Tuesday, April 07, 2009

My Creation Part 17

This is the bento lunch that i served on the weekend. Since the two "little tuition teachers" are going for some art competition, so sister in law told me no need to prepare their bento lunch, more relax with just doing two bento lunch for my boys compare to doing FIVE!

Bento below look "very" small portion, because my sons had "roti canai" for their late breakfast, my boys are truly malaysian, especially Cruz, he love roti canai and nasi lemak. After having their roti canai, i don't want to over-stuff them with heavy lunch, so i prepare something simple.

three small "cube" of rice, anchovies with an octopus sausage sitting on top
(octopus look better this round??)
some meat (hide under the flower cucumber and carrot) and grapes.

Sunday lunch, another simple one.
Rice, meat balls and nuggets.
Excuse me on the "ugly" looking apples. hahahhaha
try to do some deco on it, end up like this. :(


jacss said...

i see lots of unwanted stuffs of the kiddos in their lunch box like lettuce, carrots & cucumbers...so are those yr lunch, LOL LOL??
i wonder if you share the same menu lunch too during d weekend?? u very hardworking...preparing lunches for weekend, we prefer go 'kai-kai' eat, hehe

Lil' Monsters, Inc. said...

I wander how u gals do it ? Work, being mommies, bento, blog, etc. Salute!

Irene said...

very colorful la your bento. very nice :)

huisia said...

wow, so young already know how to enjoy roti canai and nasi lemak!!

I am Princess Misha's Mum said...

waaaaaaaah ... so nice :) you are getting better and better lar, kawan :)

Wonderful Life said...

wow... mummy so hardworking preparing the bentos! creative too!!

By the way, after taking the heavy breakfast they can still wallop the rice for lunch?

2ma said...

another nice bento!! well done!

Sasha said...

u call that simple? that is not simple ler...seriously!

coffeesncookies said...

your bento so detailed. goodness, where did you find the patience? you must be very good in art too !

laundryamah said...

wow i can see a lot of work there..one question, how do u stick the small pieces on the sausage without it falling off???

Annie Q said...

jacss: hahahha, yea, that is for deco, so mummy have to munch all that, sometime i will eat the same food as them, sometime i will just eat instant noodles. :)

Lil Monsters Inc: Hmmm, i only do the bento on weekend, normal day just some simple bento snack for the boys.

Irene: thanks!!

huisia: ya ya, my boys are truly Malaysian. hahahha

Sie Choo: hahahhaha, thank you. Paiseh la, me still in learning stage, still a long way to go.

Wonderful Life: After the heavy breakfast, i let them had their lunch a bit later, around 1.30pm. :)

2ma: Thanks!!

Sasha: hahahhaha, u're so funny la.

coffeesncookies: No, i'm not good at art at all!! hahahha, after see and read how other mummies prepare i learn from there and i found out that, after add on with those small little detail, the bento look better. :)

Laundryamah: Hmmm..the small piece on the sausage is cheese, cheese not easily fall off then u add on the nori again.