Monday, April 27, 2009

My Creation Part 18

This is my bentos for last two weeks. Below is the first week, after i just back from HK holiday trip, still tired and still in holiday mood, so just prepare some simple simple and not so colourful bentos for the kids. Usually Saturday when i prepare for the "two little tuition teachers" bentos, i always rushing, as they got tuition class at 12noon, means i have to finish the bentos by 11.30am, in order for them to finish the food in time. Me, still not really good in bentos, normally take up at lot of time to prepare it. Now i start worry, i have to prepare for my son's school friends and teachers, about 50 bentos how am i going to do it. :(

this three bentos for the "little tuition teachers" and the brother
since one of them don't take cheese, so i don't use cheese on her bento.

my sons bento, same menu as the cousins. But my sons got mickey
luncheon meat, grape and meat balls in a teddy bear silicon cup, i just got it from
sie choo during my recent trip to HK. Nice?

Sunday, they prefer to have roti canai as lunch, easy for me hahahhaha!! Lazy me!
Roti Canai, sauce in a "wilton silly feet silicon cup" cute?
sweet plum, grapes and some snacks.

This is last week bento for the cousins. Bake beans and pork chop cut in stripe, and apples. :) Simple.

Didn't i said on Friday night, i go and "hijack" 100 yen shop in taman desa? To hunt for my sons school birthday party bento boxes? To my surprise i see so so many bento tools/accessories in 100 yen shop at Taman Desa!! I so excited till i don't know which one to pick! Will post on my loots on another post. :)
I do something different for my boys. I got more time to do ma. Baked beans and pork chop and rice, with additional one quail egg with a little bird & a teddy on it.

see the hot weather, before i can take the picture, my cheese melted!

another box for the oranges, with variety picks!

Sunday, i try out my new loots from 100 yen shop @ Taman Desa, i decide to do a "bird" bento for my boys. Rice in bird shape, meat, anchovies and bird shape dragon fruits.

This is my last two weeks bentos.


I am Princess Misha's Mum said...

very nice and creative bentos - most importantly most of them are your own original creation.

Keep up the good job!!

etceteramommy said...

Fuiyoh... your bentos getting cuter and cuter. I'm sure your boys' school mates would be thrilled!

jacss said...

wuah, i see lots of new tools there, i esp like the roti canai gravy cup. got time must check out tmn.desa outlet edi....
btw, who eat the green green & mushy leaves ahh, LOL??

mommy to chumsy said...

mmmmm....yummy bento!!! so i guess you really sapu all the things at 100 yen taman desa? cos i went the next day and the place was empty. muhahahahahahahaha...just joking ;)

HN said...

Wow, you improved a lot ler!!! Lovely bentos!!!

laundryamah said...

i like the little birdies..with the tail cute!!

little prince's mummy said...

50!!!!! That's a lot~ U very geng!

coffeesncookies said...

sifu ! sifu ! are you taking in new 'tou tai' ? I think i better wait till the 100yen shop replenish before i go. surely let you sapu all already.

huisia said...

roti canai, oh, i am so craving for it now....:)

Health Freak Mommy said...

Oh yes, I love the 100 Yen shop at Tmn Desa. They have so many cute gadgets. Eh, next time you go there, give me a call or drop by my place lar :)

Krystal said...

i really like the new silicon cute. for a while, i thot it was real teddy bear chocoloate..haha

lw said...

Thumbs up!!!!!!

allthingspurple said...

Your creations are getting prettier and prettier each day, Annie !!

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We all looking for pledgors for gifts to those harried exhausted selfless brave mothers. Would you like to pledge a few?

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Much obliged if readers would send in their pledges as well. One more pledge will brightenup the otherwise dreary day of one more exhausted lead-laden heavy hearted mother.