Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Goodies bag from Teik Senn!

One day this pretty mama message me and said one of her friend, want to find some mummies to try out some products and write a review/testimony on the products. After knowing the products is Sunsweet and Sunmaid, i think why not, since i give my boys sunmaid raisins quite often and also i use sunmaid raisin to add to my coleslaw always too.

After talking to Min Hui, suppose to meet up with her to get the goodies, but on the day i can't make it, so i ask her to pass it to Barb, since Min Hui also going to pass some goodies bag to Barb. On new year day, me and my boys went to Barb house to pick up the goodies bag and at the same time me having a good time chatting with Barb and while my boys having a good time messing up Barb house. *paiseh paiseh*

Inside the goodies bag, contain one Sunsweet Prunes, 2 packs of Sun-maid Raisins, 1 tulip luncheon meat, diamond zipper bag, an apron and a recipe book!!! Above products are all under Teik Senn. Most of the Teik Senn products i consume it quite often, especially raisins, it so convenience and most important, my boys love it. After i get the packet of Prunes, i introduce it to my boys, Fearles just love it so much. As for zipper bag, i find it very useful, i didn't know Diamond brand got this zipper bag! Most interesting is the receipe book, i didn't know we can use prunes to cook as a dish! If you interested to try out some new recipe and want to know the nutrition of prunes , you can check out Sunsweet website.

Thanks Min Hui for the goodies bag!


jacss said...

this really comes to you handy when yr kids like raisin!! but strangely...i've no idea why my boys dun like raisins since young!!
thk god i eat anythg...haha so now the raisins go into my salad!!

Krystal said...

both my boys dun eat raisins or prunes...very difficult to get them to try new food :(