Monday, July 20, 2009

Term Progress Report

Last Friday, when i sent my boys to school, their teacher pass me a stack of books to bring home which my boys do it at school. I didn't know actually in the stack of books, their term progress report also in there. I only found out at night when i go through all the books (colouring, writting alphabet, numbering, chinese).

I had a good laugh and shake my head at the report. All their score are mostly "fair" and some "good", but Fearles got one "very good" on the recognising shapes and Cruz only got "fair". Cruz got all "good" on his Science, while Fearles only score "fair". They both got the same comment on the Manner - QUITE PLAYFUL!!! Fearles got "fair" on using Polite Words, as for Cruz, he got a "good" on Polite Words.

Teacher Catherine also give them some remarks:

Fearles - He needs to improve on h is language skill. Sometimes he doesn't quite understand. He is very quiet and doesn't answer spontaneously. ( i know Fearles, even sometime i talk to him, he also don't answer me. :( His language skill, hmmm..sometime i also cannot understand what he said, now i will make sure he pronounce it properly and make him repeat again and again. )

Cruz - Cruz talks a lot and doesn't focus well. He takes sometime to remember words and also numbers. He needs to develop his language skill. ( Talks a lot!! Just like his mummy, during primary school, also get the same remarks from teacher!! hahahhahaha. Remeber words and number, i have been go through this with him everytime when i coach him homework, and will repeat and repeat make sure he remember).

Overall, the remarks are my boys very playful, cannot concentrate and talk a lot. :(

Hope by next term, they will improve a bit.


mommy to chumsy said...

hahaaha....looks like the only similarities between your boys is that they love to play :D All children are like that eh? Mine loves to walk around the class when the teacher is teaching *shake head*

michelle said...

They are still young, don't worry. Work on the good points!

coffeesncookies said...

they're 2 different boyz. but it's really cute to compare them hor ?

2ma said...

ur remarks about them "talk a lot" makes me laugh!! anyway, its better that they are talkative then they are quite rite? its kinda scarry when kids dun talk

jacss said...

i bet these remarks are still cute & bearable at this age...probably just need to take note on those obvious weaknesses!!
but when such remarks made on 7yrs old boys in primary sch, like's really hurting leh!!
but we r trying our best to be good parents hor...hopefully u'll be able to improve yours blissfully :)

mumsgather said...

So fast got term report adi ah.

LW said...

They're twins but not all the same yah..
Seem to me that Cruz have more active left brain and Fearless have more active Right one :)