Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bento-ing & Baking Weekend

Title said it all, i spend my weekend doing bento (as usual) and baking (again).

Last weekend, my boys want noodles as their lunch (easier for me, hahahah). Usually i will cook instant noodles for them, those without seasoning one, and i just add some sesame oil..fried some onion and garlic, soya sauce and i remember i saw somewhere a similar recipe said add some tomatoes sauce to it. I try this new version recipe (with tomatoes sauce) my boys just love it so much. Two days in a row they request noodles as lunch.

This is Saturday's lunch, mee top with egg in flower and boy shape, some pork chop and fruits. Fearles had apples and Cruz had strawberries.

Sunday lunch, mee again. This time i fried some luncheon meat and deco it as heart shape put on top of the mee. Alphabet nuggets, anchovies and fruits (Golden kiwi and grapes). This time i fixed myself a bento lunch too! hahhahahahhaha

mummy's bento with more vege and orange as fruit. :)

And i got two happy & satisfied diners.

After lunch, i want to try out my cupcakes baking experiment , since i "fail" it last round, i want to try again and also I still got one more box of cake pre-mix for me to try. :) This time i manage to find the oven manual book and i make sure i set the temperature correct and put on the correct tray and also make sure i don't overfill the cup with batter!!! Here come the result
Tada.....looks better this round? Some of it not so "burnt" and i re-bake it again. This is lemon flavour cupcakes, and i make lemon frosting too to top it on the cupcakes. My boys eat fresh-from-the-oven-cupcakes with lemon frosting immediatly. And they said "YUM!" hahahhahah


Lovely Mummy said...

i like those mini cupcakes, so cute.

jazzmint said...

u are really rajin bento-ing and cooking non stop!!

Irene said...

u really getting pro here man! love ur bentos :) and of cos, ur cuppycakes!

Big Pumpkin said...

Your boys are really so lucky to have such delicious looking food! Do they finish it? I would!

Charmaine said...

Good job Annie. Looking forward to your next baking project.

etceteramommy said...

Envy you have two great supporters of your 'hardwork'. Great job there Annie!

jacss said...

my boys would 'LOVE' me if i cook these instant noodles for them more just love them!!
isn't that rewarding to see their satisfied face??

see...practices indeed makes things perfect leh. bet u will get more addict to baking, hehehe

Mummy Moon said...

This time your cupcakes look very nice

reanaclaire said...

wow..u made all those ??? i really got to salute u... your kids are really blessed..

LW said...

Wow.. you're success this time, good job Annie :)

2ma said...

wah..u gonna fatten the boys with your yummy bentos & cup cakes!! nice!

MK mummy said...

dont u feel happy that your hard work has paid off, when they said, YUM!! Hehehe... well done, your cupcakes looked so nice and yr bento skills, turns pro already...

Wena said...

Nice cupcakes! :)

Here, easy-peasy cupcakes. Haha! Just put everything into the bowl and mix.

Hmm... if you want your cupcakes to kembang, you may have to use actual ingredients and not pre-mix (which may be old so don't have oomph to kembang anymore). For most recipes, it's either self-raising flour (easiest) or using baking powder/bicarbonate (one of the 2) to make it kembang.

The other thing could be the oven. I found that one one day when the oven tray I was using was too big for the oven so cannot close properly hahaha. So I had to cover the opening with cloth and turn the cupcake tray the other way round. Haha!

BoeyJoey said...

Just take a look at your boys' faces, and we'll know the noodles are yummy! Good job!

Krystal said...

oooo....i love those cupcakes. You use silicon cups to bake yah? Is it safe?

My boys love instant noodles too, but this notty mummy dunwan to give bad hor me :p

Health Freak Mommy said...

Wow, so much good food! Your boys are so lucky!

laundryamah said...

clap clap clap..very good leow..can start using recipes instead of premix ledi...

slavemom said...

Ur w/ends r vy productive.