Thursday, February 19, 2009

Unique furniture for your home

Usually end of the year or beginning of the year I always heard people saying, “I am moving, moving to a new house” then not long after that i will get invite to the house warming party. I love and enjoy seeing how people decorate their new house, their furniture, house decoration and their garden.

After one year moving to my new house, I am a bit bored looking at my same old furniture in my house, thought of changing some furniture and make my house look new again. While I was browsing through the website one of the day I come across this Lombok Eastern Inspired Living; I am so delight to see all the beautiful furniture on this Lombok website. Beside than the usual furniture like beds, bedside tables, desks, office chairs, dining table & more, they also have some unique and stunning home decorating accessories, like candles, cushions, rugs and runners, quilts and throws, you can all find it here.

This is a furniture shop based in London, but this shop is renowned for stylish Eastern inspired furniture. I read further about the store, I am surprise to know that, the co-founder of Lombok actually brings in the beautiful furniture all the way from Jakarta! If you want to know the story behind Lombok, you can log on to their website to find out how the co-founder Alex start this business.

I browse through the item one by one, it is so beautiful, it look so exclusive and classy but of course the price also a bit pricey. Now I am eyeing on a few items which I can affordable like Log Basket, I can put it in my living room as a basket to keep magazines and newspaper, a new laundry basket, since my old laundry basket look old already and a lamp shades, other just let me drool over it first.

Those who want to get an unique and classy wooden furniture for your new home, wait no more, please log in to Lombok