Saturday, May 02, 2009

Hong Kong Trip - Day 4 (13/4)

Day 4, we are going to Ocean Park. Before going to Ocean Park, we had our breakfast nearby our hotel.

Ho Ho Wan Noodle House

My Char Siew Rice

My sons's porridge

hub's noodles

After breakfast, we took MTR from Jordan and exit at Admiralty Station, from there walk to bus station and take Citybus No. 629 to Ocean Park, it's very Convenient.

this is the double deck bus to Ocean Park. If you got octopus card
u can paid the bus fare by using the octopus card.

we got seats on the upper deck.

The journey took about 20-30 mins, very near. Once we are at Ocean Park, we are a bit lost, not really know where exactly the place is. It divide to two part, one is call "Upland" and the other is "lowland". We took an Ocean Park Map and the show schedule, we decide we want to see the dolphin show first, we just follow all other visitors taking a very very long escalator up to "upland". Weather is so hot, like cannot feel any air or wind. Walk around Ocean Park is more tiring than walk around at Disney. Ocean Park got a lot uphill and downhill, go anywhere also walk walk walk, and quite far distance too.

outside of Ocean Park, good view ya?

part of Ocean Park view. See the white long thing on the left
that is the escalator.

taking one picture outside ocean park

some birds inside Ocean Park

long and "steep" escalator

me already got sun-burn on the chest!

Finally we reach "upland" and we still got sometime to kill before go for the Dolphin show. We go and queue at the Ocean Park Tower, it will go up high, and stop up high, revolving and let us have a good view of Hong Kong and Ocean Park. Maybe i'm getting old, now i scared of "Height"!!! hahahhahahhahhahahahhaha

finally, we reached at the upland. This is some of the ride
for the older kids. Quite scary huh??

Finally we are up here!!

Taking picture with the seal/sea lion

this is the revolving Ocean Park Tower

view outside the tower

another view

we saw a lot eagles flying around.

After the revolving tower, we make a quick move to see the dolphin show. Reach there, those good seats with shades all taken up, no choice we have to sit in front, without shades and under the hot sun at 12 noon!!

seal performance

dolphins show

After dolphins show, we just walk around, not much rides suitable for my boys and some are long queue too.

this is some of the rides

Next we proceed to Aquarium, it's so huge and packed with people too. The aquarium got three level, so you can see the fishes from three different level.

this is level 1

forgot this is level 2 or level 3.....

sea snakes

After the aquarium, the boys want a rest, and we too! Have some drinks then we went to see Jelly fish. On the way to see the jelly fish, we met the turtle mascot, took a picture with him. My boys were wearing Disney Mickey cap, the turtle cover my boys cap and turn it aside, it's like telling us "hey, this is ocean park, not Disney, you should get the ocean park's cap!" :(

different kind of jelly fish, very interesting!

Finish seeing the jelly fish, we decide to take the cable car down to lowland, lowland's ride and things to see are more suitable for younger kids. Thinking of taking cable car make me worried a bit, like i said earlier, maybe i'm getting old, now i scare of "height". Before taking cable car, i told myself it won't be so scary la, should be ok. After sit inside, still feel ok, after it "went out" from the station, i start to feel scare, can see the pictures, i hold so tight!!! hahahhahahhahaha

Fearles is laughing at his mama screaming so loud!

see my worried face

the view

can relax a bit, but still holding on tight on the grill.

nice view

this view scary?? we are "sliding down"! can see the hot air
balloon on the left hand side

finally we are there!!! Phew!

Reach at the lowland, not many people compare to upland. First, bring the boys to Madagascar House, taking some picture inside. Then we want to see Panda, but not sure where, end up we are at Whisker Harbour to see Seal show. Want to try the hot air balloon but too many people queuing up, so we didn't try. Nearby Whisker Harbour, there is some playground for the kids and some games for younger kids to play, we spent some time there. By the time it is already late afternoon, we sit at a food stall to have some snack and drink, then we went to see Panda, at that time, the weather change, become gloomy, but still no wind!! Went in to see Panda, a lot people inside, lucky inside there not stuffy, air conditioning are strong, Panda need cooler place. :) After Panda, when we come out, it's already start to rain, we don't have umbrella, we have to run, and most places we been already, so we decide to leave ocean park.

Madagascar House

Taking picture with this seal - Ocean Park Mascot

On the way to Whisker Harbour saw this butterfly "boy"

Seal show at Whisker Harbour


When we are there, panda are having their meal time.

time to said bye bye Ocean park

Our original plan is after Ocean Park, we want to take a trip to The Peak, since it is our last day in Hong Kong, but it rain quick heavy and everyone of us get wet, i scare the boys will caught the flu, so we decide to go back hotel, rest and refresh and go out again. On the way back to hotel, we are hungry. Opposite our hotel got one "char chan teng", everyday we will pass by there, but never go in to try the food. Since it's raining, we thought to eat something first before go back to hotel.

two tired boys

our early "dinner"

my sandwiches...yummy!!!

Back to hotel, give Fearles a quick nap, he is getting cranky, as for Cruz, he manage to have a quick nap while in the bus. Just a quick energy charge, he can get back his energy very soon. I told hub, i didn't do any shopping this round, so that night i want to do some shopping. Thinking to go to H&M @ Central, but think again taking MTR and take a quite distance walk only can reach at H&M i give up, i decide just walk around, and i remember nearby our hotel i saw got Giordano and Bossini, thought just get myself some tops. While i shop at Giordano, i give my boys their Nintendo and they sit on the chair there and play and there is one pretty sales girl she is entertaining my boys!!! hahahhahha

Have to agree with Elaine, in HK you can see giordano & Bossini
everywhere!!! hahahhha

this is ice cream car, cute huh?

Park Lane Shopper's Boulevard is a road alongside which many boutiques sell name-brand clothes and accessories.

Didn't shop at Park Lane Shopper's Boulevard, just walk passed. Drop by Watson to get some mask, sil told me mask in Watson Hong Kong very cheap, should get some. After that just walk around at Tsim Sha Tsui, look see look see then we took MTR back to hotel again. Before walk back to hotel, i told hub i must try out this Australia Diary before i go back, we went there on the first day seeing long queue, that's why we didnt try out the food. Sie Choo told me if got chance must try out the food, very very nice. We try it on the last night as our supper

Australia Diary - wondering why this picture so bright?
Hijackqueen this is your answer - we took this picture on the
day 2 morning, see the queue, that's why we didn't try the food.

my milk tea

we order the set, set include egg, toast, ham and pasta

the toast and the egg is SUPER YUMMY!!!!! Indeed, we order
another set of toast and egg, my boys love it a lot too!!



actually they are famous for their steam milk, but i'm too full
to have another bowl of steam milk. If got chance i will try that next time.

After finish our supper @ Australia Diary, on the way back we walk pass this restaurant, remember Sie Choo also told me this place serve very nice steamboat. :) Will reserve that for next time.

Back to hotel, start packing our stuff, and two boys went to bed, less than 5 mins already in their lala land.


mybabybay said...

Somehow I love the HK milk tea.

Malaika's mummy said...

HAHA... you had a worried face in the cable car.

somehow, i just didnt like hk food.

khongfamily said... guys really sapu the whole HK!! You went to Disneyland and Ocean Park as I regret we didn't go to Disneyland :(.

Lovely Mummy said...

i didnt go Ocean park, no time. looks like you all had a great time there, even it's so hot..

Sasha said...

eh how come get sunburn on yr chest wan? haha not too exposed what. hahaha

I didn't go ocean park last time. Wasted. Maybe my next round i'll go.. when la is my next round...

mommy to chumsy said...

oooo..Ocean Park looks like a great place. I think next time i have to visit the park :D Hey, all of you are so brave to sit on the cable car. I am too chicken and if I were forced into it, i think i'll keep my eyes closed all the way....hehehhe.

jacss said...

wow annie, u even ventured to ocean park adventurous leh! i skipped it coz too tired after disneyland, haha
u really tasted lots of nice food in HK ehh.
btw, love that shot of the boys drinking their juice on the bench!!

Hijackqueen said...

You should post up that pic of you screaming. That one lagi dramatic!