Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Creation - Part 34

I fixed this not-so-bento-like lunch last weekend for my boys. Another new items to add on to my bento box collection. Cute box?

It's round shape, to make it easy, i made a round shape rice and top with an fried egg on top, and add some smiley face on it. Surround it with some nuggets, luncheon meat and anchovies, quick and easy. Some mummies ask me, the lunch look big portion, actually it's not too big, from picture it look big, when my boys are hungry, most of the time they will finish the food i give them. :)

This will be my last post for bento for this year, hope i did not "torture" your eyes with this not-so-nice bento post.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Belated Christmas Party @ home

During Christmas eve and Christmas day, we didn't go anywhere, just stay at home. On Christmas eve we do some deco at the house to prepare for the belated chrismas party on Sunday. Two unwelcome friends also decide to paid me visit during christmas eve, which are flu and cough bugs. :( What a day to start my long weekend.

We had a belated christmas party yesterday (sunday night), we not invite a lot guests, only those close friends and relatives. Menu for the party, no roast turkey, but all porky! Pork ribs, meat, pork sausages, chicken wings, pork satay, salad, mushroom soup, garlic bread, pasta.

I am preparing mushroom soup and garlic bread, those meat and ribs all done by bil's and my hub to grill and BBQ it, younger sil was preparing the pasta. Look easy and simple but still got a preparation to do. Bil marinate the meat one week before, hub start grill or bbq the meat in the afternoon at 2pm, since it was using charcoal, so it take sometime to grill.

Guest all come around 7pm, while i still like a headless chicken run up and down in and out and quickly had a quick shower then time to entertain my guests. Barb & Andy & Ashley, Elaine and Danny and Amber, and one of my old college friend Jackie and her friends are my guests.

Kids are having tons of fun, sil prepare some party packs for the kids and adults can eat in peace. I manage to sit down a while, eat and chit chat, and also in out kitchen to refill the garlic bread (fresh from oven). Not forget need to entertain my two boys also, after they playing a while, they will come and ask "when can we open the presents???"

We had a fun time catching up, talking, eating, laughing. Hub's cycling friend brought two home made cake, black forest and cheese cake. Me and my sil had an idea, since sil's siter birthday is on 1/1 and Elaine's birthday is on 31/12, so we said why not we use the two cakes and let them blow the candles, give them a surprise early celebration (of course we did ask the permission from the cake owner. hahahahhahahhahahhahah) We get all the kids sing "Happy Birthday" song to the two birthday ladies.

Last highlight for the night is christmas gifts exchange. Every year, christmas gifts exchange just within our family members, this year we had more fun, because we got more people to participate, those guests come to party, we inform them to bring a small gift if they want to join in the fun. All parents will bring the gifts for their kids also, we all put them under the christmas tree. We adults had the number draw first then only the kids had their. ahhahahahhahaha I tell you all the kids just can't wait to open their presents!! It's so noisy, funny and messy!! My hub and bil had loud voice, everyone opening their gifts and start laughing at what they get (this is the usual thing).

Party over about 10.30pm, we really had so much fun, including my two boys, holding their gifts. Daddy bought the boys Ben 10 scooters as christmas gift and also a full set helmet, arm and knee guard.

Thanks aunty Barb, aunty Elaine, Misha jie jie, aunty Krystal and Jackie jie jie for the lovely christmas pressies and not forgetting those from "ku cheh" and "sam sam"! (message from Fearles and Cruz)

p.s. i borrow some pictures from Elaine, because i was busy, didn't take much pictures and also the pictures i took some are blur and dark. :( the official photographer are busy grilling or bbq-ing the food.

bil deco the place on christmas eve, sil and me are the assistant. :)

pork satay on the grill

my garlic bread and mushroom soup and salad

recipe from wokking mum's blog

bbq ribs.....

another type of pork satay, all home made.

ribs or meat? i only know how to eat...hahahhahah

two type of pasta, this is one of it, cook by sil's sister, sil was cooking spaghetti bolognise.

some of the friends and relatives...

Barb, Andy, Danny, Amber, Fearles and Elaine. Ashley and Cruz was busy social around.

a suprise birthday cake cutting session for Elaine and Esther (sil's sister)

Look! Whose birthday now...hahahhahahha kids can't wait to blow off the candles!

my boys posing in front of the christmas tree..

look at the present, those with number are christmas gift exchange between adults, those without number are all the kid's presents.

Ashley and Amber open their christmas presents. (pix from elaine's camera)

my boys busy open their presents too! (pic from elaine's camera)

look at the adults also busy taking their presents

havoc, noisy, laughing.....

(pic from elaine's camera)

Friday, December 25, 2009

A short gateaway to PD again...

School holidays over soon, during this long school holidays break i didn't bring my boys to anywhere..feeling guilt, we brought them to PD again, since they like to play sand and they like beach. This time round we didn't stay at Avillion, Avillion is fully booked except for water chalet, we are staying at water chalet last round, it's not cheap, so we opt it out this time. We stay at Regency Tanjung this time, it's a hotel apartment, from the hotel outer look, it look very nice and also the place is well maintain, but not the rooms :( The apartment don't have any air cond at the living room, only ceiling fan and air cond is in the room, and it's not cold at all. Anyway, it's just a night stay, so i better don't complain much.

Regency Tanjung Tun Beach Hotel

nice hor?

view from our the time we check in is already about 7pm..we manage to catch the sun set.

from our room we can see Avillion Amiral Cove, this is the two bungalow house by the sea. Nice?

Next day, we wake up early then had breakfast at the cafe, i like the cafe set up. It's stall type, they serve western food, local, indian, japanese food, they even have those banana fritter (goreng pisang) as dessert!! It's not buffet style, all is a la carte. We had our breakfast facing the sea, a very nice view.

breakfast, lunch and dinner place. They had coffee house but looks like close, so this is the only dining place.

while waiting for our breakfast, the boys pose for the camera....

skinny Fearles (he is still coughing, cannot put on weight. :( )

cheeky Cruz...

playing with the swing....

After breakfast the boys can't wait to jump into the swimming pool and had a swim. After a quick swim, we walk around at the beach, since the night we check in into the hotel, Cruz already bugging me he want to sit "banana boat"! They had that while there was a time we went to PD to have seafood dinner and let the kids play a while at the beach. Ever since then, they love banana boat. (of course the boat driver didn't over turn the boat, that's why my boys still not scare about banana boat).

I told hub to go with them on the banana boat, your truly is scary cat, i never had banana boat before, because i don't know how to swim!! I always scare banana boat, the boat driver always make you fall into water before finish the "route". Hub said he want to take picture, ask me to go with the boys, i still not willing to go and on the other hand the boys keep bugging me when they see other people ride the banana boat. Lastly, "BY FORCE" your truly had her first "virgin" banana boat ride and another on the new water spot "airhead".

have a dip in the swimming pool first, before go to beach....see how skinny Fearles, can see the bone.

happily swimming in the pool....

Cruz helping Fearles to come up from the water...

playing in the sea...

"mummy, i want banana boat! I want banana boat!!"

two brothers....

trying out the new water spot "airhead"! mummy try to act cool. hahahhaha

I told my boys, after this airhead i don't want banana boat, i told them i'm scare, they told me, "mummy, no scare, you hold tight tight so no scared) I told the boat driver, don't make us fall into the water!! I don't know how to swim!!! I "threaten" him, if he make us fall into water i'm not going to paid him money. hahahhahahhaha

can see my worried face? hahahhahahha

don know why suddenly, Fearles got a very "cool and serious" face. ahhahahahha

After the water spot, the boys back to swimming pool having a good time there again. Even though it just a short stay but the boys had tons of fun. They just love water!

We hardly can see a chinese here, i think we are the only four. hahhahah

my little mermaid - Fearles

Today is Christmas, here i would like to wish my friends, my blog readers and everyone a very Happy Merry Christmas!! We will have our belated christmas celebration this sunday, looking forward to it.