Monday, September 28, 2009

A friend from down under....(part I)

My friend cum ex colleague from "R" Hotel was back for holidays with her family last week. Two years back that is the first time i met with her two kids. Although, she "stay" far away, we still keep in touch and every year without fail, she will remember my birthday and my boys's birthday and not to mention greeting cards on the festival season.

I met up with her at one of the Korean restaurant @ SS2 together with another 3 more ex colleagues. We have not seeing each other since we left hotel about 13 years ago??? That is a long long time, even though all of us are staying in KL, but we never bump into each other at anywhere, strange? So this is the good time to catch up.

After work, rush home *lucky last week was school raya holidays, so there is no homework*, after changed the boys and had my shower, then rush out to meet up with my friends. Lucky the traffic was ok, but i still a bit late. :)

It is really nice to catch up with them again, we had a good time chit chatting. My two boys at first behave well, *survey the place first, before they start their naughty* later when they got warm up with Nic ( Karen's elder son), my boys making a lot noise, start running here and there. :( Mia (Karen's daughter) was sleeping, as she was tired after their Sunway Lagoon trip.

When we about to leave, Karen woke Mia up, and we got chance to take a group photo together. When we about to take the group photo, i introduce Mia to my boys, telling them this is their new friend, Nic's sister, Mia, Cruz said this " NO, SHE IS PRINCESS!!!!" We all had a good laugh!! Now you tell me is Mia look like a princess? She is pretty and so sweet and shy!!

condiments ...

korean way sizzling squid?

this is yummylicious,

This is only some part of the food, we order quite a lot and i'm too busy eating and "shouting" at the boys stop running!!!! That's why not much pictures from me. hahahhaha

my boys + Nic + Mia (she is pretty and sweet ya?)

My ex colleagues cum friends from "R" Hotel.

left to right...Karen (Nic and Mia's mummy), Penny, Me and Lynn!

Finally a group photos. Dont ask me why nowsaday Fearles take picture like to open his mouth big big or close his eyes, this is his latest style of taking pictures!!!


little prince's mummy said...

Nice korean food... Great gathering!

michelle@mybabybay said...

She is very sweet looking. Yummy Korean food...i want.

BoeyJoey said...

I think Fearles looks so cute with closed eyes and open mouth... cheeky yeah? :-D

LittleLamb said...

yum yum..i love Korean food.. if they were a bit cheaper..surely will go often.

mommy to chumsy said...

nice gathering. she sure looks like a princess :D

jacss said...

yes d little is sweet...lau hao sui jor :D