Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hong Kong Trip - Day 3 (12/4)

Day 3 is more on food, food, food and more food!!! We meet up with Misha and her parent for brunch at Lei Garden located at New Town Plaza in Shatin. From our hotel to Shatin, we change a few MTR, after that we change to below this "typical" train to Shatin. We are about 10 mins late.

this is the "a bit old" train to Shatin.

New Town Plaza, still early, that's why not so much people.

This is my second time meet up with Misha and Sie Choo, but is my first time to meet Mr.Mah, at first i am a bit worried and a bit "paiseh", i always thought Mr. Mah is a "very serious" person. After met up with him, he is a nice and funny guy, so at least two men can click and talk. hahahhahaha.

We had "dim sum" for brunch, heard Lei Garden food was nice and $$$$ also very nice!!! Sie Choo and Mr.Mah order a lot foods! After feed the two boys, then i stuff myself with the foods while everyone almost stop. Didn't i said, having meal in HK must eat fast? We only got 1.5 hours to finish our food? Especially it's on weekend some more, the reservation always full, if i'm not wrong Sie Choo make the reservation one month ago??? hahahahahhaha

Lei Garden @ New Town Plaza, Shatin

fried taufu...

this is really yummy! So different from ours.

char siew

pigeon!! Yummy!!!

this is very unique, a pot of hot soup then add in some "fried rice"
like those pop cereal, then it make "sssszzzzzz" crispy sound!

tada! this is they call "pow fang"? Yummy!
roast pork - all square and with same size. o..o

Misha Princess!!!
When Mr. Mah settle the bill i had a "peep" on the bill, i nearly faint! It cost about RM 700!! tsk tsk tsk, it's really not cheap to have a meal in HK! After we left Lei Garden, my hub said he want to see some electric gadget, so Mr.Mah bring him shopping around at the shopping mall, and i read from the tourist info (do a lot homework before i go to HK) and Misha's blog about there is a "Snoopy's World" on the shopping mall itself, it also become a tourist spot now, so me bring the two boys together with Misha and her mum, we went to the playground. Sorry, no pictures from this place, because camera was with hub, i thought he will join us shortly, but he is too enjoy his shopping!! We spent about 45 mins at the playground, quite a lot kids, maybe because it is a weekend. The weather on that day was a bit warm also, so we left after a short while. My boys definitely enjoy themselves so so much and so do Misha, all of them are sweating !
After join my hub and Mr.Mah, there we went for a drink at a dessert shop (sorry, no picture again) then walk around for a while then Sie Choo want to bring us to Ladies street. All of us took two cabs to Ladies street. Hmmm, nothing much in Ladies Street, just like our petaling street, but they got some small cute little thing that we don't have here.Bought two Thomas and Friends tees, very good quality and two costumes for my sons and two punchers for myself. Quite a long street and with lots of people also.

Mong Kok
Ladies street

Fearles's full set spiderman costume.
Cruz's Batman full set costume.
Chau taufu" - aka smelly taufu
After Finish "shopping" at Ladies Street, we saw this "chau taufu" - "smelly Taufu" !The smell is really really smelly, Mr. Mah said this stall very famous for the smelly taufu, ask us want to try or not, hub go and buy ONE piece, and i had a bite also, hmmmm..taste not too bad, but a bit salty. Even my boys when stand near there, they told me, "mummy, what so smelly!!" hahahhahaha, at least i did try the famous "chau taufu"! :)

Mr. Mah show us to a shop that sold all RM5 shop, just like Daiso, but it called "Jusco" in HK. Sie Choo also never been there before. :) We three ladies go shopping at RM5 shop and the men bring the two boys for some games at one level below and wait for us. I didn't get much things there, most of the thing is like Daiso, bento thing that sold there i can get it here also, but i get myself some anti bacteria sheet and some snacks. Finish our so called "shopping", then joined hub and Mr. Mah, they are at nearby "char chan teng" having drink again! This round i got the chance to try "chu par pau" - pork bun and their luncheon and egg sandwiches. Yummylicious!!! While i enjoy my sandwiches and drinks, yes u get it right, my boys diapers are overflow!! It's TOILET time again, bring two boys to change and squat in a super small and wet toilet to change them. Very challenging lei!! hahahhahahah After changed them, back to my place i continue with my tea break again!

Nathan Road
Two boys enjoy their game while mummy doing her shopping

After tea break, we invited Sie Choo and family join us for dinner, we would like to buy them dinner, but she said they all are tired, ask us to go ahead. There, we bid good bye and thanks again for their warm hospitality, a wonderful breakfast and the toys she bought for my boys and i collect my bento purchase from her too. :) Thought of shopping around again, but think of night time have to go to Central for dinner, so we went back to hotel for a recharge and change Cruz's pant, due to the "overflow" hahahahha. While on the way walk back to hotel, i saw a small boutique selling kids clothes, some damange on my pocket again.

Refresh ourself, we went to Central, want to try out Yung Kee Restaurant for their famous roast goose and century egg. We didn't make reservation, just try our luck, we heard the restaurant always full!!! From Central MTR walk to Yung Kee quite a distance. Finally reach Yung Kee, they told us have to wait for 20 mins for the table, then we said "ok", so we waited. A lot people are waiting for the tables, i keep my boys occupied with their Nintendo while we are waiting. We waited for about 1/2 still not read out our number yet, i thought want to leave, but just when i had that thought, the number is calling, but still got two more numbers is our turn. "die die" also waited for the two more numbers. Nearly one hour waited, finally it's our turn, that is already 8.45pm!!! We are so so hungry, my boys are saying they are hungry too! Lucky, the food was served shortly, not wait too long. Finally i got the chance to try out their famous roast goose and the yummy yummy heavenly century eggs!!!

while we walking we passed by this...

Yung Kee famous roast goose

heavenly century egg....yummmm....

sweet and sour meat again....

Finish dinner at around 9.30pm, i thought i can go for a quick shopping at H&M or Esprit, but but but, when we reach there it already closed!!! Sie Choo did tell me in Central area most shop close quite early, and night time at Central a bit "quiet" compare to Tsim Sha Tsui or Mong Kok or other places. Nothing to see, so hub said he bring us to "Lam Kwai Fong" have a look since we are at that area. So four of us, make funny faces, cam-whoring at "Lam Kwai Fong" most of the people at "Lam Kwai Fong" are "mat salleh", they must be thinking, this family so noisy and crazy. hahahah It's drizzling so we also make a quick move.

mummy and sons monkeying, cam-whoring around
at "lam kwai fong"

lam kwai fong

father and sons.

another view of lam kwai fong

our hotel entrance view
hotel lobby
That's our third day, sound tiring?? hahahhahahha


IMMomsDaughter said...

No shopping loot for yourself ah? Only food, you really know how to control lah!

coffeesncookies said...

Seeing your fun fun photos makes me so wanna fly to HK right now !!!

coffeesncookies said...

eh... your boys very cool.. know how to kick leg along with you to pose for a photo :)

mommy to chumsy said...

you had dinner at yung kee? how nice!!! i heard that it's very expensive and there is a "ah cha" standing outside to open the door for the patrons. did you see him? hahahaha. we only walked past this famous restaurant last time ;)

little prince's mummy said...

Such a lovely trip...

You got little spiderman and little batman at home.. hahahah~~

HN said...

Yeah, sounds like a very exciting and tiring day 3 but your boys behaved so well lar!!!

mybabybay said...

I missed the Hong Kong food. Hey your boys very terror, can last so long and go so many places.

Annie Q said...

IMM: heheheh, because the things not so cheap, so i still can control myself. But i did get myself a pair of jean and some tops on the last day. :)

coffeesncookies: can bring Krystal to HK next time, i'm sure she like Disney too!

mommy to chumsy: hahahhaha, yes, the dinner super expensive!! Guess how much our dinner for that night? It's about RM300+ for just goose, meat, vege, century egg and 3 glass of juices!! Cannot afford everyday, once in a while ok la. :)

little prince's mummy: ya ya, spiderman and batman at home! Will post their picture in another post.

HN: I'm glad that two of them are behaved well, otherwise it will hard for us to go around for such long hours.

mybabybay: yea, i miss HK food too and a lot i didn't try. :( Yea, good training ya, next round can make them walk more. hahahhahahahah *evil mum*

coffeesncookies said...

Amber would love Batman and Spidey mask.. did you tapau any YK's century egg home ?

2ma said...

wah...u really maximized your day!! good!!!

just wondering if the century eggs are really "heavenly"?? i have been to yung kee once years ago, so i cant remember the taste *haha*

laundryamah said...

yung kee not really worth it but it's just for experience la...and hv chances to meet celebrities...i met Rosamund Kwan there once..

Sasha said...

wah wah she booked one month in advance. Very nice of her! 700 bucks samo. Pengsan.

slavemom said...

The food all looks vy good leh, esp those at Lei Garden. Nicely presented. Well, of coz, look at the price. :)
So it's true, the chau taufu smells bad, but tastes good.

jacss said...

i believe the local's recommendation will always be correct, lei garden's foods indeed looked very superior, next time i go there must try!! u really hv a good time spent with sie choo... such a warm hospitality & 1mth advance booking...fuyoh!!
btw, i really wonder how different could the century egg be from what we can get here lar...