Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My little vain pot - Cruz

My young boy Cruz, he is always full of idea, always give me heart attack, everytime will create something new to shock me or crack me up.

Last month, during christmas time, when i busy snapping the Christmas tree picture, Cruz pose for me to take few picture with the tree, then after that he said he want to play his cousin sister's piano, so i let him "play". After a while, he run upstair, i thought what he is doing, he come down with a book in his hand and he want to put the book on the piano like how other people play piano. See what he get










see how he play his piano, and give me the cheeky look,
cannot see the book clearly?

his colouring book!!!!!!!!!

Second case, one day before the cousin's birthday, which is on sat night (10/1) he finish 1/4 bottle of victamin C, without me knowing. When night time he told me, "mummy, no more sweet" sometime he will said vitamin as "sweet", i was wondering, because i remember day day before when i give them vitamin c, still got some more about 10 tablets, how come he said no more. I go and have a look at the bottle, to my horror, the bottle is EMPTY!!!!! I question the maid why let him take the vitamin and finish the balance, as usual la, my sotong maid, will tell me all the reason la, i give her a good lecture and also Cruz. I beat his hand and telling him, no more take any vitamin/sweets himself, it has to be given by me, otherwise NO! I so so angry and worried, ask hub want to sent him to hospital or not, scare he overdose the vitamin C, hub answer in a cool way, "vitamin should be ok kua, not medicine." So far i see him still ok, still active.

The next day is the cousin birthday party, SIL did get some candies and some cookies on the table for the kids. My boy took some small candies put in his pocket, when i change him to his pyjamas, he took out his candies, he said he want to eat tomorrow, i said "ok, now is bed time, no more eat sweets". He nodded, and went to the room while i still change Fearles. After done, i went into the room, Cruz told me " mummy, got sweets!" He show me the empty vitamin bottle, you know what he did???

he put all the candies into the bottle and tell me the bottle is full again.

I don't know want to laugh or mad at him. Next day, he finish the candies again. :( This is how vain is my Cruz.


Health Freak Mommy said...

Sei lor, finish 10 tabs of Vit C? I guess not much harm, coz only vitamin. Thank goodness not medicine!

laundryamah said...

wahh eating Vit C at nite oredi not good..summore 1/4 bottle..thank God didn't get gastric leh!

allthingspurple said...

huahh. banyak gaya , wor, your Cruz. haha, the next Clayderman in its making !!

it's kkind of a good thing that he thought vits are sweets. More apt to get them to eat than not eat.

slavemom said...

Luckily those r vits. Better put all d meds n supplements out of their reach. N remind ur maid not to give them w/o ur green light.

mommy to chumsy said...

hahhaha..he is really a cheeky one. yeah, better put those vits away. i keep mine high up in the fridge :D

2ma said...

cruz really got dat cheeky look! *hehe* guess u hv 2 hide your vitamin c...

shan leo also love sweets!!! how can we make the boys say no to sweets??? *sigh*

Soo Ming Ooi said...

I'm just browsing around the blogs and found yours. Anyway, i heard from my pharmacist friend before that it's not good to have vit C overdose. Not sure what is the reason though. Just let your son drink lots of waters these few days to flush out the access vit C.

LittleLamb said...

hahahahahahahah he is so innocent. He just being who he is.

jazzmint said...

haha he looks so notty in that photo

Jacss said...

cruz ooh cruz....really notty ahh!!
really banyak macam ahh....
treating the vitamins as sweets are indeed no joke man....gotta be more cautious in d future!!!