Sunday, February 01, 2009

My Chinese New Year....

First would like to wish everyone, Happy moo moo year and Gong Hei Fatt Choy!!!! Hope everyone do have a good one. As for me, this year is a quiet new year, didn't go anywhere, just stay at home. We had an earlier "reunion lunch" on the chinese new year eve, as my Pil and Bils will all fly off on the night itself. This is the first time we had it in the afternoon, after lunch, had some chit chatting, then in laws start their last round checking on their bagagge.

Evening sending 2nd Bil and family to KL sentral, as their flight is a bit earlier, then Pil and younger bil flight a bit later which we sent them off again at around 8pm. I can see my boys dissapoint and sad face while they see all their cousin are flying off for holidays and left two of them at home. They are so so quiet in the car, so i told them i will bring them to go "kai kai" and see lion dance. They keep telling me they want to sit airplane, i told them i will bring them next time, sit airplane and go see Mickey. Till today, they still ask me " we go sit airplane???" Actually we are planning a trip to HK with the boys but so far nothing confirm yet. :)

I told hub, why not we go to Fo Guang Shan Dong Zen temple (佛光山东禅寺) in Jenjarom, i heard there is chinese new year celebration there every year. Had heard so much about that place, but never been there and i heard on the eve, My FM and Astro are having a live show there. Didn't know Fo Guang Shan Dong Zen temple is so so far away, we took almost 1 hour to reach there, lucky the traffic are ok, not so bad. Reached there around 9.30pm, not many people, maybe it just after rain. We walk around the place and took some picture and see lion dance. Many people are going there for praying, but not for me, hahahhahahhaaha. I just want to feel the chinese new year atmosphere.

me and the boys with one of the "moving" turtle

Astro and MY FM live show

the only family picture taken by my maid (after a few tried!)

"moutain people moutain sea"!!

Fearles with the Moo Moo Cow!!

We left around 10.30pm, because it start drizzling, and the crowd start pouring in too. Two boys dozed off in the car.

Chinese New Year Day 1:-
Wake up late, after show then went to hub good friend house for visiting, they had vegetarian lunch for all the relatives and friends, so we had our lunch there. :P After stay for about 3 hours then we left. Went to my biz partner Vivian house for visiting. After Vivian's house, my boys told me they want to have Mcd, since we don't know what to eat and still full, we just had simple Mcd for dinner. Reach home, two boys are tired and sleep early.

my boys with my biz partner - Vivian

posing with the dog

Chinese New Year Day 2:-
Sleep till late again, cook some simple lunch for my boys. Went to Mid Valley for shopping and me and hub had late lunch. Put two boys at Mega kids with maid, me and hub went for shopping. hahahhahahaah. When we fetch them after an hour plus, i can see their happy face, they had a wonderful time by playing with all the slides. They start to tell me " i'm VERY HUNGRY" this is the first time they tell me they are hungry. Bring them to have dinner, without me "nagging" them, they finish their dinner in no time. This is the most happy moment, when i see them eat by themselve and without any "shouting" and "screaming" from me.

Chinese New Year Day 3:-
Not going anywhere, stay at home and watch TV with the kids. Vivian paid a visit and we went out for a quick lunch. Night time bring the boys to the Curve for some "window shopping" and dinner. Finally i went to Daiso!!! Didn't get myself much thing there, only some moulds and lunch boxes and some daily use stuff.

posing with the Curve CNY deco



mummy with the boys

never ending with the battery operate "animal" ride

Chinese New Year Day 4:-
I suppose went to work on the day 4, but i did apply one extra day leave just in case i got something on. Receive a call from my good friend and cousin saying they will visit me on day 4, so i proceed with my leave instead of going back to work. My friend Janet and my cousin Esther, both also having a boy, both also born on the same year as my boys, "rooster year", can imagine 4 boys in the house? hahahhahahhahaha. My boys do have a fun time having some friends coming over and play with them. Went out for lunch with Janet and her boy Sebastian, three boys again having a good time "chatting" and playing and running around. :)

Chinese New Year Day 5:-
I'm back to work!!

This is how i celebrate my Chinese New Year, how about yours???


mommy to chumsy said...

wow...the temple is beautiful. i've also heard a lot about it but have yet to go :) the decor at the curve is quite nice eh? love the photo of you and the boys :D

LittleLamb said...

Gong Xi Fatt Chai & Happy New Year.

I like the picture of Crus laying down to take picture..he do that himself???

Yeah I didnt know about the Jenjarom..So nice lighting there..

mybabybay said...

Hey I was at MidValley on 2nd day at night too! :)

angeleyes said...

Your boys have grown up so much!!! Can wait to see you soon! :P

2ma said...

i hv heard so much about the temple in jenjarom. it's so nice! i must go one of these days.

Lemonjude said...

A quiet CNY also good, can spend more time with the boys and family...

the Jenjarom temple is so nice, those blossom flower lighting...that night I watched the live show on TV..

Annie Q said...

mommy to chumsy: the place is beautiful but a bit too far. :)
The curve deco ar, i think this year a bit simple. :)

Little Lamb: Gong Xi Fatt Chai Happy Chinese New Year to you and family too!!
Yea, Cruz do that laying on the floor pose by himself. :P This is the first time he willing to pose for me too.

mybabybay: oh! U're at mid valley too?? Too bad we did not bump into each other. :)

angeleyes: hehehe, they look "big" in the picture. :) Yea, can't wait to see u again!

2ma: yea, u should go, bring your two boys go. I'm sure they will love the place.

Lemonjude: ya, true, can spend quality time with the two boys. :)
U watch the live show? Did u see me or not?? hahahahhahahaha just kidding. :P

Jacss said...

hey...sounds sad leh, all the family members flying off for vacation, why u all no follow??

finally u been to the temple...indeed very far place, thank god the decor was beautiful, worth yr petrol at least!!

hey, u shd show more of yr RED dress leh....looks nice on you!!

looks like spending CNY in the city sounds boring yeah??? emm...i shdn't complaint abt spending CNY in 'kampung' anymore, hehehe

janice said...

gung hei fatt choy.. hehehe

Krystal said...

Gong Xi Fatt Chai! So nice...all wear red red on 1st day of New Year!

Binky! said...

Those are very pretty pictures you have there. The temple and its decorations are beautiful.

Eh, 1 hour car ride far ar??? You guys in Malaysia too pampered liao! For us, 3 hours is considered near already!!!

zara's mama said...

I haven't been here for a while and then I look at your boys.. So big already.

Btw, happy New Year hor.