Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Creation Part 16

This is my bento for the boys over the weekend again. This time, i want to try to do a "panda" hahahhahaha, hmmmmm, not very look alike, but my sons did tell me, it's "panda" :)
Last weekend is a simple lunch, all is instant, luncheon meat and nuggets, just fried it. :) I do the same for the "two tuition teachers" but i think i forgot to take the picture??

Well, i am not a creative person, actually i got all the idea from other "pro bento mummies", i salute them for being so creative, little & simple thing they can make it so pretty, i like to read their website and blog, at least i can get some idea what to do for my sons. :)

rice panda, aeroplane shape lucheon meat, nuggets and grapes.

This is Sunday Bento lunch, rice with sweet and sour meat, and
apples and with a quail egg, using the quail egg mould to do the "dog"
printed, but cannot see clearly. Try to do four eggs, but two fail, one the egg
too big and broke and the other egg too small to fit the mould :(

Happy bento-ing everyone


2ma said...

hmm...the panda can b improved. it looks kinda sad face...anyway, "gan ba teh"!!! am sure u can do it!

Blur Angel said...

well they look like pandas to me , so don't worry! :)

LittleLamb said...

can they finish their meal?? looks a lot

Angeleyes said...

Hey Annie, where did you get that aeroplane mini cutter???? I want leh!

jacss said...

geee....how did yr boys like yr pandas, 'kiut' ma, LOL !!! i agree that those egg moulds don't always give clear & nice outcome!! surely got wastage wan...sigh!!
keep it up...

mommy to chumsy said...

very very cute!!

marilyn said...

very nice ler..although no comments from me sometimes but I will not miss to update your bento creation...

And ar...I salute u lar..I notice your cucumber slice have small cut out shape like star no? just wanna make sure my eyes is ok...so details...muahahahah

Krystal said...

not creative? then, i die lor :p at least you tried on your part - good effort :)

Annie Q said...

2ma: hahahha, sad panda, ya, maybe because of the eye shape. :P I need to improve that. :) Thanks!

Min: thank you!!

little lamb: ya, most of the time, they finish the food. Actually look a lot, but in fact not really, small portion only.

Angeleyes: I got the mini aeroplane cutter from Misha's mum, sie choo, i think i saw it at Daiso the Curve, if i go again, will help u to get it. :)

jacss: hahahahha, thanks!!!

mommy to chumsy: 10Q 10Q!!

marilyn: Good to see you here again!! You also packing bento now, and i like to read your cooking too. :)
hahahhahahah, no no no, i didnt deco my cucumber slice, when i cut it, it already have some "hole" on it, your eye is ok, don't worry. LOL!!

Krystal: Won't die ger, once u set your hand on it, you will know how to do it, and read/see more other mummies bento, you will get the idea. :)