Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Weekend - Trip to Bird Park

I brought the boys to KL Bird Park for the first time over the weekend. One day, while chatting with Elaine over msn, she ask me want to join her to go to bird park or not? I said why not, since my boys never been to bird park and so am i. She told me, cannot confirm as scare her hub got last minute appointment i told her it's alright, if we can't make it this time, because i also got wedding dinner to attend on Saturday night, and i'm worry my boys cannot wake up early on Sunday morning. Received sms from Elaine late on Saturday night after we got back from the wedding dinner, saying bird park outing is confirm, i told her i "try" to wake up early to make it to the bird park. :)

Sunday morning, after my alarm rang, i "drag" myself up (i'm not a morning person, especially on the weekend), then woke up my boys telling them we are going to bird park, ask them quickly drank milk and shower. Elaine and Amber and her hub came and pick us up at 9.45am. Bird park is quite near to my place, it's around 10-15 mins drive we reached there. Maybe it still early, so not many people. After read Jazz's recently bird park trip post, she mention if we bring 'my kad/my kids" card can get discount or Jusco card. Just for your information, if you got Mcd card, you will get additional RM2 discount for the kids!!! I don't have that, end up i paid RM6 for per kid and i think adult is RM12? Cannot remember.

Me and Elaine really impress with the bird park, very well maintain, friendly staff, clean toilets and all the birds are well feeded with fruits and meat!! Now let the pictures do the telling.

my boys tried to stand near the peacock to take picture, but they are afraid of the birds.

picture with Aunty Elaine and Amber

When we are there, the staff are feeding the bird (don't know what is the bird's name) with small fishes, that make a grand sight.

Flamingo and Peacock. Look at the flamingo, how they sleep.
It look so interesting, when they rest, they lift one leg up!

This peacock is showing off his beautiful "feather" and he turn 360
and let us take picture.

do some fish feeding with uncle Danny and Amber..

another time for bird feeding. They put the meat on Fearles and
Cruz's hand and the bird come and eat the food. They are so fast till i
can't even catch a picture on that. My boys consider quite "brave"
hahahhahaha, actually is after a few "persuade" from me only they went to feed the birds.

we reach at this bird photo booth, i ask my boys do they want to take pictures with the birds, put the birds on the head and hand. They told me they don't want, they scare!! Aiyo...my boys. Then i told them i will go with them, here we are, took a picture with the birds it cost us RM25!! But the staff let us to use our camera to take our own pictures too. Elaine took a few pictures of me and my boys. Thanks Elaine!

see how scare is my two boys. Especially Fearles!! hahahahah

Last but not least we are feeding the lories. This is my boys most looking forward one, i told them we got the chance to feed the small small birds, they keep tell me they want they want. When i give them two small plastic container contain some "kua chi" to feed the birds, they are ok with just one bird on the hand. After a while a few are stopping on Fearles and Cruz's hand want to eat the "kua chi" , there go Fearles and Cruz got frighten by the birds, they throw away the small containers and Fearles cried out loud and run to me!!!! hahahahah

first with one lories on hand still ok...this picture taken before more birds stop on the hands.

Fearles wipping his tears and poor mummy have to finish "feed" the lories.

see how many lories on my hand!! Quite painful

We went for the bird show, after the bird show then we passed by this nursery, show the boys where the chicken and ducky come from. Cruz decide want to hold a ducky.

When we about to leave, we saw this mascot and three kids take a picture with the hornbill mascot!
Interesting outing, kids have fun, we do a lot walking, and we sweat a lot too! Next time if we go again, make sure we bring mosquitoes repullent, there is a lot mozzies!! I got a few kiss from the mozzies on the leg and do do my boys on the face and legs! :( Till today, my boys still mention about bird park and Amber and Uncle Danny!!
Thanks Elaine for picking and sending us back and thanks for the inviting!


mommy to chumsy said...

ahh..so much fun :D i like their new shoes ;)

little prince's mummy said...

Looks fun!~ :)

reanaclaire said...

hi Annie Q, your boys look so cute.. twins right? u r very poon see... and u look good too... sweet mama...

etceteramommy said...

You all were so brave. I'm not even sure if I would have the guts to take pics withe birds. I'm very scared of flying animals...

Mummy Moon said...

So many nice birds there. Feel like want to go too. I show the post to my hubs, he cepat cepat reply bird flu, pengsan I !

michelle@mybabybay said...

Nice, I will be making a trip there too.

eugene said...

I just commented in Elaine's blog about the KL Bird Park, here i am again reading and looking at the pictures you took of KLBP, what a coincident.......

Wish we had one nice bird park in penang, sad,,,,,,,,,,

take care now Annie

coffeesncookies said...

Annie, the more the merrier. Amber had lots of fun, she loves 'yuet lau'.. too bad the kids have to split after they have warmed up to each other. Looking fwd to another outing soon :)

laundryamah said...

we can never get fed up visiting the Bird park..it's quite nice & relaxing..

but hor i dare not take pics with the birds on my arms..hahahaha

jacss said...

hey...yr boys & yrself r so bravo. i'm very sure my much elder chicken boys would not dare to touch the birds...& so am I, hahaha
it certainly is a fun place for any kids :D

Lovely Mummy said...

so good that go outing during weekend. I always want to bring my kid to KL zoo, but worry about H1N1, still kiasi of it. I tot to go this coming holidays, but still not decide yet.

suituapui said...

Didn't know there's a bird park in KL...but then again, when I go over, I don't go looking at birds - not that kind, at least! LOL!!! What handsome boys you've got? Twins? Lucky you!!!

two pixels photography said...

wah liao eh u vy daring ahhh...let so many birds on ur hand to take pic hehehe

Health Freak Mommy said...

From the pix, the bird park looks interesting. Where is the park? But I dare not bring my kids there now, due to the bird flu, H1N1 and what not epidemic.
I hope the bump on your head has gone down now. You're lucky that you did not break any bones.

2ma said...

the boys are so brave lar!!! shan leo didnt even want to go near the parrots or monkeys :(