kudos to yr SIL & yours truly also lar...bento ideas there huh!!
the jan family looked very rosey wor!!
argggh...the crocs are really madness!! my huby just got a pair for himself few days back & i was itchy...interested in one but too bad no more stocks & size ALL over M'sia!!

mommy of 3 angels said...

croc-ca-dile party?? so yummii the food..interested in those photos onli!

(( K@Y )) said...

Wow...that is one heck of a fun birthday.
Lots of good food too!

slavemom said...

Wat a grand party! Ur SIL n u prepared all the food (4 such a big grp)... keng! With so many not-too-young kids, it's a great idea to hv special progs to entertain them. So the adults can oso enjoy d party n food. :)