Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sons's school sport day & my weekend

Last Saturday me and my mum went for my sons school sport day. Younger sil's son also in the same school as my boys, so she also went. Woke up really early, sport start at 8.30am, i need to go to morning market to pick up "nasi lemak". School did ask parent to "sponsor" some food or bring some food/drink to school. I get "nasi lemak" and sil is doing some konnyaku jellies.

Reach school, still not many students and parent, we get a good seat on the first row. My boys all get excited, running around in the school compound, teacher ask them to rest first, don't run so much later got no more energy.hahahhaha Everyone well prepare for the sports, i can see some kids are crying. After a while teacher get all the small kids lining up in a group. My sons and the cousin in the same group, they are in red team.

school compound

three heros in red team - team work ya?

the elder cousin is there to support the brother

all kids lining up

the medals...every kids get it.

goody bag for the kids and the three fruit basket for the parent's

all the parents

After announce the sport is start, all the small kids start marching out from the classroom and line up at the playground, so cute looking at all the small kids. The youngest i think is only 2+ still wearing diapers and join the sport. Really cute!

kids matching out, and lining up outside

red, yellow and blue team

I can see my sons "fight" really hard for their red team. Run, crawl, jump...firstly, red team is leading ahead, after two games, blue team and yellow team start picking up. We all parent are cheering the kids, when my boys turn i shouted "Faster, faster, run, walk, quick, quick quick!!" The cousins is there to cheer my boys too, teach them how to put the mable, water into the bottle properly. You can see other parent also shouting, and support their team. After three games one of the kid in red team, decide to throw tantrum, crying and don't want to run. Teacher have to bring him and finish the game :( The end result, red team got last! hahahhahahah, but every kids still got the medal. It printed there " I am the champion" Yes, all the kids are the champion!!!

first game - my boys in pair

use the spoon to hold the marbles and put it into the bottle

Fearles's turn...
take 4 marbles but only put one into the bottle. :(

duck driver...hahahhah this is cute! Fearles was
so funny and i forgot to take the video. They have to
walk like a duck...then put a small car run through the bench
then take the car and run to the "cone" and touch the "cone" then
turn back.

Cruz turn, get ready to run the car through
the bench.
run, run, run, run, run
run! Fearles, taking the bottle to fill the empty
bottle with the colour water.

squeeze squeeze squeeze...
Cruz's turn....
hop hop and run under the line, then put stack up
the can, see which group stack the highest..

two elder cousins sister were there too to support the boys.

Not only kids got to participate in the game, parent too. Since hub and my bil are not around, so me and my sil participate in parent's game. We won the third place, by putting all the small ring together and become a necklace. I'm slow, all is done by sil! hahahhahahha, my finger nail broke.

three happy champions!!!

champion boys with por por....

After the games, we had some food to eat, all contribute by the parents. Overall, we are having a fun day and so do the kids. It's also a tired weekend for me, after kid's school sport day, reach home, prepare some light lunch for them then i off to KL to hunt for some party things for this weekend, so no bento for last weekend. hahahahhahah Evening we attended a birthday party, in fact on that night we got birthday party and wedding dinner, so hub off to his friend's wedding dinner and me and my mum and my boys off to the birthday party.
Sunday, after bring my boys to have breakfast @ Mcd, then i brought my mum to 1 Utama to have some shopping, since i only got time during weekend and also i need to hunt for some presents too. Night time we had a belated mother's day dinner @ oversea rest in Sri Petaling. I'm happy that, this year i manage to celebrate this day together with my mum, even though is a belated one. Food was good, i only manage to take one pictures then after that i totally forgot to take the food pictures. Beside than the four season as the first dish, we got a pot of soup (another version of Budha jump over the wall), suckling pig, fish, prawn & dessert.

It's a fruitful and tired weekend. Another 1 more day it will be my challenge on the 50 bentos for the school party, now i start a bit worried. hahahhahahahhaha. Sorry if i don't stop by your blog lately, this week will be super busy for me, prepare for my sons big 4 birthday party in school and at home. Will catch up on the blog hopping soon.


slavemom said...

The boys participated in quite many events. Well done, champions!

Krystal said...

I like the pix of the boys running in pair with the loving :) And you really look like your mum lah...just like chop!

shoppingmum said...

Such a nice event!
Oh ya, I can't wait to see your 50 bentos too, you can do it!


Yawor! You look like photostat copy of your mom lah! And your mom still so young leh!

Lovely Mummy said...

my kid's school also had sports day on last Sunday too. It's so nice to see them enjoy the games. :)

LittleLamb said...

yes...ur mom n u look so alike.. :)
and there were so many games... the boys knock-out later???

I like it when the school appreciate everyone's everyone is a champion.

mommy to chumsy said...

the sports day is so much fun. the boys even wore their red crocs...hahahha.

lw said...

Wow,i wish megan school also has sport day, it will be fun :)
YOur mum and you look very much alike ya...
Thank you for your advice on Megan chau-kha-phoi, now I'm trying 'vineherbs' balm. My sis bought it for her. Hope it help to heal her wounds.

Malaika's mummy said...

Sound like a fun day.

You bear a great resemblance to your mum.

coffeesncookies said...

wow, sports day reminds me of when I was in primary school. Very kan cheong. Your boys surely had fun and did a good job. Hey, you do look a lot like your mom and she looks so young!

janice said...

wow.. u n ur mom like biscuit mould lah .. hahaha..

bravo to the lil twins..

jacss said...

that really sounds like a busy, tired but fruitful weekend for u annie!! yr boys really looked serious with the games, bet they will be good sportsman in future!!
eh, kindy also got field...very big leh!!
like their red crocs, my scot also chose the same pair but sean's is blue :)P
hope yr parties project will be smooth sailing...

Sasha said...

omg annie, u look exactly like yr mum!!!

And i like the pic where yr 2 boys kiap the baloon. Last also nehmind cos they memang is champions edi.

Hijackqueen said...

You and your mom like photostat wan wor! Really really photostat!

Mummy to QiQi said...

haha...the moment i saw your title, i quickly check in finding your bento! bila post ler? cant wait liao!

laundryamah said...

the same trophy! reminds me of Kieran at that cute

etceteramommy said...

Bravo the sportsmanship. Can tell from the pics they really 'pok sai meng'. :D .. and well done on the teamwork!!!!

Mommy needs another manicure eh.. :P

mybabybay said...

Wow 50 bentos, all the best!

2ma said...

well done boys!

annie, am looking forward to your 50 bento challenge!! gan ba tei!

zmm said...

Such a big sports day for the boys..

Getting them ready for bigger sport days in Primary school.. haha.

Anonymous said...
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