Wednesday, June 03, 2009

My Creation - Part 21

After few weeks havoc time schedule, i thought i can have a rest after the birthday party, but no. Last week Tue, just two days after the birthday party, Cruz develope high fever as 40 degree in the evening. He is so weak, he just laid on the floor and sleep, give everyone a shock, because that is not usual him. He is always full of energy and never get tired, this out of sudden reaction give everyone a fright.

When i reached home after my gym, i see everyone were running around, and all the cousins run to me and tell me Cruz is having high fever, very very hot, putting down my bag, immediate bring him to hospital. Nurse stripe him and sponge him with cold water, he is shivering. On the other hand, Fearles is happy keepoing around, because he insists want to follow us to hospital. Can see he is care for his brother, and keep ask me Cruz "seng bin" - sick? I said "ya", i keep him away from Cruz. He folded Cruz's cloth after the nurse stripe Cruz, it's so funny to see that. After doc checked, he said nothing serious, Cruz just got viral fever, they insert some medicine to the bum bum and ask me to go back and feed him fever medicine again and also anti-biotic. Mid night woke up few times to check on Cruz, he is sounded asleep, and fever subside, the next day he is ok, back to his ownself, just got some cough and flu.

Friday night it's Fearles's turn, i sense something not right with Fearles, quickly feed him some fever medicine before he sleep, middle of the night, can feel his body was quit warm, sponge him a bit and put fever gel on his forehead and woke him up and feed him fever medicine again. Lucky in the morning, he feel much better. There go another restless week for me.

I still prepare some simple lunch for them over the weekend, since Fearles still unwell, i ask the maid to cook some porridge.

Cruz's pig shape rice, some anchovies and pork chop and try to do some experiment on the egg, but it look not good. hahahhahahha

Fearles having porridge so i thought doing some deco on it, it will look more tasty? hahahha

Some Kiwi and dragon fruits as dessert

Sunday, i prepare spaghetti bolognese for Fearles with some lucheon meat and banana

Cruz not a noodles person, he prefer rice.

this is the lunch for one of the cousin, since he is at home, and got tuition class, i thought i just fix him a bento lunch and make him happy. While i'm doing this, he ask me, why my rice look like that. hahahahha

Happy bento-ing everyone.


Irene said...

ahhh, lucky fever come & go fast. phew...

ur bento cute & nice lah :)

coffeesncookies said...

OMG ! I would have freaked at 40 celcius. Must train yr maid to tell you earlier.
I like the piggie rice bento,, very cute ya.

keeyit said...

You are really a good mum and good heart.. So patience to do all these. Salute you, my dear.

Malaika's mummy said...

Yr bento skill is getting better every time you posted on yr blog.

mommy to chumsy said...

oh dear...poor cruz. luckily the boys are well now. are getting very good with the bentos. so cute!!

jacss said...

haiyo...must be 'playing' too hard during the past week blast?? but luckily the fever didn't dragged too long, bet their immunity has grown stronger!! hey, u didn't keep any suppository in the fridge kah...very impt for sudden fever at night leh! i always made sure i hv stock in d fridge, hehe
wei..i see a lot of luncheon meat there wor, tsk tsk tsk...but it's also my fav, haha!!

Mummy to QiQi said...

hope the boys are recovered by now. Surely scary when see so high temperature. wah...u still got mood to decorate the food ah? haha...