Monday, May 11, 2009

My Creation - Part 20

Last week my bento is more to like testing on the food arrangement on my "big project" for my sons birthday party at school next week and how to make the food look more "pretty", that's why you can see more or less the food are all the same only the rice deco is different. Now, i might change my mind, instead of doing the rice, maybe i will do fried vemicelli which is more easier rather than need to mould the rice. At first teacher did said can cook vemicelli but i think with rice will be easier with the decoration. Think again, i have to do 50+ bentos for the kids and the teachers, make me "stress" a bit. hahahhahahhahahah

Menu in the bento will be either rice or vemicelli, fish balls, quail eggs, nuggets or chicken pop, maybe will add cocktail sausages in it. Beside than this, i will get the kids Yakult ( a suggestion given by SIG, thanks a lot!), jellies and birthday cake as dessert. I also do for the school teachers, which is 5 of them and plus one helpers.

I have get all my bento boxes from 100 yen shop in taman desa, picture as below.....

this is the four types of bento boxes for the kids.
Top two is for the boys and below two is for the girls. :)

As for the teachers i get those with two tier one, with not-so-cutie bento box :) I mean those "adult" bento box la. hahahhahaha

This is my bento creation :-
since i find the box still got some "gap", to fill in the "gap"
i put some brocolli, carrot and small corn.

these two is for my sons. Same food menu but add on some
fruits. The tomica transparent car bento is my new collection.
I bought it from CP, bento market. :)

As for Sunday, Mother's Day i still prepare bento lunch for my boys. :)

today make a change on the food, still got fish balls, minus the quail egg
nuggets/chicken pop i change it to pork chop fried with bread crumbs and
dragon fruits and strawberries as dessert.

On the other hand i want to do this "car" sometime ago after seeing this two mummies, Amy and Sie Choo doing it. Look quite easy, and this is my version of "car" look funny??? hahahhahahah
Yesterday since i got time and the bento lunch for my sons is a simple one, so i decide to do the "car" sandwiches. My boys so happy and surprise to see the "car" sandwiches and show off to the cousins saying" my mummy do me the "car"" hahahhahahah *Did u notice my car's tayar got the "rims"* LOL!!!!! The "driver" look funny? I don't have teddy bear cutter, this is the only one i can find. kakakakkakakakaka


I am Princess Misha's Mum said...

YOUR car looks lovely :) and cute! Keep up the good job!

Blur Angel said...

ya .. love the wheels! haha

Irene said...

the car is very cute! eh u gonna do 50 bentos?!?! whoooooooa!

LittleLamb said... the kids will go home with a bento box each??? how lucky..but a lot of work.. but at the end of the day..when u see ur 2 kids smile..its worth it.. :)

Lil' Monsters, Inc. said...

Hey, I really like the car, cute & funny too.

Mummy to QiQi said...

ya lor, got rims wor!!hahaha...

mommy to chumsy said...

hahaha...the cars look so cute and yes the drivers are funny...i can't stop laughing. You are good. Hey, would the kids get to keep the bento boxes? if not then you'll have 50 more in your collection ah?


4malmal said...

oh love the car! Made me want to try my hands on bento making...and I wonder whether my boy will start taking fruits !

mybabybay said...

Now how many bento box do you have...hehehe.

coffeesncookies said...

my goodness, the car ! the car ! i also want the teddy bear car !

jacss said...

hey...seeing yr tomica box really upset me on the lost of it by sean...sigh!! gee...yes, the bear-bear driver looked very cute lor, stone-stone like that!!

Sasha said...

you can ask the yakult lady to send the yakults to your house on the day itself and its cheaper, i think. Rm3.70 per 5 bottles.

Annie Q said...

Sie Choo: thank you!! You always so nice, so supportive and always give good comment on my bento. :)

Blur Angel: Thanks!!! hahahhaha

Irene: yea, for the kids birthday party @ kindy.

LittleLamb: yea, all the kids will have the bento box as "party packs" :)

Lil'Monster, Inc: Thanks!!! :)

mummy to QiQi: hahahha, yea, got rims!

mommy to chumsy: hahahhaha, thanks!! Yea, the bentos box is as a "party packs" for the kids to bring back home.

4malmal: maybe some "cute looking" fruits will do the tricks?

mybabybay: my bento box collection not so many compare to other mummies. :)

coffeesncookies: hahahhahahhahahahhaha, u just make me laugh so loud!

jacss: get another tomica box for sean?? hahhaha, the bear bear drink and drive that's why look "stone" kakakkakaka

Sasha: oh really?? Thanks for the info, i will call them and check.

Lovely Mummy said...

wow, your bento creation improved a lot. I seldom fix bento for my boy, very busy...hehe..i will find time to do it as my boy asked for it these days.. :)

laundryamah said...

clap clap clap...