Monday, June 15, 2009

My Creation - Part 22

This is my last weekend bentos for my boys. Simple one, with not much deco. :P
Have been see some japenese mummy doing some cute Anpanman Bento, i also want to try my version, but my freehand cutting still need more practise, that's y the eyebrow it don't look alike :( the mouth also look weird. hahahhahahahha

Anpanman cheeks and nose i use luncheon meat, then with some meat balls, fish balls and cute "Panda" fish cake, some kiwi and grapes.

this is one of the tee i bought from here, and i look at the Anpanman and do the bento. hahahhahahaha, but only do the face part, no body. :S look alike???

This is the bentos on Sunday, another easy bento, just "wrap" the rice
with seaweed then put a small luncheon meat on top, star shape fish cake and
some meat for the lunch. Fruits- apples, golden kiwi and grapes on the pooh bento box,
a birthday gift for my boys from Misha.

Happy Bento-ing!!


coffeesncookies said...

i like anpanman, one of my favourite buns from meidi ya. Very cute..
Aiyer.. my bento project very stale punya. only sandwich cut out from cookie cutter. I really salute your bento designs.. the hands gotta be nimble, esp on seaweed cutouts and have to be creative too.

Irene said...

very colorful and nice :)

Charming said...

You call this simple, Annie. Tapek to you. Wish I could be as creative as you. Good job.

Big Pumpkin said...

Wow! You are really talented, leh....

chewsheiwei said...

So creativity you are! the anpanman look so alike lor..:) Gan ba dei..!!I must learn from you future

Wena said...

Pretty! :)

BTW, where do you get those type of fishcakes? Would 100yuen shop have it? One just opened up in Kuching but they are semi-open and not all their stocks are in. Only the dry foodstuff are in. Can't wait until their other stuff are in.

LittleLamb said...

wow wow..really nice.

mommy to chumsy said... this is anpaman...hahahhahhhahhaa. you are getting really good in this :D

Annie Q said...

coffeencookies: heheh, Anpanman very cute right? :) Don't worry, when i just start bento, i also start with simple, like use cutter to cut out bread, slowly u will want to try something new. :)

Irene: Thanks!

Charming: Hmmm..actually it is simple lor, all is ready food, just put it in the cup, to make it look pretty. :)I still lack of creative, mostly i get the idea from Jap mama or some really good in bento mummy's blog.

Big Pumpkin: hahahha..paiseh...i'm not talented, still in learning stage. :)

chewsheiwei: thanks for dropping by. ;) As i said, i am not creative, i get most ideas from other mummies also. :)

Wena: Thanks!!
Those fish cake i got it from one of the grocery store nearby my house. Hmmm..i think 100 yen shop don't sell fishcakes. Normally, in KL can get it from Jusco supermarket, but not always can get. This is also my first time i saw it at the supermarket, that's why i get it. I think 100 yen shop in Sarawak have less choice, but i'm not sure in Kuching, as my mum told me in Sibu, really very less choice and they sell at RM7.90 for all the items, while here only RM4.90.

Little lamb: thanks!!

mommy to chumsy: ya ya..this is Anpanman lo. hahhahaha :P

Wena said...

Hmm....RM7.90. That's quite a pricey increase.

Well, I think I spoke to the owner yesterday since he was the one welcoming everyone into the store. He was saying that it's difficult atm to put up all the food items! LOL! The shop is still under renovation so it still looks pretty chaotic and messy.

He claims that he will have 500 kitchenware items coming in although I don't have a clue where they are going to put it. He said that they tend to select items that they "think" that people may want to see. Adoh.

jacss said...

well done annie, i think there're quite a lot of cutting, punching & arranging to do in the bentos!! the fingers r doing a good job heh.
yr boys can really eat a lot of fruits heh, good!! i wish mine will too....:)P

Mummy to QiQi said... much job and decor somemore u say simple ah? *pengsan*

slavemom said...

I esp like the rice ball wrapped in seaweed. Vy special.