Tuesday, July 28, 2009

5 more days........

my maid will be leaving/finish her contract. So fast ya? I also vomit blood for 2 years already. Good is i don't need to "kek hei", angry, screaming, scolding like mad/crazy woman again and my pressure will back to normal, won't shoot sky high most of the time. :)

Another thing is, now without maid i need to worry my boys in the afternoon. At home, we got one vietnam maid, but, she is mainly doing housework, for taking care kids, she is not so familiar. Already brief her some simple instruction like making milk for my sons in the afernoon and shower them after the school.

No, my maid still don't know she is leaving another 5 more days, i thought i want to give her a "surprise gift" only tell her on the day she is leaving. Looks like now i have to tell her a bit earlier in order for her to call her parent to pick her up from the airport. She knew that she is leaving in August, many months ago she already saying this to my sons " i will go home in august, i don't want you anymore!" ," i go home in august, you no more kakak" Why i knew this? My sons ask me, "mummy, what is August?" I am bit puzzle, when they ask me this, when they ask again, "what is August? kakak said kakak go home August, then no more kakak?" In order to make my boys feel more "comfortable" i told them "lazy kakak is going home in August, and mummy is getting a new one and better kakak for you, so mummy no more angry lo!" My boys buy my story, hahahahhahahhaha, now when they mention "kakak go home August, mummy happy, no more angry and can sing song lalalala!"

We are (family) thinking to get one more maid for the house, too many housework and too many kids to look after, with one maid i think she can't cope. Not easy to hunt for a good maid, now still trying our luck and still thinking what maid to take. For myself, i won't want any more maid, i had enough headache. Now my sons also getting old, i don't need a maid, BUT i just need someone to look after them in the afternoon and also during school holidays or weekend when i need to do my own things. Without a maid, means my boys will tag along with me when i go everywhere, less gym workout for me, i got more things to do after back home from work, and not to mention i still have to teach them their homework. Hmmmm...

Well, before the maid leave, i also train my boys to put back their toys and stop messy my room with pillows all over the bed . I ask them to make up the bed after wake up (this is only for the weekend) hahahhahahha, good training??

Cruz can be my good helper, last weekend, he help me to feed Fearles lunch (i'm lazy, didn't take picture). Fearles always the slow eater, always like to store the food in the mouth. I always have to ask him, quick, swallow it down. Last weekend, while i'm watching my tv, Cruz offer to feed Fearles, Cruz had finish his, so he took Fearles plate and feed him noodles ( i cook Fearles noodles again, Cruz love rice) He said "Fearles, chew, quick, open your mouth, drink some soup, chew chew chew" Fearles finally finish his food, then Cruz feed him fruits. hahahhahah. It is a funny scene.

Ok, let me count down again till the last day, then i will update how is my "princess" on the last day. I think my boys will miss the kakak because kakak is their playmate. Hmmm...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bento-ing & Baking Weekend

Title said it all, i spend my weekend doing bento (as usual) and baking (again).

Last weekend, my boys want noodles as their lunch (easier for me, hahahah). Usually i will cook instant noodles for them, those without seasoning one, and i just add some sesame oil..fried some onion and garlic, soya sauce and i remember i saw somewhere a similar recipe said add some tomatoes sauce to it. I try this new version recipe (with tomatoes sauce) my boys just love it so much. Two days in a row they request noodles as lunch.

This is Saturday's lunch, mee top with egg in flower and boy shape, some pork chop and fruits. Fearles had apples and Cruz had strawberries.

Sunday lunch, mee again. This time i fried some luncheon meat and deco it as heart shape put on top of the mee. Alphabet nuggets, anchovies and fruits (Golden kiwi and grapes). This time i fixed myself a bento lunch too! hahhahahahhaha

mummy's bento with more vege and orange as fruit. :)

And i got two happy & satisfied diners.

After lunch, i want to try out my cupcakes baking experiment , since i "fail" it last round, i want to try again and also I still got one more box of cake pre-mix for me to try. :) This time i manage to find the oven manual book and i make sure i set the temperature correct and put on the correct tray and also make sure i don't overfill the cup with batter!!! Here come the result
Tada.....looks better this round? Some of it not so "burnt" and i re-bake it again. This is lemon flavour cupcakes, and i make lemon frosting too to top it on the cupcakes. My boys eat fresh-from-the-oven-cupcakes with lemon frosting immediatly. And they said "YUM!" hahahhahah

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


on coaching my boys homework. Now, they still got their homework twice a week, most is on Monday and Thurs night.

I notice lately Fearles hardly finish his homework, sometime he will finish his numbering and leave the english/alphabets one for me to sit with him only he will do. Last night, another "homework night", i check through their homework, Cruz finished but some of the words not tidy or not correct i will erase and ask him to re-write again. As for Fearles, his homework leave it un-touch! When i tell them it's homework time, ask them to bring the file out and sit on the table wait for me, Fearles give me a "torturing moment" kind of look. :(

While Fearles doing his alphabets/sentence writting, i will do revision on the numbers and ask him to read the sentences given by the teacher, make sure he remember/recognise the words. After finish with Cruz, i will put more "effort" on Fearles. He can write well and neat, but.....when come to numbers, he can memorize and read it out but when i show him the number or when i read the number to him, he show me a "blank look", i always raise my voice and no patience with that.

Now they are learning, ascending numbers, descending numbers, missing numbers, before or after the numbers. Just fill in the blank, i will read to them and ask them what is the number and ask them to fill in. Fearles was ok last two weeks, this weeks he tend to forget and don't understand again. Like 12, _, 14, 15, he can tell me thirteen but he wrote 3 instead of 13. I explain to him 13 is with 1 in front, which 3 is only 3. When i said 15, 16, or 14 i will re-emphasis, it's 1 & 5 or 1 & 6 or 1 & 4. After few times explain, he still don't get me and i lost my temper, and use really fierce tone (like a tiger) and asked him again. He cannot answer me, but look at me again with blank and with tears rolling down on the cheeks.

Haih!! Seeing this, i feel bad, but on the other hand i really want him to learn and understand. I wish i can have more patience, and won't easily raise my voice. Maybe i "push" him too hard, till he got afraid of me and cannot think of anything. I told him, i will do the homework with him everyday and also revision. I find Fearles can recognise the words pretty well, but he speak very soft and some he cannot prounounce it in proper. Like 15 sometime he cannot pronounce "f" just like my maid!! Now i wonder is he start picking some words from the maid! Instead of saying "five" he will go "pive" :( I have to correct him and make him read until he got it correct. Good that is my "princess" leaving soon, another 11 days?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Term Progress Report

Last Friday, when i sent my boys to school, their teacher pass me a stack of books to bring home which my boys do it at school. I didn't know actually in the stack of books, their term progress report also in there. I only found out at night when i go through all the books (colouring, writting alphabet, numbering, chinese).

I had a good laugh and shake my head at the report. All their score are mostly "fair" and some "good", but Fearles got one "very good" on the recognising shapes and Cruz only got "fair". Cruz got all "good" on his Science, while Fearles only score "fair". They both got the same comment on the Manner - QUITE PLAYFUL!!! Fearles got "fair" on using Polite Words, as for Cruz, he got a "good" on Polite Words.

Teacher Catherine also give them some remarks:

Fearles - He needs to improve on h is language skill. Sometimes he doesn't quite understand. He is very quiet and doesn't answer spontaneously. ( i know Fearles, even sometime i talk to him, he also don't answer me. :( His language skill, hmmm..sometime i also cannot understand what he said, now i will make sure he pronounce it properly and make him repeat again and again. )

Cruz - Cruz talks a lot and doesn't focus well. He takes sometime to remember words and also numbers. He needs to develop his language skill. ( Talks a lot!! Just like his mummy, during primary school, also get the same remarks from teacher!! hahahhahaha. Remeber words and number, i have been go through this with him everytime when i coach him homework, and will repeat and repeat make sure he remember).

Overall, the remarks are my boys very playful, cannot concentrate and talk a lot. :(

Hope by next term, they will improve a bit.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My first ..........

BAKING!! It never come across my mind i want to learn how to bake, because i think baking need a lot patience, i don't have patience, but i know you're going to said why i got patience to do "bento" hahahhaha. Maybe i should said i don't have interest to do baking.

It about one and a half year move to the "new house", there is an oven at home, but too "high tech" till i don't know how to use it. In fact no one "bother" want to use it, till lately, out of the blue, younger sister in law got the passion want to do baking. Now almost everyday we got cake, cup cakes to eat at home. hahahhahahahhaha

I got myself some Wilton silicon bear and silly feet cups from Sie Choo during my trip to Hong Kong. I told myself one day i must try to do the "simple" cupcakes on this silicon cups.

Tada!!! Last night, i bake my FIRST cupcakes on my own, instead of using the traditional way, i use cake pre-mix. :) Easier to understand and easier to do also. After dinner, i start my "project", a bit blur on how to use the "mixer" to blend everything together. hahahhahah, so silly right. My boys were excited too, looking at me, and ask me, "mummy, you "make" cake? I want to eat" Two of them, busy in out in out the kitchen, or maybe they are worried their mummy really cannot bake!! On the other hand, i was busy reading the instruction and also monitor the "mixer" and at the same time also have to entertain my two boys. Finally, all done, i slowly spoon the mixer into the silicon cups and i remember my colleagues told me don't put "full" it will over flow (they are good in baking, so i get some tips from them too).

This is the mixer in the cups before transfter them to the oven.

While waiting for the cupcakes, i do the frosting too! I got the recipe on how to do the frosting from my sweet colleagues, it sound easy, that's why i'm trying it. I want to do lemon cupcakes, but i'm scare i fail it, so i start with butter cupcakes first and with lemon frosting. :) Doing frosting not that difficult i think, just add icing sugar, egg white and some lemon juice. I let the mixer do the mixing, while i'm checking on my cupcakes and do some cleaning. It blend quite some time, but it still watery, did not become "foam". I got a bit fed up, but i still let the mixer run.

My cupcakes done, here is the result..................................................................

so ugly and most cups are over-flow and become odd shape!! My sons saw the cupcakes and tell me "mummy, i want ELEPHANT cake!!" The mixer overflow and become like an elephant trunk!! That's why my sons said elephant cake. :( Very sad with the outcome, and i check the frosting, it still not become foam, i thought of throw it away, but i still not give up, i still let it blender. Taste some of the "cake" that drop on the tray, it taste ok, not so hard, although, the top part of the cupcakes like burn, maybe i didn't get the oven correct. My sons and their cousins are excited want to try the cupcakes, i told them let me do the "cream" first, while waiting for the cupcakes cool down. Not long after, i took a look at the frosting, i can see some "foam" i got excited!!! I let it blended again, using high speed, less than 5 mins, i took out and overturn the bowl. TADA!!! I'm success!! The "foam" didn't fall out from the bowl (this is the way to check, i forgot i read from where) I quickly put the frosting in the freezer let it chill, so i can apply it on the cupcakes.

Finally this is the result...the not so nice cupcakes cover with frosting and with minimal deco! hahahahhahahahhahahahhahah

I will try again, hope i can do it better next time, after getting the experience this time.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My 4 years old boys ask.....

One of the morning, when i apply my mascara, Cruz ask me..

Cruz : mummy, what is this?

mummy: mascara

Cruz: mummy's eye pain pain? Put medicine?

mummy: hmmmmm...no...(don't know how to answer)

Cruz: mummy, i also want to put ( show me he also want to put mascara on his eye lashes)

mummy: no no, only girl girl put mascara, boy cannot put mascara

Cruz: oh..girl...so "sam sam" ( my sil) can put?

mummy: yes

Cruz: jie jies ( his cousin sisters) can put?

mummy: jie jie cannot, jie jie is small girl, only big girl can put.

Cruz: oh...ok, KAKAK can put??

mummy: *stop applying* NO! Kakak cannot put!!

Lucky he didn't ask me why kakak cannot put.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Every night when i put my boys to sleep, i will kiss them good night. Everytime/everyday Fearles will ask me the same question

Fearles: mummy, you shower already? (normally i will have my shower after i put my boys to sleep)

mummy: not yet

Fearles: faster go shower

Sometime i will have my shower earlier and only i put them to sleep. Usually with my wet hair i will kiss them good night. Everytime Fearles will touch my hair and ask

Fearles : mummy, your hair wet, blow your hair already?

I answer no. Sometime they are cheeky, knowing i have already had my shower and blow my hair dry but they still ask the same question.

* * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
One day, Cruz told me

Cruz: mummy, Isabelle don't want to play with me

mummy: who is Isabelle? Your friend?

Cruz: yes, my friend Isabelle...

mummy: why Isabelle don't want to play with you? Because you're naughty?

Cruz: no...Isabelle don't like me o_o

mummy: Isabelle your girlfriend???

Cruz: *cheeky smile* no.......

Cruz: Tori also don't like me (not sure about the name, but he mention Tori)

mummy: who is Tori? Your friend also?

Cruz: yes

mummy: Tori is boy or girl?

Cruz: girl

mummy: Tori your girlfriend? (

Cruz: no.....heheheheh

mummy: *speechless*

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
This morning, after i changed, i come out from the walk in wardrobe, Cruz saw me and said...

Cruz : mummy, you're so pretty!!!

See, how sweet-talk is this boy, he sure know how to win people's heart. :) Now, i cannot think in future how he sweet talk to the girls. *start worry*

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
When i coaching them homework, Fearles actually can write well, but he always not paid attention, he is always in his own dream land. After writting one line, the next line write the same thing again, he tend to forget how to write. I always will give him a stare and ask him to paid attention to do his homework, after one time, two times still the same, i will stop scolding, i just give him that "killer look", he will look at me and ask

Fearles: mummy, are you angry??? * look so innocent*

Haih, how to scold like that??

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Creation - Part 25

Another bento post! Don't get bored with me. :) This is the bento lunch i prepare for my boys last weeked. Main purpose on posting so many pictures on this bento is because i try my hand on hub's new toy - Canon 450D :) Still not sure how to play with it, but just check out those simple one, need more practise i think . :D

Sunday bento lunch, my boys want to have this mickey mouse two tier lunch box, it's quite big, i try to fill in the gap with some green lectuce, they don't like to eat vege, after "present" them the lunch, mummy have to finish the vege. hahahhahahhahaha

Triangle shape onigiri, mini sausage in "mouse" shape, fried taufu (made by my sil), it still got extra, i just dip with some flour and fried it, baked beans, one quail egg and fruits. Cruz is strawberries lover, and Fearles would like to have grape instead of strawberry.

That's the bento for last week. :)

Thursday, July 09, 2009

My Creation - Part 24

This is another weekly weekend bento for my boys.

Last week, one of the morning i prepare this for my sons to bring to school. Actually, i do prepare their breakfast everyday, everyday more or less the same, that's why i don't bother to take any picture. :)

"stamps" shape bread, two small cookies and star shape pear.

Did i said, sometime my boys got a lot request, on the day while i do this "stamp" bread, Fearles told me he want "Dibo" bread :( because most of the time i use "dinasour" bread cutter to do "Dibo" bread for them, I thought make it a change ma. :)

This is the weekend lunch bento. Did u notice something??? I'm trying to do "ULTRAMAN" on the quail egg!!!! After seeing Amy doing her version Ultraman, i thought it is easy, i also want to try my version, but but but....it is far away look like an "ULTRAMAN". hahahhahahahhaha, and when i asked my boys "what is that?" They take a look and said "Ultraman!" LOL! But after that Cruz said "mummy, i want POWER RANGER!!!!" I told him, " you think your mummy so creative know how to do POWER RANGER???" hahahhahahhahahhahahha

Sunday lunch bento, a bird face on top of the rice, meats ball, fish ball , minced meat and checkers apple ( my 1st try) hahahhahahhaa, look so ugly and untidy. :(

Monday, July 06, 2009

Thursday, July 02, 2009

My Creation - Part 23

This is the bento i prepare for my boys last week.

try to do something...but end up like this. Will try again next time.
Try to do the sunflower sausage, hmmmmmmm...

Rice in tiger face, meat balls and anchovies. Another simple one. :)
Happy Bento-ing

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

"Black Gold"

Last week, i went to morning market, i saw this "black gold", first glance at it, it look like mangoes to me, but how come so big mangoes? I ask the vege seller, what is it, he told me it is "black gold" from Bidor, hardly got. I asked, "is it sweet?" because i don't take sour stuff, he said "yea, very very sweet" but looking at the green skin it look sourish to me.

The vege seller told me, just keep it out for a day, don't put in fridge then can eat it the next day. I still find it funny, by looking at that big mangoes!! It cost me RM9 for just one mangoes. Sat, Elaine was at my house to pick up something, i show her the mangoes, i ask her whether she know what is it or not. She and her hub said "mangoes lo!!" hahahhahah To me, it still look like vege or something that fall under "cucumber" group.

this is call "black gold" wor...

see the plate underneath, cannot fit the mangoes

it taste so good and so sweet!!!! Yummy!!!! I can't finish it!!