Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our weekend - Fishing & Look Out Point @ Hulu Langat

Title said it all, we went for a so called "fishing trip" over the weekend. At first hub and his good buddy said go to Hulu Langat for fishing (i'm not sure, why suddenly he is into fishing), after that hub suggest why not go to his family farm at Semenyih, there is two big ponds, but we are not sure is there anymore fish, since no one staying there, just got one worker taking care the place. We still proceed and decide to go Semenyih, parent in law's "farm".

My sons were excited when hub tell them he will bring them to go fishing, two of them had been talking about fishing from the day their daddy told them till Sunday!!! Can you imagine how "torturing" my ears is?? They will keep asking "are we going today, are we going now? when we go fishing??" I have to tell them, you count 1, 2, 3,4, 5, sleep five times only we go. :(, but still the next hour they ask the same questions again!!!!

Sunday come, they are excited, i am wondering do they know what fishing is? Fishing need a lot patience and need to wait long to catch a fish. They must be thinking, fishing is easy, put the fishing rod, can catch the fishes already.

We leave the house at 2pm in the afternoon, after meet up with hub's good buddy then go to Semenyih. I have not been to Semenyih and the "farm" for at least 5-7 years!! It change so much!! Even Semenyih town had change so much, with more shop and even got tesco and a nice KFC and Pizza outlet!! Can see around the "farm" also got a lot houses already, very much develope but the road to our farm, it's narrow and the grass is very long, if didn't see carefully we nearly cannot see the road to turn in.

After reach the place, my boys so "kampung" never see the ponds before, they got excited, and cannot wait their daddy to bring them for fishing. The slope at the pond side is quite steep, so i just let them see and not fishing. When the two men are fishing, me and hub buddy's wife and kids and maids sitting at the car porch enjoying our junk foods, drinks and rambutans!! Now is rambutans season, i can see a lot rambutans on the tree, get the worker to pluck two big bags for us to eat. It's towards evening, so the weather just nice, not too hot, but...there is a lot mosquitoes!!!!!! Even thought we spray mosquitoes repullent, but there is still mosquitoes attack us!! Not too long later, it start rain, two men didn't give up, holding the umbrella and continue fishing, while we and the kids chatting and playing at the car porch.

house @ the semenyih farm


daddy testing out his NEW TOY!!
This is the pond that they want to do the fishing...so muddy & dirty

this is another view of the pond, there is two ponds

daddy testing out his photography skill with the ponds and scenery

Fearles posing for me

rambutan trees! My boys first time eating rambutans!! hahhaa

playing with their friends..

lonely old man at the pond side waiting for the fish.....
fish fish where are you???

after i refresh myself, Cruz show me this, mummy i look pretty???

Cruz ah moi....:( *slap forehead*

Final result is ----------------------------------------> THERE IS NO FISH AT ALL!!! hahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahahah. We refresh ourself and shower the kids at the house and decide to leave and go for dinner. Hub's buddy Vincent, he bring us to Hulu Langat look out point, i had heard so much about this place but never been there. We drive those short cut from Semenyih and all the way to Ampang!!! Far lei!! It took us about 35 mins to reach there.

Very nice place, maybe it just after rain, so the weather a bit cool and can feel some wind. Very crowded place, most patrons are those youngster and some are with family too. Very unique place with nice view too. We are lucky to get a table, can see the KL night view. We went to Gasoline, they serve western and steamboat, but we opt for western food. Next time we should try the steamboat, it is really cute, you can sit inside the "small cave" and have steamboat, each cave got one table, some got two, very nice. There is one more fine dining restaurant, Olive and bread, not many people there and i think there is one chinese restaurant there also?? After dinner, Vincent did suggest we walk up a bit further up there is a platform, we can stand there and see the night view, but that time is around 9.45pm, it's quite late, and the next day is the school start, i know my boys sure cannot wake up!! During school holidays, they only wake up at 9am or 10am!!!

once you reach there, you will see this big signboard

walk up from the stair, you can see this Gasoline cafe

KL night view....

this is where our table...very nice view..

this "cave" is where to have steamboat dinner! so cute right?

After dinner, we cam-whoring a bit, then went back home, actually we took quite a few group pictures but turn out blur. :( Anyway, it's a tired and fruitful day for my two boys! Not forget night before, we brought them to Mid Valley Mega kids, they have a good two hours playing at Mega kid, while me and hub went for some shopping. End up hub got his NEW TOY and me got NOTHING. ahhahahhahah

This is how my boys end their school holidays with two happy days for them.


Lil' Monsters, Inc. said...

Yr hubby so funny la, so determined even with the water looking like that. Got crocs or not?

Health Freak Mommy said...

The Look Out Point place looks really awesome, I must check it out one day. Where's Hulu Langat? In Ampang?

Charming said...

Nice views of KL. My fav photo is the one of the rambutan tree - salivating... so long since I've had rambutans. Wish I was back in Msia now.

mommy to chumsy said...

oh it's so fun to be out of the city for a while eh? i haven't been to the lookout point before though i've heard so much. must really go there :D

khongfamily said...

Woww..how fun!! As long as the kids enjoyed themselves. Was the food at Gasoline nice? I saw similar outlet at Sunway Pyramid but never try it. Ehh..what's your hub's new toy? DSLR?

mybabybay said...

That is one reason I never tell my children ahead of time where we are going. It is to avoid questioning again and again and again.

2ma said...

i have heard of the look out point but nvr tot the place has nice restaurant. hmm...must go already!

janice said...

the last i went to look out point it was so crowded !!.. hahaha.. yet to try gasoline.. hahaha.. it's very near to mai hse..

BoeyJoey said...

Hahaha... so cute the way you teach your twins how to count the times they sleep till Sunday! I never thought of that!

LittleLamb said...

so kew one..i was talking to 2 mommy bloggers about look-out point recently.. n so kew again, u went to MV on sat.. eheheheh

did u see any Thai restaurant in look-out point? i want to go la. KL got such nice place, i also dont know..heheh

Krystal said...

interesting look out point...can get nice view of KL. do they hav nice food there as well?

little prince's mummy said...

Go fishing somemore... the look out point look nice!~ Nice kl view!~

Lovely Mummy said...

i want to go there too, it's so nice, somemore I like steamboat. :)

jacss said...

sounds an interesting farm visit, hey the house tak boleh stay kah, why dun stay a nite? the lonely oldman so sporting, haha
our jakun city kids surely need to be exposed to such natures!!
itu ah moi cruz very pretty, LOL

i've been wanting to go to this LookOutPoint! the last time we went to hunt for this place, we got lost & can't find the place, hence turned back...dun know when huby will try again, :(
looks very happening, i'm gonna show my old man yr photos to tempt him, hahaha

Irene said...

The Look Out Point nice hor, i went to the upstairs western food place b4 with my frens, must sit at the side table... so can see clear view. nice nice!

wahseh, got farm lagi ah...

Mummy to QiQi said...

been to look out point so many times but havent seen the "cave" before ler..must go check out again next round.

slavemom said...

So nice to be back in nature, minus the mozzies of coz. :)
The "cave" concept is interesting. Seems like u can hv some privacy there.

etceteramommy said...

Hahahahaha.. 'lonely old man'??? Hahahahaah.. jahat la you..

Wahh.. daddy got new camera!! *pinch*

Nice place! It's located at Ampang? Child friendly place? No mozzies ???

lw said...

Wow...what a full day eh...It has been years since I went for fishing :)
Did the boys able to wake up early for their first day to school? hehehe