Saturday, April 18, 2009

Our Holidays in Hong Kong - Day 1 (10/4)

I am back from my 5 days 4 nights holidays in Hong Kong with hub and two boys, holidays always passed fast. Tell you the truth, me so "kampung girl" this is my first, step foot in Hong Kong, had heard so much about Hong Kong but never go to Hong Kong for holidays and this is also my FIRST holidays after having my two boys!!! Had been 5 years i didn't go for holidays over-the-sea :) and i am quite excited about this trip.

Overall the trip was wonderful, fun, and TIRED! I think the trip was too short, i don't have enough time to go the peak, i don't have enough time to go shopping, don't have enough time to try more foods in Hong Kong, but i have already mention earlier, this trip is mainly for my boys and it's their 4 birthday present, so the trip is for them more than me, next round will be MINE. hahahhahahahhaha

Two boys are doing good during the trip, they follow us walk from morning till night, hardly cry for us carry them. Sometime i "pity" them have to walk so far and for long hour, all of us definetly all lost weight. Everytime when we walk towards MTR station, my boys will ask me, "mummy, we sit train again?" hahhahahhahaha or sometime when we are out from MTR station and need to walk back to hotel, my boys was tired and will ask me "where is daddy's car?" We hardly walk so much, at least 8 hours a day. Good training for them, so in future can bring them for more holidays.

We book the Mas airline promotion ticket, with very reasonable price and book the hotel online. We depart on 10/4, wake up very early @ 5.30am to get ready. We took train to the airport and check in our baggages at KL Sentral counter. Flight @ 9.15am, depart on time, two boys are alright with the flight, because this is not their first time taking flight. After their breakfast in flight, two of them fall sleep, at least i can have some peaceful time.

Taking train to KLIA

Cruz enjoy his breakfast - french toast, coco crunch, packed milo
bread, cereal bar and juice.

breakast set include a colour book and colour pencils.

after breakfast, time to Zzzzzzz

Fearles sit with daddy and Zzzz on daddy's lap.

Flight arrived around 1pm, long long queue to the immigration counter. After check out from the immigration counter, we go to the counter to get four "octopus cards" for ourself, after asking around how to takeMTR out from airport, it's very easy and convenient. Reach at the element station in kowloon, we took the free shuttle bus to the hotel. This bus service is only available at Hong Kong Station and Kowloon station. There is a lot sign to see which bus to take and to what hotel, it all listed out on the board, really convenient. I have to give a double thumbs up to Hong Kongers , they are really helpful and friendly, even just a staff or the people on the street. This is a bit different from what i heard from last few years when my friends go to Hong Kong travelling, and they told me most Hong Kongers are snobbish not friendly.

view from the MTR

reach at element station in kowloon

We checked in BP International Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui, next to the hotel is the Kowloon Park, and from our hotel to the MTR station just 5 mins walk, a very convenient hotel. Opposite our hotel there is a street name Parkes Street there is a lot good food, we almost had our meal nearby our hotel everyday. There is 7-11, supermarket, char chan teng, convenient stall just opposite our hotel. Room a bit small, even thought my room is already upgraded one. :( I can imagine if our room not upgraded how small will that be.

this is our room, and the queen bed is for 4 of us!

this is the washroom, lucky got one shower cubicle
easy for me to shower the boys. :)

view from our room, on the right we can see the star avenue
we can see the star avenue light symphony from my room too!

on the left is the kowloon park, can see the swimming pool.

After checked in, unload all the baggages, refresh ourself, not waste a time, we went out. At first i planned we should go to the peak on the first day, but hub said we should go to Avenue of Star, since quite near to our hotel. Said near also not so near, also a distance to walk!! *faint* Ask hub why don't we take MTR, easier, he said 1st day of course must go and survey the area by walking. We took the map and walk, on the way we saw a lot people was queueing in a small stall selling "kai tan jai" - some mini egg bun? I think it must be taste so good till long queue. We don't have time to queue so we skip that.

Then we walk again, we saw this...........................cute wedding car

Then we went into one of the "char chan ten" to have our first meal

Wan tan mee & roast goose & kailan, in Hong Kong must try their roast goose ma. See the portion of the wan tan mee, this is the "normal" portion we order, almost all char chan ten are serving this kind of big portion wan tan mee. Their mee testure is a bit harder than ours. After dinner we continue our walking again to Star Avenue, on the way we are not so sure about the way, stop and ask a friendly policeman for the direction. I think we walk quite far, i saw got Sogo, i think i did pass by Peninsula hotel but i didn't paid attention. Nothing to do so just cam-whoring lo...

First day was quite windy, when the wind blow it's cold. Lucky i did bring two jacket for my sons, and smart me didn't bring mine. That's why i was freezing cold!!!

see how long is the subway

We slowly walk about 45 mins finally arrive at Avenue of Stars. Tada!!!!

The famous night view...

We wait for the light symphony start at 8pm, it is even more cold at this place. Especially with the wind blow. After spend one hour plus here i nearly freeze!!!

this is when the light symphony start....

Fearles Lee also wan to be Bruce Lee hahahha

on the way walking back, taking some night scene in HK

That is our first day, back to hotel, four of us so tired, went to bed, recharge energy, and prepare for the next day Disneyland Trip. Can view more pictures in my FB.

to be continue......Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5...


coffeesncookies said...

wah, long awaited post.. very nice photos esp the night scene. BP Intl is one of the best bargains in HK, can even see the new years eve fireworks display clearly. Pity your boys though, they must have rested very well when back to KL... cheers.

IMMomsDaughter said...

Your boys are so good, walk so much also no problem. Where's the shopping loot?

mybabybay said...

Yeap when it comes to shopping, no matter how many days is never enough. :P

Lil' Monsters, Inc. said...

Ya, know what u mean, whenever we bring the boys, it's always abt them. So, can't wait for yr post on the boys' experience in Disneyland! And I marvel how 4 of u can squeeze into d queen-size bed!!!:)

khongfamily said...

What a great trip!! And your boys can walk so much...good for you guys. If we have to bring kids along, forget about shopping...LOL!!

mommy to chumsy said...'s so funny that the boys asked you where is daddy's car :D boy, my tummy is rumbling now when i see the food pic :D i sure miss the noodles in HK.

jazzmint said...

syiok lah u make me wanna go there

Anggie's Journal said...

oh my .. what a rejoice trip !!
heh .... i salute u can handle two boys .... :P , BUT as long they r happy is worth it !!
I like the pink wedding car too... so cute .

Thanks for sharing with us !!

Wonderful Life said...

Aww... I missed HK!

The hotel didn't provide free shuttle bus? The hotel we stayed do provide free shuttle bus to wongkok, tsim sha tsui (avenue of stars) stations.

Sasha said...

oo u making me miss HK.. hahah tell u so funny.. suddenly that day my hub told me.. lets go to Hong Kong.. and i was like eh? he's reading yr blog ka? hahaha

jacss said...

i was laughing at yr boy's comment: where's dady car, hahaha??? it can be very taxing for the kids to walk so much in HK, even adult also beh tahan, so yr boys certainly behaved so well!!
i like d photo of yr boys & u near peninsular hotel...they looked so happy!!!

HN said...

Your kids are super duper good boy boy!!! Behaved so well and definitely made your trip A LOT more enjoyable :)

Irene said...

daddy car whre? hahahahha... ur boys really kuai man! thumbs up for them!

laundryamah said...

yeah i miss HK too (echoing Sasha)...but really admire you for having the energy and courage to bring the boys! I too stayed at the BP Int b4...not too good hor?

Honeymoons in Hong Kong said...

You took some really great pictures, looks like all of you had an awesome time!!