Wednesday, May 06, 2009

My Boys

Today i want to write something about my boys, take a break on my HK trip post (still got one more to go!! hahahha) and my bento post. :)

Another two more weeks they will be turning four. What they have up to? Lately they drive me up the walls most of the time, they become more mischievous, they want to test how far their mummy patient limit can go. Just last Sunday, when we about to go out for shopping + dinner, Cruz out of sudden tell me he want to bring his toy sword to go "kai kai" i told him, no, if bring the toy means stay at home. He is angry, and he scream "NO!" i want to go "kai kai" and he insists want to bring the toy. I told him again, "NO, no toys", he scream again! That make me so fuming, i pull him to his own room and close the door, he cried he kick the door, banging the door, ( i was outside the room) and he open the door again. I pull him back to the room again, he do the same thing again, kicking a big fuss. Daddy got angry also, give him two big smack on his bum bum and ask him to said sorry to me, he just cried loud and pityful. I just ignore him and walk downstair, maid bring him down and wipe his face and give him water to drink. He keep look at me, but i just ignore him, i bring Fearles to the car, Cruz just follow behind me, after that he said "sorry mummy!" See, this is his stubborn attitude. Of course in the car i give him more lecture again!!

When two of them don't make me angry, they can be such an angel, always make me laugh, especially Cruz, because lately he speak a lot and with add in a lot new words too, which surprise me a lot!! He is a chatter box, he willing to learn how to speak, when i tell him, it's wrong, he will make sure he get the word correct pronounce. But come to homework, he will tell me " i don't know how to do". They still have homework twice a week, now "sometime" they will finish the homework before i come home, sometime no, sometime one of them will finish the numbers writting, and the other one will finish the english writting, and left one more "danggling" there. :( Now, everytime when i reach home, they will tell me whether got homework or no, and will tell me whether they had finish or not.

Ask them to do homework, sometime have to negotiate some deal, either let them to wear their batman and spiderman costume or after homework, they can eat some ice-cream or etc. :( Some of the day, after homework, i will ask them to read one story book, ask them to point and read sentence by sentence, i'm glad that they can recognise some of the words.

Here is some funny conversation with Cruz the chatter box ...............................................

Lately, daddy like to get slurpee from 7-11, maybe because of the hot weather. He will buy it everyday without fail. I did give to my boys a sip, from there, they know the drink is "yummy" and cooling. There is one night, daddy bought and give me one while the boys are changing their pyjamas in another room, i hide my cup of slurpee under the table. When they come in to our room, they saw their daddy's drink, immediate they look at me and want to find where is mummy's drink. They "tend" to bully me more, always like to "attack" my food and drink rather than their daddy one. Cruz ask

Cruz: where is my mummy's drink?

mummy: mummy don't have drink

Cruz: Why? My Daddy no buy for you??

mummy: ya, daddy no buy for me

Cruz: Why my daddy no buy? Daddy naughty ??

hahahhahahhahahaha..i cannot stand and i don't know how to answer him, and i said

mummy: ya, daddy naughty that why daddy no buy for me

After that, hub offer his drink to Cruz, Cruz shake his head and said don't want. Daddy ask him second time and third time he still said "no". Daddy just leave the cup there, after a while, Cruz cannot resists, end up still take a sip. Finally he saw mine, he happily take up and sip without asking me.


Next week, my sons will participate in the school spot day, they start practising since last few weeks. There is one day, i saw the teacher preparing some marble, pail, spoon and etc. When Cruz saw the marble he said "teacher, got balls". Teacher told him, "this is marble, not balls." From there, every day he came home he will tell me what he do in school, either sport training, or got birthday party or whatever thing happen in school. This is good at least i know what/how they are doing in school. As for Fearles, he don't talk much, he will add "some" after his chatty brother tell me the story. Fearles cannot pronounce "MARBLE" i make him to read after me, by seperate the word "Mar-ble" then add together again. First he will get it right, after combine together he will go "bubble" Sometime i really got no patient till i will raise my voice, Cruz beside me, he said "kor kor, NO, shampoo/shower is bubble, ball is marble" hahahhahahha, he also cannot stand Fearles after few tried still said "marble" is "bubble" o_o

Cruz adores his kor kor Fearles a lot. Night time, during sleeping time (now i leave them to sleep on their own), Cruz love to stick to his kor kor and sleep. Even i put them to sleep on their own pillow, after they sleep, you can see Cruz is sleeping next to Fearles (because mummy is sleeping in the centre).

The other day, at school, one of the teacher ask me (she is not the class teacher of my boys), who is elder, Fearles or Cruz, so i told her, Fearles is elder, teacher said, she thought Cruz is the elder, because he love Fearles and taking care of Fearles in school. ahhahahhahahahah Everytime when they involve some activities or anything, Cruz will always make sure Fearles is around and involve too. Didn't i said, Fearles is lonely ranger, he love to be alone, and he only love to mixed around with the cousins and cousins sisters only.

Two of them love to "chat" during sleep time, unless they are really out of "battery". Don't ask me what they "chat", they got their own way to communicate, giggle, singing. Sometime i will ignore them, sometime i really have to scold, only they go to sleep.

This is some update on my boys. There are too many things to jot down, i cannot remember all, this is just part of it. Will update more, when i remember. Post two pictures on their batman and spiderman costume that bought from Hong Kong.

two of them love to wear this costume so much, till sometime tell me want to wear this go kai kai, i have to tell them, if you wear this out to kai kai, police will catch you!!


coffeesncookies said...

nice to hear your boyz conversation. they very smart, attack mummy's drink and leave papa alone hor ? you didn't curi curi hear their pillow talk at night ke ? Must be very amusing !
I love the costumes !!! Will they wear it on their bday ?

mommy to chumsy said...

ahh..Cruz is such a caring boy eh? btw, i love the costume. no wonder the boys can't get enough of them :D

Lil' Monsters, Inc. said... young 1 will also talk, talk, sing, move all ard the mattress till he knocks out, most of the time will need to scold to keep quiet:)

Go batman & spidey!

huisia said...

i love the spiderman costume, so stunning!


After reading your post, my heart sank. Mine is at terrible 2 stage now and I thot they stop at terror 3. But yours at 4 yrs old also like that .. so mine shd be worst!!!!

Allyfeel said...

so cheeky la your boys... :) And they are so lucky mummy make them such nice bento and bring them to HK....

It was really nice seeing u today. U look so fresh and nice.

2ma said...

cruz is so cute! he is such a loving didi!!!

etceteramommy said...

Double the menace but also double the happiness.

How's your 20 # bentos prep for the kids' birthday? :D

shoppingmum said...

My boy wears his costumes to gai gai, to school on Friday sometimes, and to sleep too. LOL!

Hijackqueen said...

Aiyah, buy ade must wear out ma. Wear at home only where got syok wan.