Monday, April 20, 2009

Hong Kong Trip - Day 2 ( 11/4)

~~~~~~~~~~~ warning~~~~~~~~~ a lot pictures and long post!!

Second day, we woke up around 8am, after make the boys some milk and shower them and we go out to hunt for some breakfast then we proceed to Hong Kong Disneyland. We walk to a "char chan teng" that nearby our hotel and also near the MTR station to have our breakfast.

this is the char chan ten we had our breakfast.

hub rice and meat as breakfast. (heavy breakfast) hahahah

i had wan tan mee with beef slice, share with my boys. After two days
wan tan mee, i got phobia, never want to order wan tan mee again.


big wan tan with big prawn inside.

After breakfast, we start our journey, taking MTR from Jordan to Lai King then change another MTR to Sunny Bay, at Sunny Bay we took Disney train to Disneyland. I choose the wrong date to go to Hong Kong, didn't know Hong Kongers are having a long weekend due to Good Friday and Easter day. Some more we go to Disneyland on Saturday, expected there will be a lot people!!

Waiting for the MTR to come @ Jordan station

hardly can find a seat on the MTR

at Lai King station, waiting MTR to Sunny Bay

this is the Disney train bring us to Hong Kong Disneyland.
People moutain, people sea!!!

Finally, we reach at Hong Kong Disneyland!! The weather was quite warm, we can see the big sun above our head, but we can still feel there is some wind blow.

family picture at the entrance, but two pictures, Fearles also
didn't look at the camera.

two happy boys

mummy and the boys

two loving boys.

Disney Entrance ticket, so cute right?

We go around, can see a lot people, wanted to take picture with mickey and minnie, chipmunk, but the queue was too long so we give up.

want to queue for taking picture with mickey and minnie,
see the long long queue we give up, don't want to waste our time
by queuing

walk around and saw this scientist thing, so so funny, but speak in Cantonese, my boys don't understand Cantonese.

In Disneyland most of the rides that suitable for my boys are all on long queue, most of it we give it a miss. We went to most recommend one is Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, most kids love it, even adults also love it too. After few round walking around, we are lucky, we manage to see High School Musical Parade, after High School Musical Parade we went to Mickey House. I thought nothing much in Mickey house, but we are un-expected actually there is one Mickey in the Mickey house to take picture with the visitors! We are so glad, at least we do have a picture with Mickey. My boys keep ask me where is Minnie, we have to tell them, Minnie is having a nap so didn't take picture with us. hahahhahahhahaha

High School Musical Parade

at Mickey House

After Mickey house, we are thinking since we can rent stroller from Disney, why not just rent two, and easier for us too. My boys sometime walk very slow, at least got stroller easier to push them around. There we rented two, i think the rental is around RM30 per stroller for full day and with some refundable deposit . My boys so happy to see the strollers, they can sit inside, no need to walk anymore. We stop at Buzz Light Year Astro Blasters for the ride, we parked the stroller outside just like everyone, Disney's stroller will have your kids name written behind, so you won't mis-take other people one. After the Buzz Light ride, we came out and found out that Fearles stroller was missing, only left Cruz one there. We got panic, some "cheap-po" people decide to take the "free stroller" for their kids, so that they don't have to paid the money, after used, they can just leave it "somewhere" this is what i thought. We are looking around for the stroller, no where to find, so we seek help from one of the staff at the Disney, he is so so helpful and friendly, ask us not to worry, he get all the info and detail and resit from us, he contact the staff at the stroller centre, immediate they sent another stroller for us, we are amazed with their excellent service. I think if this happen in our "boleh land" they will push you from one counter to another counter which don't know how long will it take only will get another replacement one.

with a star sign means replacement stroller

original just with a name on it, no star sign

two big boys happily sit on their strollers

Less than 10 mins we got our new replacement stroller, after getting it, we went for a quick bite, scare the boys are hungry. Food was expensive and taste so so only, nothing to shout about.

After late lunch, on the way we saw this group is playing some music, using pail and rubbish bin, something like a famous show in Korea i forgot what it called, they also use some kitchen stuff to play the music. Then we saw tomorrow land, all with long long queue, we give it a missed again.

We proceed to the adventure land, i told hub, there is a parade at 3.30pm, but he said he want to go adventure land instead of seeing the parade, and at the adventure land, we go to Tarzan Tree House and Tarzan Island by Rafts, and also ride on the Jungle River Cruise, both also having queue, but hub said that is interesting, so we go for that and missed the parade.

queuing to take the Rafts to Tarzan Tree house

at Tarzan Tree House, this leopard make a scary roar
see the kids are scared.


Look real? It's fake one

this is the boat the we ride for the Jungle River Cruise

on the way, we saw this two look very real mummy elephant and
baby elephant.

another elephant



some animals


it got volcano too!! Got fire, lava and thick smoke, look so real!

Fearles seeing this got a fright. hahhahha

After the Adventure Land we went to the castle, there we found Fearles stroller!!!!!!! Hub said he will want to said "hi" to the person who took our stroller and ask me to bring the boys to "it's a small world" for a boat ride to see all the children of the world singing and dance to the song "it's a small world". There i went with my two boys, since hub want to have the camera with him, he want to take the "person" picture, so i didn't take any picture in "it's a small world". We came out after 1/2 hour, hub still there waiting, he said he didn't see anyone to come and "claim" the stroller, we assume that person already left, he/she just left the stroller there. Oh, hub didn't stand near the stroller, he stand aside and "watch" the stroller. hahahhahahhahah. We told one of the staff on duty there about we had found the stroller, then we return the replacement one and continue with the original strollers.

this is the "it's the small world" where we found the stroller and this is also a clock tower, every 15 mins, there is music playing and inside the building is the "small world".

By that time it's already 4.45pm, kids are getting restless, so we thought we want to left already, when we pass by "The Golden Mickeys" hub said someone told him must go for the show. When we see the queue i nearly fainted, i said give up, so so long queue when will be our turn, but after that we only realise actually that is a show, and it's a theatre, it could allocate quite a number of people inside, so we give it a try. Lucky we did go for it, and we manage to see all the disney characters, Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, Gofy, Lilo and Stich, a lot a lot more! My boys was so so happy, and i tell you the show is really really good!!!

People moutain, people sea!!!!!

sorry for the blur pictures, we sit at the last row, zoom to the max.

We decide to leave, as all of us are getting tired, at first we thought we would like to stay till the fire works, but it's another two hours, we don't want to wait, so we left about 6.10pm. Before we leave, we saw this band.

We bid "bye bye" to Hong Kong Disneyland, hope we will go back there again! Still a lot places we have not discover, like the Fantasy Land Train Station, Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh, Stitch Encounter and a lot more. :(

On the way back to town, two of my boys just doze off in the MTR. Hub said want to have dinner at The famous Rest Yung Kee at Central, but i told him two boys are so tired, and all fall asleep how to carry them and walk, so we decide to go back to our hotel and had dinner nearby. Each of us carry the boys out from MTR, wow! Tell u, they look skinny, but the weight do like carry my baggage!! My hand are sore, i wake Cruz up, lucky he is ok, he wake up without fuss, and i have to "bribe" him with the chocolate that i bought earlier. Fearles fuss a little, after a while, he is ok, two of them willing to walk again. We walk into this restaurant to have our dinner. Every night when we passed by the restaurant it always full house, we think the food should be good. Not disappoint us, the food was ok, my boys eat a lot, especially the sweet and sour meat, they love it a lot and so do i. The lady boss at the restaurant so helpful and friendly, as i forgot to bring my scissors with me to cut the boys food, the lady saw us got difficult to feed the boys's meat, she bring out a small knife and offer to cut it smaller pieces for my boys, how thoughtful!!

After dinner, we went back to hotel, after shower the boys, they just knock out less than 5 mins. Daddy don't want to waste the time by sleep so early (around 9.30pm) he went out alone to survey the place and find out where is Yung Kee, Lan Kwai Fong, H&M, Espirit, Mong Kok and I have to stay in the room with the boys.

This is how we spent on the day two!! Time passed really fast!


mybabybay said...

Yung Kee was so so only, I was disappointed by it. By the way Coach store is near Yung Kee.

LittleLamb said...

did u get the mickey mouse hat for feales n cruz?? they look so cute in it..

Wonderful Life said...

Traveling with kids is like that lor... we've left out quite a number of places we intend to visit in HK... as it's time consuming to travel with a baby.

Hmm... looks like Disney is quite fun... fun for the kids. :) Hopefully, next trip shall pay a visit there :P

khongfamily said...

Woww..looks like Disneyland is a better place to visit for kids. Oooo how I miss HK. time must bring the kids there. And the Mickey train looks soooo cute. So did you manage to eat at Yung Kee? I love their 'pei tan' with ginger. Very nice! And you should see the restaurant as it is very close to the Coach store.

Sasha said...

oo i cannot wait for more pics man! i really miss HK!

jacss said...

haha...what a stroller stories annie, luckily that fella didn't caught red-handed by yr huby, else dun know where to hide her face!!
lookg at d crowd also i feel the same...scarry!!
now who said HK disneyland is small hor...btw, i thot what a waste u missed the fireworks haha!!

HN said...

I really enjoy reading your travel log :) So detailed and funny, plus lots of pictures too! Can't wait to read more!!!

Lovely Mummy said...

i didnt go for the show, no time even I stayed in Disneyland for a night. Why don't see the fireworks at 7.30pm before leave? it's so nice.

Health Freak Mommy said...

I like reading your blog... always filled with nice pix. Wuah, your hubby's t-shirt so 'cheong ngan' with that sexy pic of the girl on it hahaha!

Mummy to QiQi said...

so many to comment, while reading until i also forgot liao..HAHA

first, so lucky the boys. able to travel to disneyland at such young age :)

it is nice to get them stroller so they do not have to walk all the time in Disneyland. Err..but when 4 of u go onto rides, can just leave the stroller there? wont it be taken away?

I miss the food in HK and the cool weather too. Hope to be able to travel there again!

Miss out shopping ler...there is so much to see and buy there.

so nice the kids get a good entertainment kit while boarding on plane.

apa lagi ah? Haha...enuf la!

Lil' Monsters, Inc. said...

Yr boys quite 'keng' hor, can tahan fr morn till eve. And not much fuss. 3 cheers to them. Let's hear more:)

Irene said...

wahhhh... the food at char chan teng! looks yummy! and the Q at disneyland, its all about Q-ing huh! omg... but seeing ur pics, looks like u guys really had fun!!!!

mott said...

wah! My friend told me this HK Disneyland is very very small. But I look at your pictures..there are like so many things to see and do!! Esp. with 2 boys around..I'm sure that's enough!

The food looks sooooo good liao!!! Drooling....

I am waiting like you also la..wait for my No.3 to grow up big, then can take all three to HK Disneyland..and enjoy! Them la not me! HA HA HA HA!

Krystal said...

I can't help but notice that your hubby is wearing a tshirt with a sexy woman on it....haha...And you all are so lucky to take photo with Mickey. We din managed to last round cos too many ppl :( And the 'noisy' pots and bins show u're referring to in Korea - Cooking Nanta show if I'm not mistaken.

IMMomsDaughter said...

Wow!So many people at Disneyland ah? Wonder whether it's always so packed or is it due to the long holidays.

See, I also feel like bringing my kids there. LOL.

laundryamah said...

yeah it's tough to cover the whole place with the 2 boys...dats y i dun plan to bring Kylie there till she's at least 7! hahahaha

slavemom said...

I heard there'll be big crowds on w/ends. And as it was a long w/end, I suppose it's even worse. But vy lucky u still managed to rent the strollers.
Ur boys really well-behaved. Din fuss much altho they din get to rest/nap in the afternoon.
Really can't wait to bring the kids to Disneyland. Hopefully it'll materialise this yr.