Sunday, March 15, 2009

Busy week with mum and grandpa in town

My mummy, my grandpa and my uncle (my mother elder brother) was in town last week. Last minute trip as my grandpa was here to do his body check up.

They were here on last Monday afternoon, and so coincident my brother was here too for the business trip, hardly can get so many people together in one time, unless i was back in hometown, so i arrange a dinner and also a surprise small birthday celebration for my grandpa, he will celebrate his 80 years old birthday next month, and i will not be home, so i thought i just celebrate it earlier.

signature duck from Magic Wok

Pork belly with salted fish

duo kailan, yummy...

veal meat

We had our dinner at Magic Wok at Damansara Utama, foods was nice and my grandpa love the foods a lot. After dinner, i get my boys to sang birthday song to their great grandfather, and cut the birthday cake together. Everyone was too full after the dinner, each of us just had a small piece of cake, balance i brought it home.

me and my mummy and my boys



the birthday cake

my boys with their great grand father

me and my younger brother. :) Look alike??

Whole week was busy, my mother and grandpa they all are staying at my grandpa's brother house, everyday after work i will spent sometime with my mum, to bring her for a quick shopping or go to the uncle house to see my grandpa, only one night that i have to teach my sons on their homework so i didn't meet up with my mum.

My grandpa hardly go travelling, now he is quite old and his leg are a bit weak so cannot walk too far. This trip, his brother arrange him to come over and have the medical check up and at the same time his brother also organise a trip to Koh Samui for all "Law family" the brothers and sisters and nephews and nieces. My grandpa and my mum didn't join them as my grandpa miss his "home" very much, after all the check up they went back on saturday. Since everyone will be coming over to meet here then only go for the Koh Samui trip, my uncle (grandpa's brother) at the same time also arrange a house warming for his new houses. Four houses "warming" in one time. They bought four houses together, one house for the uncle, the other three is for the sons and daughter. I can said it's a great gathering for the family member. I have not see some of the aunties and uncles for ages, this is a great time to catch up with them and we had a great time. They are having stalls parties as house warming dinner, got famous damansara char keow teow stall, yong tau foo, nasi beriyani with curry chicken and lamb, roti canai, teh tarik, two roast lamb, tempura, satay, assam laksa and etc, i find it is really unique or i'm "kampung" never come accross this stalls parties before. :) We stay till about 10.30pm then bid good bye to the host and my grandpa and my mum and uncles then we back home. Next day, my mum they all got an early flight to catch.

this is the I-Damansara in Damansara Heights, i took this when i
visit them during chinese new year

front of the house view

house warming party

my boys with their poh poh

this is one of the art given by the "big ppl" to my
uncle (black and white stripe is my uncle - grandpa's brother)
saw a familiar face here?? *wink wink*


mott said...

wow..your mom looks very young!

Irene said...

omg... the houses must have cost millions!!!!

mommy to chumsy said...

hey, i think you also look like your grandpa...heheheheheheheh. btw, nice house leh.

janice said...

ya mom looks so young and u look like ya mom lerr..

wat a nice house.....

Jacss said...

hey annie, yes u & bro looked very alike...esp. d big round eyes lar...thanks to yr mom...then thanks to yr grdpa too, LOL!!!

very thoughtful of u to hv an early little bday celebn for yr grdpa!!

looks like a street party there, i had attended d hawker stalls style catering bf & d host was a super rich guy...haha!!

only 'big ppl' will be given gift by the 'big ppl' wan, rite...hahaha!!

2ma said...

wah...the house is so so nice ler!!!

u & bro definitely look alike!

Krystal said...

Never been to Magic Wok before. The food pics look darn good,they taste good as well i suppose :p

Yea, ur bro looks like u and u look like ur mum too... handsome & pretty family :)

Wonderful Life said...

yea, both you and your bro really look alike leh!

two pixels photography said...

ahh i spotted mr. ling there LOL...vy nice leh the house.

whoisbaby said...

have to agree with the others, you look like your mom and she looks young. those houses are so cantik lar! got nice view somemore. wonder how much they cost?

HN said...

Very elegant looking house, how much does it cost?

allthingspurple said...

Poh Poh looks so young wan,ar? And great grandpa also not losing out to youth either!! looks like this genes ran in your family ! that you mention it, you and your bro could be twins too.