Monday, June 08, 2009

Backdated - a short getaway

Last weekend, school holidays just start, we had a family trip to Genting Highland, to bring all the kids up the hill to enjoy the cool breeze, but weather not so cold. :( This is my sons second time there for overnight. Last year we brought them once, that is only day trip and the earlier time is when they are just 7 months old!

We went on Sunday evening, reached up there around 5.30pm, but the rooms are still not ready, so all of us went for early dinner. There is one newly open Vietnam restaurant in Genting, the food taste good and price reasonable also. After dinner, went to check in, we are "potong queue" as we got some contact there, that also take about 1/2 hour time, :( too many people!!

the deco of the restaurant

me and Cruz

Fearles and daddy

kids's fried rice, it taste so yummy!!

spring roll

spare ribs


there is a vietnam fair outside the restaurant.

After loaded our baggage in the room, we went to highland hotel to check out the game room, all the kids are having so much fun on playing all the games, reluctant to go. We spent about 1.5 hours in at the game area, and this is my sons first time got the chance to play the game. Those water shoting gun, throwing balls, they are so excited, but some games they are not tall enough to play. Then after spend some $$$ at the games room, we went outdoor to breath some fresh air, chatting and munching some junks. After that around 11pm, i bring the boys back to room to sleep while other still enjoy themselve at the lounge. I thought after the boys sleep, i can sneak out to have some coffee since "my princess" was in the room with the boys and our room was connect with my Pil then should be ok, end up i was too tired i just dozed off with the boys.

all the kids enjoy the drinks and junks

my boys with the cousins

Next day, after having breakfast, we all enjoy the rides with the kids. Especially my father in law, he is so excited bringing Fearles to go for ALL the rides, include those not suitable one he also bring, lucky the staff told him, Fearles still young cannot take certain ride. Phew! Cruz stick with me, not all rides he want to go, and yet Fearles more "adventurous" he even went into the "ghost house". This is their third time in Genting, but for rides this is their second time, but this round they really had so so many rides, although we had to queue for long and for every rides!! Parent in laws are happy, got spend time with all the grandchildren, kids all have fun. This time my boys had few round indoor bumper car, last year when we bring them up for a day trip, they still don't know how to manage the car, this time after one round, they know how it goes. It always so funny to see how Fearles angry with Cruz, while Cruz car "bump" into Fearles, he will keep scolding Cruz ask him to reverse or remove the car to let him go. I can see some brother love too, while after few rounds ride, Fearles start telling Cruz to press the pedal then turn the wheel then the car will move. When finish, Fearles cannot release his safety belt, and Cruz is standing there to help Fearles with it, it is a sweet moment, too bad my camera are running out of battery and i forgot to bring my spare battery!! :(

next day, there is some show on, some "go green and environemnt" things
We saw Maya Karin there. :)
Family pictures, like a big group huh.

Fearles and Fil went to "haunted house" ride and Cruz decide to play at the

hub's sister and my princess went for this ride (my princess enjoy so much!! Even go for the ride) kek sei me, and i'm the maid!!!
fil and fearles on the merry go round
me and Cruz
train ride? Fearles and Cruz enjoy this so much, we let them drive themselve. :)
We left around 4pm, once in the car, less than 5 mins my boys already in their lala land, they are so tired, but i think they do enjoy themselve very much.


Allyfeel said...

Looks like a real fun holiday. I was contemplating going to Genting but afraid of queuing up for games. Must try nest time. The kids looks so happy.

mybabybay said...

1/2 hour to check in? I will be there soon too!

Krystal said...

Wah...such a big group...very fun leh!

slavemom said...

Wat a big grp! And that made it more fun, rite. The crowd's really crazy during sch hols hor. That's y we decided not to go this time.

coffeesncookies said...

I thought the latersn at Vietnamese restaurant were beautiful.Amber & I were admiring it while riding the b-o-r-i-n-g gondola.

Irene said...

i love big groups. sooo nice. can go nuts together. haha!

wah, ur princess vely tan sai kai yah... hahahahha!

Lovely Mummy said...

Genting Highlands really not cold at all. I just back from there yesterday. LOL!!! We're so what to say, er, same? I went HK then you went the following month. You went Genting last week, then I also went Genting the following week of you. :D so where is our next destination, huh?

mommy to chumsy said...

wow, such a big big group :D looks so much fun leh...better than my trip to genting last time...haahaah. the vietnamese fare looks nice. i like the lanterns :D

lw said...

look so much fun :)

keeyit said...

Nice food... I love vietnam food too..

LittleLamb said...

i beh-tahan Genting. always pack.

etceteramommy said...

I quite like Genting.. if only they are not always that packed.

2ma said...

wow, such a big group to genting. that must have been fun! shan leo has never been to the outdoor park. maybe next round!

jacss said...

wuah...isn't it good to have a big family for such outing, looked so much merrier!! having d cousins around must have added to yr boys excitement rite. thk god u survived the holiday crowd & madness!!

Lil' Monsters, Inc. said...

Wah...u really nice to yr pricess hor. She go on rides while u jadi maid?!! Very nice outing - yr pics looks great.