Thursday, September 24, 2009

Long raya holidays.....

we did not go anywhere, we just stay at home, knowing everywhere will be jam. What we did over the long holidays?

On Saturday morning, i brought my boys for their favourite breakfast - roti canai, since that morning the weather was good, windy and not too hot, i decide we eat it there instead of packed back. No bento lunch on this weekend, as mummy is lazy and also we had roti canai for brunch. A good excuse.

my boys prefer to eat it with their hand instead of using folk and spoon. More yummy!! Their roti canai with soya bean where i'm having roti canai with nescafe. :D

Beside than bringing the boys to Mid Valley on Sunday night, most of the time we stay at home and watch tv.

Monday morning , we brought kids to Sunway Lagoon together with 2 bil's and family and hub's sister and her hub. Brother in laws they all leave early, as i have not get ready my boys yet, so we had breakfast seperately and meet them at Sunway. When we arrive at one of the coffee shop beside Sunway, receive call from sil saying there was a huge crowd and long queue to get into Sunway Lagoon, ask us do we still want to go or not. All the kids are happily waiting for the swim and for not disappoint them we said ok, brother in law they queue to get the ticket while me and hub and two boys had our breakfast. After we had finish our breakfast, park our car, and go to the entrance we saw this .........................

people moutain people sea... first time i see such a big crowd at Sunway Lagoon!!!

Althought i did go to Sunway during peak/PH, i don't think is that bad, this time is "real bad crowd"!

Brother in law they queue for nearly two hours to get the tickets!!! While bil they are queueing for the tickets, some of us look after the 8 kids!!! Too many people we scared the kids get lost! It's like kindy teachers bringing the kids for the outing, so funny! Finally got our "tag", I think Sunway implement a new "tag" system, now we are wearing a "plastic watch" instead of those plastic paper stripe on our hands! Each tag need to put RM10 as deposit and the money can be refunable and if we lost the "tag" we need to paid RM50 for each tag!!!

Finally get everyone in, place our bags in the locker and kids just can't wait to get into the water. Everywhere we see is people people people and a lot kids!!!! We have to monitor the 8 kids, that's why we adults not enjoy much, most is for kids, we run after them. Cruz get warm up very fast, he already playing at the kids pool with all the slides! I run after him, while hub is looking after Fearles. We hop from kids pool to wave pool, there kids have more fun, then we hop to surfing pool!! We spent about 4-5 hours there, that is how i get a BAD SUN BURN. Till today my shoulder still bad in pain, still red like lobster, when i wear my clothes it's like all the small needles pocking my skin, that how bad it is. :( :(

Have some drink before "jump" into the water.

part of the "gang"
not in the picture - my two boys, 2nd bil's two girls, younger bil's wife's sister ( i think she is the photographer) and my hub

one leng lui + 3 pretty aunty.....hahahhahahhaha

Fearles enjoy his ice-cream

see how much the kids enjoy the "swim"

father and sons

hard to get all the kids to look at the camera.
my boys with their cousins, except the one on the left hand little girl.

Bring the kids to shower also another challenging, lucky sil was queieng and she give the place to me and my boys first, so i don't need to queue. I have to quickly shower or shall i said just rinse the boys with clean water and myself and change them outside, it is so packed in the shower room and with wet floor, hmmm...challenging job! After everyone get shower, we went to Pet Village to see some "animals", i think this is the new one? Last year when i was there i don't remember i saw that. Another round of walking up and walking down, we all get so tired somemore have to carry the bags, but the kids are excited to see the animals, it's an interesting place too.

forgot what is this animals, they are having their "dinner"!




mandarin ducks



see how naughty this monkey is.

monkey and Tapir are friends!

see the stairs we have to walk down, lucky not walk up!


At the check out point, with the latest stup** "tag system", we spent another an hour to just return the tag back!!!!!! All kids are making a big fuss, all of them are tired and hungry! Brother in law and hub were angry, they load a complain on this "tag system", if they want to implement this tag system and they also need to make it more convenient for the consumers, if we just wearing those plastic paper tag we can just cut it off then we can leave. Now we have to queue and take back the deposit! Unless we are really rich enough, just "ignore" the RM170 deposit!

see the crowd, no different from the time when we queue to purchase the ticket.
This is the crowd that is leaving and returning their tag and get the money refund!

After we left Sunway Lagoon, we went to Subang to have dinner. Fearles already doze off in the car, when we reach the restaurant i have to wake him up. Everyone were so so hungry, we order so so many food, *sorry no picture* if i take picture again, will @#$&^*&^$@#*&^ from all of them! hahahhahahha Kids are happily enjoy their dinner, first time Fearles and Cruz eat so much, 1.5 plate rice share in between Fearles and Cruz and later on Cruz add on some more rice! Good and happy to see them eat so much and without me nagging on them.

Last day of raya holidays, we rest at home, woke up quite late. In the evening, i thought of sending the car for car wash, but the centre not open, so i told the boys, why not they help me to wash the car, two of them happily answer me "YES"!! Here they are......

my two mini helper, of course with the help from the maid and mummy too!

Last but not least, this is the temp tattoo that the boys's daddy get for them during the Sunway Lagoon trip!! Guess who is who?


Blur Angel said...

you stand out in the photos!! why? cos u r so so so FAIR lo!!! :)

eugene said...

wah, my respect for you, you can go sunway,when it is people mountain people sea,, i tak boleh lah,,,,, geram betul,,

i love the pictures of the little ones, that's what i call,,, tien chean.

take care now

LittleLamb said...

i can see this mama..leg.. so pak suet suet **so white n fair* ;p

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Wah what a fun-filled weekend! Glad the boys enjoyed themselves. The crowd at sunway lagoon made me shiver though!

mommy to chumsy said... many people in sunway *pengsan* looks like the boys had a swell time.

Irene said...

wah, so much fun! and the ppl, keng man the crowd! wow! hehe... mummy mciam soya bean, pak suet2 :)

the otter is so cute, hmmm.. can bring kids there hor, so nice to see, looks clean too that place

little prince's mummy said...

My son also love roti canai!~

Nice outing.. Sunway Lagoon crowded with ppl..

Your little boys really can help! Clean the car so nicely.. :)

coffeesncookies said...

hey, you look good and slim in the picture ler.
I see the crowd also I 'pengsan' already lor.
the tattoo - spider = Fearles, dragon = Cruz ?
Any prize for guessing ?

coffeesncookies said...

oh yes, family find me very annoying, always take picture of every dish before it's served, esp when everyone is hungry, i bet they %$^&*^*^(*@@ me too ! hahaha !
BTW, I haven't been to Sunway Lagoon , is it your first time too ?

suituapui said...

I never set foot at Sunway Lagoon ever again after I slipped and fell...and broke my arm in the early 90s!...Wow! You certainly had a wonderful holiday. Good for you! A family that plays together stays together.

michelle@mybabybay said...

Definitely a big crowd in Sunway Lagoon. Hehehe...I don't want to intro my kids there, later they sure ask me to bring them there everyday.


jazzmint said...

wow really so crowded :|

Krystal said...

wah 2 hrs to queue up for tics...if we were there, i'm sure we would have headed for home :p At least, all the kids had a great time!

janice said...

fearles look so yao yeng doing the peace sign.. i like. hehehe..

so many ppl i tot they all balik kampung ?? no ?? hahaha

Mummy to QiQi said...

funny all kids love roti canai one hor...haha..u all really have fun at sunway!

laundryamah said...

that is the major reason why i dare not go to sunway lagoon till today..imagine..Kieran is almost 9 years old and he hasn't been to Sunway Lagoon....very brave lar u!!

kenwooi said...

haha..seems like lots of fun..
i've not been to sunway for quite some time edy.. =)

Health Freak Mommy said...

Looks like a real fun outing but soooooo many people! I am scared of crowded places like this, especially going to the toilets. You always have many pix in your posts. You haven't utilized your picture quota by Picassa Web Album (by Blogger) yet?

IMMomsDaughter said...

I'm thinking of bringing my kids to Sunway during the year end holidays. Hope there would not be such a long queue. You guys are really patient lah, 2 hours queue just to get the tickets. Salute!

Lil' Monsters, Inc. said...

Ya, really tapik cos u guys really patient to brave the crowds. But it's nice to go in such big family/friends la...good memories for yr boys!

slavemom said...

The crowd is crazy! See... parents r so 'wai tai'. Will do watever jes so the kids can hv fun. Esp the fathers, u think they'll line up that long for the wife? hahaha

jacss said...

no doubt holiday means bringing d kids out for fun, but the queue there is really killing ~2hours~... esp d refund, i would've be mad too :(
u hv a big family for fun-time like this...good :)