Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hong Kong Trip - Last Day (14/4)

On last day, we don't have much, thought want to have breakfast nearby hotel, then we remember before we go to Hong Kong, sil's hub told us, must try the roast goose in the airport, not bad and the food at airport taste good too. We decide we check out earlier then can take our own sweet time to go to airport and have brunch or lunch there.

After checked out, we use the same route to go to the airport. We wait for the "mini bus" to come and pick us up to the train station. When we reach at the train station, it still early, we walk around and saw got one 7-11, we get some limited addition and easter egg chocolate toy for the cousins. I love their 7-11, got so many things to see, hahahhaha, we got quite a lot things from there. After pack it into the bags, we go to the check in counter to check in our bag at the train station, just like the one at KL Central, if we are early we can check in our baggage first.

waiting for the bus to come to bring us to the train station

Reach airport, we still got plenty of time, walk around and hunt for food. Get my boys sweet and sour meat with rice again and it's big portion and it taste good too!! Then i had roast duck rice and hub had roast goose noodles. hahahhahhahahha. Bil called and ask us to buy back two roast goose, after check with the restaurant, actually they do have the service to pack the goose nicely for the tourist to bring back!! hahahhahahhaha

waiting daddy to buy food.

This "Wong Fu" is the restaurant where we buy our roast goose
back to KL. :)

some of the rest @ the airport.

cam-whoring after our lunch..

Flight from Hong Kong to KL is on time, this round Fearles sit with me and Cruz sit with daddy. Once on the flight, three of them dozed off before the flight depart. hahahahha, see how tired they are lei, me is over-tired till i cannot sleep.

Fearles wake up while his lunch serve. This time the lunch look
more nicer than the day when we go to Hong Kong, and they are
enjoy the cartoon movie in the flight.

not long after lunch, they serve ice-cream too. hahhaha

this is how they pack the roast gose

the sauces, wonder why the sauce half already? Because on the
first day we back home, everyone already eaten one.

the roast goose.

This is our 5 days 4 nights trip, we really enjoy, and i miss Hong Kong so much! hahahhaha Hope we will arrange another trip again soon. :)


coffeesncookies said...

my god, the roast goose... making me very hungry NOW.... and I still have a few hours till dinner. wedding dinner.. sure late wan...

huisia said...

wow, even brought the roasted goose back, haha..geng !

happy mother's day!

keeyit said...

Roasted goose in HK - thumbs up.

You boy so big nia still having the 奶嘴.. hehe

mybabybay said...

I didn't know you can pack goose from the airport to bring back. Next tile if I go, I will sure do that.

Happy Mother's Day!!

jazzmint said...

wah liao roast duck back somemore LOL...

mommy to chumsy said...

hey, i also enjoyed the food in HK airport though people always say...the airport food sucks...hahahaha. the goose looks yummy and nice packaging too :D Wow, i want to eat the ice-cream that Fearles was having :D

laundryamah said...

how was the airport roast goose?? i usually buy from outside...

Annie Q said...

coffeencookies: ya ya, last night i was attend a wedding dinner too.

huisia: happy mother's day to u too!!

keeyit: ya wor, so hard to wean them off the jut jut. :(

mybabybay: i also don't know till the day when we about to depart then BIL called and ask us to try and ask. Next time you should buy back. :) Happy mother's day to u too!!

jazzmint: ya wor..hahahhahha

Barb: time i buy for u. :)

laudryamah: so only la..maybe the sauce taste not so nice. :)

khongfamily said...

Addictive hor. Your HK posts make me want to go back to HK again!!! :D

2ma said...

i miss hk too!! *hehe* i just got back last week, and i want to go back again for more shopping!!

Hijackqueen said...

Wah, very informative. Usually ppl say airport food no good. Ok, i must try the roast goose also.

Family First said...

aisehman, your boys still enjoy thier pacifier ah? cute neh. How much is the roast goose from that restaurant? Is it worth it?