Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Backdated - Lion Dance

This year, my sons manage to see a few round lion dance. This make them very happy, till today they still ask for lion dance. We got a lion dance competition CD at home, they have been watching over and over again.

Beside than the chinese new year eve they saw once at FGS, then on the 8th days of chinese new year which is a replacement holiday for FT day, i brought them to mid valley. Since i need to change the SD card for their Ninetendo (yes, my boys very rough on playing it, this is the second card i change for them and it's not cheap ok.:( ) I leave them with their daddy and maid at the shop, then i went shopping myself. hahahhahahhahahahha

After my shopping while on my way up to the game shop to look for them, i saw lion dance troupe are getting ready in front of Yamaha want to do "lion dance". I quickly run up to the shop and bring my boys down to see the lion dance.

On the 14th days of chinese new year, hub and BILs engaged a lion dance troupe to 'bless' their stalls at the market. We (me and sils) bring all the kids to market to see the lion dance. Two rounds, one is on the 1st floor of the market, that is meant for the whole market, second round is on the individual stall that engaged them.

This is at the main market

my two boys manage to get the orange from the "lion"

this is a group picture, when all the kids waiting for the "lion" to come
"lion" eat the vege at our stall

lion resting and doing the flower deco
tada!!!!! it's ready!

father and son monkey-ing at the market.

On the last day of chinese new year, 15th day (chap goh meh), we went out for dinner instead of cooking a storm at home. We had dinner at Oversea Restaurant at Jaya 1, after dinner, we heard there is "lion dance" sound from somewhere, we go and find where the sound come from. My boys so happy they can see the last round Lion Dance, when we are there it almost finish, and the lion already finish their "acrobatic stunt" we still manage to see the ending part. That is one of the bistro engaged the lion dance troupe, i think must be the expensive one, and after the ending lion dance show, they light up 8 long fire crackers!! One of the famous MY FM DJ and one of the local artist was there with the bistro owner to receive the "blessing" from the "lion".

After watching so many lion dance this year. Two of my boys also do their own lion dance at home. Since they don't have lion head to dance with they use the blanket, jump from one bed to another bed. Sick or not? Not only this, they wear their arm gear and leg gear too!!!! Actually it is Fearles more "addicted" to lion dance, he start all this first, then only his brother Cruz also follow. *slap forehead*

*sorry for the blur picture*
Hand and leg gear - BOLSTERS


laundryamah said...

I too get excited when I see lion dance! hahahaha..

Lemonjude said...

my boy no chance to see lion dance, only heard the noise lion dance 'Ong' the stall also not bad..

Next year buy them the small lion head to play..

Blur Angel said...

wah ttdi's market is so clean!! :) next time i'll get mummy to buy from your stall! :P

LittleLamb said...

hahahahahaha the last pic really make me laugh....

so creative.

2ma said...

thr goes all the bolsters!! *hehe* shan leo is crazy over lion dance as well. kung kung bought him 1 lion dance costume last year, and shan leo loves it a lot!!


Your boy very creative! So funny until can think of using baby bolsters!

khongfamily said...

Hey, we were there too to buy my usual porks and veges on that day. My kids ahh...scared like hell....didn't even dare to go near the lion dance area.

Ehh..I just recently went to TTDI market every week to get my supplies (since I have to cook most of the time now) and I was choosing which pork stalls to go for. At the end I chose the one on the right. And you know what...I was telling my hubby that one of the guys there really look like your hubby leh. I just told him what I wanted to cook and he chose the meat for me...damm geng!! :)

Frankly, I never been to wet market before. Normally I get my pork supplies from hypermarket..hehe.

daddykhong said...

What a small world. Mummykhong was so happy that she could find a pork seller that had the following requirements:
1. Must be leng chai
2. Must be able to speak good English
3. Must be able to recommend to her what part of the pig to use for what dish

The leng chai guy who looks like your husband (maybe even could be your husband working part-time that day) fits all her requirements.

Wah....later I go buy 4D.

jazzmint said... year u can buy a lion head oredi then both of them do lion dance for u kekeke

Mummy to QiQi said...

so funny your boys. can think of wearing their hands and legs like that!

coffeesncookies said...

hahaha, I could not help laughing at the idea of slipping in the bolsters. be careful. don't slip and fall hor ?? haha

janice said...

ur boy really imaginative.. tht's a good thing.. hahaha.. so CUTE !!

mommy to chumsy said...

hahhaahhaha....i like the last photo. so creative :D

jacss said...

wuah...yr huby's stall so merry wan ahh during CNY...see all d decor & lantern!!!
next year, u will hv to buy 2 lion heads for d boys...then dady & mumy will be 'playing' d tail part, kakaka
so cute of fearles...finally, i mean he used to be cool :) !!!

Angeleyes said...

I like the last photo! Fearles looked so funny there!

Krystal said...

aiya...i missed the lion dance in the market...din know u guys r having one there :p

slavemom said...

When I saw "Healthy & Disease Free", I was wondering wat the shop's selling. After reading the comments, then I know wat edi. :) Eh, got branch in Kajang or not?
Ur boys really love lion dance. So cute with the make-do gears. Shld get them the lion head next yr.

mumsgather said...

Haha. This lion dance outfit looks very comfortable!

IMMomsDaughter said...

Ha ha ha Fearles really is creative lah. Must show his pic to my kids.